clergymen tea leaf

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The clergymen is connected to religion in your life.

It may be quite difficult to make out that a clergyman is actually in your teacup but the colour of the person that is made out within the tea leaf’s and the collar will give away whether this is a normal person or actually a clergyman. It is extremely rare symbol to gain within your tea leaf reading.

The clergyman denotes that in the future you will be enlightened from a spiritual perspective. The clergymen in a tea leaf reading is the opposite of seeing something like the devil. It is imperative that you listen to your own inner spiritual needs. Now, let's consider the specific position of the clergyman within your tea leaf reading.

Detailed meaning of the clergyman tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: the clergyman to appear in the top of your teacup indicates that you perhaps need to have some sort of religious guidance if you're considering moving careers within your life.

Middle of the teacup: for the clergymen to appear in the middle position this indicates possibly loss of faith. If it's at the top positive bottom positive but in the middle suggests that you need to have some spiritual guidance going forward.

Bottom of teacup: the clergyman in the bottom position of the teacup indicates the great times are ahead of you. It is a very positive omen and is extremely rare to get in a tea leaf reading.

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013