Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

This symbol is one that encourages hope and endeavor. It denotes progress and success through the use of your natural powers. In symbol­ism it is associated with the sunrise and with spring­time, and is an excellent symbol.

A new day opens up before you; fresh enterprises and new projects will add to your prosperity. The male child is more fortunate as a symbol than the female but this maybe hard to see in a tea leaf reading.

A child seen in the clear denotes innocent relationships. At the bottom of the cup, expense.

A child within the tea leaf reading is a symbol of innocence. It can suggest that there is relationships and love in your life perhaps you are feeling restless at the moment. You are going to encounter someone friendly and enthusiastic just like a child. The problem with this is that you may feel that they will become more impatient. This could be a boss at work requiring a project immediately, or alternatively a demanding child at home. You have few friends because most people find you difficult to talk to. You also feel that other people may be rather shy and childish in their nature.

As a child is shown within your tea Leaf cup it is associated with slow development project. It is important for us to understand where we see the child within the tea leaf reading. Top of teacup: in the top position of the teacup this indicates that you will have slow development in the project.

Detailed meaning of the child tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: you will encounter some very loyal and benefit from a secure financial background. This will obviously offer you much opportunity going forward. But money does run out remember!

Middle of teacup: you are focused on managing to get by in life. The child is significant as it is associated with how we are viewed as an adult. The child in the middle of the teacup indicates the parent may still be looking after that adult. Sometimes you find it very difficult to relax and enjoy life.

Bottom of teacup: the bottom of the teacup position indicates that somebody is acting like a child around you. Possibly they are acting the clown, they are just going to muck about. This could be in the love interest or a work context.

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013