Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Ears are a positive symbol to find in your tea leaf reading.

The ear in human morphology is one of our five sense organs. Our ear's have an inborn ability to hear every sound that’s created in the surrounding environment. Our ear's are accurate, alert, and hollow.

In a tea leaf reading, the ear symbol shows this is an important omen that we need to listen to others.

The ear represents an accuracy of some important information that needs to be discussed. This means, that you should listen and accept other people's ideas.

To see a pair of ears means that you are a very open-minded person. Because of such characteristics, people will always admire you, and respect the way you listen to them!

To see the ears near the top of the cup means you will continuously gain countless of peers because of your kindness. It is important to give others a chance sometimes in life. To see ears on part of a face within your teacup means you are a keen observer and you always stay alert.

In your teacup you could have

  • Seen a pair of ears.
  • Seen one ear.
  • Seen a face with ears.

Detailed meaning of seeing an ear in your teacup

Top of teacup: this represents that you may be busy most of the time, but your intra-observant ability is still in active mode.

Middle of teacup: you may have psychic feelings if you see this omen in the middle of your teacup. You have a strong feeling that certain things are about to happen. Consider it as a gift! This gift needs to be treasured and used in important matters.

Large pair of ears: to see a large ear in your tea leaf reading symbolize hollowness in your personality. you are secretive, but straight forward. You know where to place limitations regarding things that needs to be kept discreet. In addition, this shows how trustworthy you are.

Small ears: you respect others by keeping their secrets.

Bottom of the teacup: at the bottom of the cup, the ear's mean that you will show simplicity and accuracy in all matters of the heart. In addition you will have a good job in the future!

Earrings in the ears: an ear with jewellery (e.g. earrings) can be associated with coming across as elegant. You have a capability to listen to people's opinions and thoughts and provide good advice. You remain serious and observant. You love to listen to people's problems.

Beware of scandal when this symbol appears, especially if inverted or turned to the left.

You are more likely familiar of the moves of others in one crowd. You easily recognized every single move made by different person.

By Flo Saul
Oct 20, 2012