Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A castle is a symbol of protection.

This symbol predicts high office and extended influence in life, a good reputation and much power in your sphere of activity. Strength and endurance will carry you far toward success. You will have the protection and favour of those in positions greater than your own.

The castle appearing in tea leaf reading is quite an interesting symbolism.

There are many types of castle that can be seen within the tea cup. The castle could possibly be a sand castle or could be a real castle, in ancient times castles were incredibly popular, more so than they are today. If the castle was decorated with a flag - this suggests that you can make a success of any career.

Castle with a moat indicates that is a general rule you will work better in employment or partnership than working alone. In a symbolic sense apart from what we have already discussed the castle is associated with a new start. Obviously, a castle is a home. To see people in the castle suggests that there is possibilities of a new relationship.

Detailed meaning of the castle tea leaf symbol

Let's for now look at the key placements of seeing a castle within a tea leaf reading.

The castle in the position at the top of the cup: this indicates that a new relationship or marriage will take place. Somebody could get incredibly struck by your advances. The castle can also suggest being trapped in a relationship if there is a fence around it.

The castle in the position of the middle of the cup: to appear in the middle of the cup suggest that you are adaptable. You can show great strength of character.

Bottom of the cup: for the castle to appear in the bottom of the cup essentially means that you are a hard worker. You will travel maybe with work. You don't necessarily want to take the lead but in completing a task to the best of your ability you may be better off as being the leader.

The castle in the middle of the teacup: is a suggestion that things will go while going forward. As a castle is a home it means that you will be domestically happy in life.

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013