Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A solid cluster of leaves forming a heavy blot is a sign of great difficulties and many obstacles.

To see a clump within your teacup is associated with possible problems.

If you see a pile of tea leaves in the cup and you cannot make out what the symbolism it is shaped almost like a hill. These clumps appear regularly in tea leaf reading and basically it represents a possible obstacle in your life.

The clump at a top position of the teacup suggest that you will encounter some minor difficulties in the near future. It can even (if it is right by the rim of the teacup) suggest that these difficulties have since passed.

Have you had difficulties in your most distant past? To see the clump in the middle of the teacup, as you can suspect means that possible minor difficulties in the next six months.

Subsequently, to see clumps at the bottom of the tea cup suggests possible difficulties in 12 months time. These difficulties are not going to cause much distress. They could also be described as simply minor delays. In life we are always so busy to try and achieve all our goals and make sure that we do everything we can to achieve.

It may be that the clump is a significant omen - of possible delay or lack of understanding, even lack of motivation. Therefore, do not be too alarmed.

It is common to see these clumps in every tea leaf reading and like in life we tend to get many ups and downs so it is important for us not to focus on the fact that we going to have some delays or misfortunes but try to use those misfortunes as a positive trait.

Making sure that we recognize in life there are possibilities that things do not always go so smoothly.

There is no point in going over the position of the clumps individually, like other meanings within this online dictionary. This is because we have already established that the three positions will suggest the timeline.

  • Top: Soon or now.
  • Middle: present - + 6 months.
  • Future: 12 months +

If however the tea leaf is full of clumps (more than five) then the meaning is reversed. It indicates that although you will have delaying difficulties generally everything in life will be positive.

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013