Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A helix is an object which has three dimensions shape.

A helix has been known as a symbol which appears to denote something is a godsend or has a great talent. This is good news for you if you are doing your tea leaf reading and you see the helix in your teacup. It will mean that whatever is currently happening in your life is godly and the divine has a hand in it; it is not a natural thing, and your talent is about to be manifested to the whole world. Be ready for fame.

Detailed meaning of the helix tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: if the helix appears at the top of the teacup, it means that you are ready to rise in your talent and the divine has already blessed it. Your talent is going to be great and it will make you rise to fame.

You are therefore supposed to get yourself ready for the challenges that come with fame; your reputation is going to spread widely and you will be celebrated by those who are around you. Make sure that, you don't attract negative forces which might work against your reputation; you have to rely on the divine to continue the blessing process so that your talent continues to rise to a higher level.

Middle of cup: a helix in the middle of the teacup will have a meaning that your talent has the potential of rising and making you famous due to the fact that, it is godly. All you need to do in order to realize your dream is coming true is to make sure that to enhance your belief in the divine and work hard; the potential is there, and it won't take long before you become famous among your friends and the community at large.

Bottom of teacup: a helix in the bottom of the teacup means that you have a long way before what you claim to be your talent to come to the surface. You don't have the favor of the divine, and that is the main reason why you are struggling with your talent. You can engage yourself with divination and even ask the intervention of the angels and another medium to make it happen. Though it will take some time before it happens. Patience is what you need here. Nothing is impossible, and you should have this belief that, you are a celebrity in waiting.

Scattered in the cup:scattered helixes in the teacup are an indication that you lack a plan in life. With your talent, you could do so much, and that is why it is fluctuation

At times life is on a high, other times it is low. All you need to do is try to concentrate on what you want; develop your talent by working hard, and you will definitely have the blessing of the divine. You are a celebrity, and you need to let the whole world know about it through working hard and advertising yourself.


Yes, now that you have a helix in your tea cup, it is an indication that you are a celebrity because your talent has the blessings of the divine. Show the world what you got.

By Florance Saul
Apr 1, 2013