Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

An hour-glass is a directional tea leaf symbol with advises one to respect time and to be punctual in life.

The symbol of an hourglass is indicative of balance, transience, cycles, life and death and continuous changes. It tells that you must now see time very judiciously so as to achieve the maximum in the time available. It is an omen so you to wait no longer and do what is to be done now.

The symbol of hourglass is indicative of passing time and speaks of beginning of a new phase in life of person. If you see turning on hourglass near the bottom of the cup then it is clear indication of fresh start or a new beginning.

It also depicts new relationship, new addition or marriage in family.

To see a broken hourglass represents separation in family. It also indicates that decision is pending on some issues which you are delaying for a long time.

To see that an hourglass is broken and sand is spilled on floor means that you have exhausted all your options to resolve a situation and now you may have to suffer the consequences.

To see an hourglass that is a large symbol means that you carry lot of fear of failure. To see the falling sand in hourglass in the tealeaves means that old memories are coming back to disturb you.

To see the symbol of hourglass in top of the pack is direct indication to you to use the time diligently. It tells you to plan in advance and ensure that things are done as per plan.

In your teacup you could have

  • Seen an hourglass.
  • Observed a smashed hourglass.

Meaning of the cane in your tea leaf reading

  • Near the handle of the teacup: to see an hourglass at the top of the cup means that things nee to be planned in advance.
  • Bottom of teacup: to see hourglass in bottom of the pack indicated that your time to resolve an issue is over and now it is time to face the result, good or bad.
  • Middle of teacup: to see hourglass in middle of the cup means that you are stuck between the events of present and memories of past. To get deliverance you must dissociate with old memories and focus on future.
  • Side: to see the symbol of hourglass on side of the teacup means that the current things in life are forcing you to the border line and you must do your best effort to make comeback else there is real chance to get faded in time.

This symbol denotes that what you have to do must be done quickly, for the time of the reaping is nigh. Time and tide wait for no man.

If this symbol is seen anywhere in the cup it warns you to be watchful over those dear to you. To be circumspect in your business and in your domestic life.

In the thick, imminent danger and peril. At the bottom, danger in the future through present neglect of duty.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012