Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

If you see the heather as the tea leaf symbol it shows that your present times of happiness and joy will sustain for long time, without any hindrance.

It tells about the stability of your success and depicts against the efforts of enemies who wish to cause you harm. It tells that your enemies will be defeated.

The symbol sometimes represents a new start in the life. This may be a way to prepare you for the imminent change. Heather may also signify the wedding celebration or mourning at a funeral. To see the heather symbol near the rim of the cup can be a warning or a call to put things in order.

Heather also sound an alert, trying to awake you to insights and tells you to notice what you may overlook in your waking consciousness. May be a signal from your un-conscious to prepare you for whatever is happening.

The symbol of heather may also foretell possibility of involvement in many social gathering in near future.

Detailed meaning of seeing heather in your teacup

  • Seen heather.
  • Seen heather in the bottom of the cup.

Meaning of heather in your tea leaf reading

Top of teacup: To see the heather symbol on top of the cup signifies that this is your time of merrymaking or to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

Middle of the cup: to see heather bells in middle of the pack is awakening you to the inner voice so as to understand the link between the inner and physical worlds for true harmony.

Lines are broken: If you see broken lines this means you will be successful but the chances of acquiring love are limited.

Bottom of teacup: heather at bottom of the pack is indicative of an upcoming danger. It is a warning sign.

Side of teacup: to see heather at the side of the pack is indicative of socializing. It tells you to work on the bridges with others and society as a whole thus giving a better meaning to your life.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012