Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Scabbard is a leather or metal sheath which is made of the blade of a dagger or sword.

As a symbol, it depicts fraud and deceit. So if you happen to see a scabbard in your tea cup, it means that you are dealing with things which are not straightforward and this might just land you into problems. Try and find out what is it that you are not doing right or who you associate with to make sure you bring success in life.

Detailed meaning of the scabbard tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: a scabbard at the top of the teacup denotes that, your life is full of deceit and fraud and if you don’t change, you are just about to experience a drastic downfall because your lies have been unearthed and nobody seems to trust you anymore.

Be ready for the worst to happen because you can even end up being jailed anytime from now. Try and talk to those whom you have lied to and defrauded and see if you can settle the matter before it goes too far. If there is anything ongoing on that you know was conceived out of fraud or deceit, stop it now.

Middle of cup: a scabbard in the middle of the teacup means that your days are numbered, and within no time, you will be exposed for who you are and in the process, you might lose your dignity, friends and even the wealth you have gathered through deceitful means.

The best you can do at the moment is to try and change for the better; stop defrauding people and live an honest life because, even though deceit and fraud is bringing food to your table, it won’t be long before you suffer the consequences, which will leave you with nothing to lean on.

Bottom of teacup: a scabbard at the bottom of the teacup indicates that you are trying your level best to live an honest and just life; being contented with what you gain for your hard work.

But there are feelings inside you that want more in life. Friends who seem to be doing great living on other people's hard work; don't try that because their days are numbered, and you better be safe than sorry.

Continue working hard and your hard work will pay off because, by the time your friends will be realize everything will be taken away from them, you will be the only rich person standing.

Scattered in the cup: scattered scabbard in your teacup indicates danger; your life is surrounded with so much fraud and deceit that nobody can pinpoint anything that you have done honestly in your entire life.

This is dangerous because, you are unstable, anytime what you think you own can be taken away with the consequences; you have problems in the future.

Conclusion: it is important to live an honest life because that is the only way you will have a strong foundation that is hard to bring down.

By Florance Saul
Apr 5, 2013