Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

This is a sign of increase and prosperity.

Financial affairs 'will take a turn for the better; what you have will increase by useful investment New business relations will be opened up. It is very positive to see the calf in one's teacup. The calf is associated with rebirth. This is because the calf is in essence a baby. That will now look at the deeper meaning of the position of the calf within your teacup.

Detailed meaning of the calf tea leaf symbol

The calf in the position at the top of your teacup: this is a positive position for such a symbol. The calf in this instance represents physical or emotional healing. It is important to remain calm in any situation that may prove to be rather chaotic.

Middle of the teacup: if the calf appears in the middle of the teacup this indicates balancing your activities with periods of rest the meaning here is very similar to a cow. There are times that you need to nurture and nourish somebody else.

Bottom of teacup: to be seen at the bottom of the teacup indicate that healing meddling relationship with the mother. Especially significant is if the cow is next to the calf this means that you need to be willing to partake in different events in the future.

Scattered: for the calf to be scattered and the tea leaves slightly dispersed indicates you may be taking things too seriously it is important for you to nourish and care in regards to your home life.

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013