Cipher Symbol In Tea Leaves

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The oval form denotes nullity and threatens disappointment and vexation.

You have need to shape the round of your existence and bring it into accord with correct principles. There is need for reform. Your path in life will be eccentric.

So what is a cipher?

The cipher is often seen in freemasons. it consists of lines of the alphabet. this is often seen in a grid like manner. it is associated with cryptography. within the tea leaf reading it could indicate possible disruption in life. and is very much this on the actual letters within the grid. thus, any grid seen within a teacup that contains letters is a cipher.

This is also known as an algorithm that is associated with performing a type of encryption. If you see any code within the tea leaf reading (computer code) then this is a message to make sure you understand all options in a problem.

So what does this mean if seen in your tea leaf reading?

Top of teacup: if this appears at the top of the teacup it indicates that you will drop all your inhibitions going forward. On the contrary, you can also grow to understand those who act differently than you do. Perhaps they will be able to help you and give you insight in life.

Middle of teacup: To see different symbols related to the alphabet such as A=4 or A=6 is associated with gaining knowledge in life. For the general code to appear in the middle position suggests you need to communicate with someone better.

Bottom of the cup: for the code to appear in the bottom of the cup essentially means that you are a hard worker. You will travel maybe with work. You don't necessarily want to take the lead but in completing a task to the best of your ability you may be better off as being the leader.

The cipher in the middle of the teacup: is a suggestion that things will go well while going forward.

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013