Hammer Tea Leaf

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Seeing a hammer symbolises an attempted persuasion.

Hammer signifies power, strength, virility, and masculine attitudes. It also symbolises growth and construction of character. Sometimes as per situations it may also be a bit intoxicating. A hammer may represent your determination and drive in pursing your goals towards success.

It also suggest that you will accomplish your goals with great success. But be careful not to be too fast and forceful.

Alternatively, it suggests that you might have some discouraging obstacles to overcome in order to get your good luck properly or may be dealing with old wrong decisions and inner conscious guilt's.

In your teacup you may have

  • Uncovered a hammer.
  • Found a hammer and the lines are not continuous.
  • Can see the outline of a hammer.

Meaning of hammer in your tea leaf reading

Top of teacup: a hammer is associated with fixing something. For this to be in the top position means things need to get fixed. Consequently, you will find someone stubborn, ungrateful and also self-absorbed. You might be just worried about your own personal troubles as well as problems, neglecting the requirements of other people.

Middle of teacup: be careful that the detachment from a member the family, this is now an issue. Remember, there's always a way for you to get in touch with people that you have lost contact with.

Lines are not continuous: if you see broken image of hammer this means frustration at not being able to fix something.

Bottom of teacup: for the hammer to be positioned in the bottom of your teacup means that someone is too focused on what they need, and they've virtually no time to consider their own life to see just how much they have. Is this you? The hammer symbol in the bottom of spread in old tea leaf dictionaries means that if do not focus on details and other things effecting you then you will suffer some downfall. Hard work will not enable you to succeed and it will all be futile.

Side of teacup: if the hammer is positioned at the side of the teacup this is positive but means hard work is coming your way. It is important to think about how the hammer can knock through obstacles for you. At the side denotes that you will be able to get what you want in the end.

This symbol denotes stress and em­phasis. It indicates need for continual and unremit­ting employment of the faculties and constant reiteration of desires, in order that your ambitions may be realized. Persistence is your watchword.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012