Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Hydra represents an animal whose habitat is in fresh water.

As a symbol, it represents a man struggling with difficulties in his life , with so many obstacles to conquer you have to overcome the challenges. Having a hydra in your teacup has the implication that there is something bothering you in your life which you are finding hard to solve; the more you try to get a solution to the problem, the more it becomes complex.

Detailed meaning of the hydra tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: when the hydra is on top of the teacup, it means that the problem is overwhelming and more complex, making your life to be unbearable. You have to try and find a solution, even if it is a temporal one which will give you some breathing space in your life because, if you go on like this your life might just be out of control. Whatever the problem, you need to still be in charge of your life. Try to tell your inner self to find solutions to the problems, otherwise, the recurring problem will not to go away anytime soon.

Middle of cup: a hydra in the middle of the teacup is a representation of a problem which is just about to overpower your reasoning capacity. It will be best if you counteract against others. Reach a particular level before it goes out of control. Do your research about this impending problem and get a fix. It will become a nuisance in your life forever if you do not address any problems.

Talk to your friends and family as they might have a solution. You need to prevent a problem from surfacing in your life; talk to those who have had such a problem before and ask them how they went about it. Consulting the divine may come in handy.

Bottom of teacup: a hydra at the bottom of the teacup is an indication that, at the moment, there are no pressing issues in your life which require attention. Life and enjoyment is at its peak, and you need to enjoy life while it last because, at the end of the road, there are tale-tell signs that a problem might crop up in the future which may become too difficult to resolve.

Scattered in the cup: scattered hydras in the teacup is an indication that your life is not balanced when it comes to recurring problems.

At times you are enjoying life without serious problems and other times, you face a problem which you are unable to solve. It is possible to balance this scenario and make it without these fluctuations; working towards the positive side of life and facing tough problems will help you. Maybe there are problems where you don’t have the solution.


Problems without solutions are some of the toughest events that happen in life. The only way to solve problems is to avoid them in the first place. Try to move away from any drama in life.

By Flo Saul
Apr 1, 2013