butterfly meaning

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The butterfly is a positive omen. If it appears in your teacup this indicates somebody is threatened by you because of your good fortune.

The symbol indicates that a female or male feels attraction towards you, and there is a danger of immaturity. This symbol further advises that you must tell somebody about your inner feelings. It also suggests that you have much gain from being with the person of the opposite sex and that a love affair is likely to be light-hearted and will provide you with the fun and excitement that you're after. We use the images primarily to help us advance in life. A butterfly signifies the transformation into someone more relaxed and carefree. It sometimes warns of a fickle and faithless lover. It is important to meditate on this symbol to try to understand which person of the opposite sex is likely to give you attention in the future.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen a butterfly.
  • Observe more than one butterfly.

Since the butterfly is a spiritual force this can sometimes be associated with somebody developing psychic abilities, either through studying this topic via books or papers or simply meditating. This symbol is to encourage you to channel your psychic ability in a positive way.

Meaning of a butterfly within your teacup:

Top of teacup: the butterfly is a true representation of how nature can be a beautiful thing. Positively, this is a great position for this symbol. To be located at the top of your teacup is a suggestion that you need happiness in your life. On another note this can also suggest that you hold psychic powers. If a butterfly is hidden by another symbol or among lot's of dots then this is a message to say that you need to concentrate on your psychic skills because you are hiding behind a veil.

Rim of teacup: If the Butterfly is positioned near the rim of the teacup then you are sheltering yourself from other people and civilisation. If you see dot's around the butterfly, then you're searching for basic protection from others.

Bottom of teacup: for the butterfly to appear at the bottom of your teacup indicates that spiritual work will lead you to recognise your potential. You find happiness in normal everyday occurrences. The butterfly is like a spirit guide looking out for you because you have a secret purpose in life. The Butterfly often appears at the bottom of the teacup when things need to take a turn for the better.

Middle of the teacup: sharper focus is called for to find the Butterfly in the middle of the teacup. Just as you are facing difficulties in connection with a loved one you also need to employ a careful attitude when it comes to financial and spiritual matters. Often the position of the Butterfly will indicate whether the current environment around you is helping or hindering the direction in which your psychic abilities are heading. To be placed in the middle means you need to take more time to meditate on how to increase your psychic channels.

Large butterfly: if the butterfly is of a larger size compared to the other symbols found in the teacup, then you have a habit of retreating from complex matters and falling our with people around you. It shows how you can sometimes overreact to negative people or surroundings. This butterfly also symbolises the importance of spiritual enlightenment. There is a feeling that you can conquer anything in life, if you have the right passion. The larger butterfly is essentially a spiritual force aiming to push you into a more positive direction. You may need to find willpower from within.

Small butterfly: A smaller butterfly indicates that sometimes we have an excessive burden and it is time to enjoy the wonders of life. The smaller butterfly indicates you have imagination that seems to bubble up inside you - and you find it hard to release emotions. Because you do nothing with your fantasies these give you no problems. However, you are sometimes scared to actually act upon your dreams. This sign is present in your teacup when you need to focus on your love relationships. This symbol is encouraging you to follow your heart and tap into the spiritual realm.

More than one butterfly: more than one or a succession of butterflies shown in the teacup is directly associated with your imagination. This is connected with amusement and also symbolises psychic talents and typically special forces.

The butterfly indicates frivolity and innocent pleasure.

In the middle of the cup, beware of rushing into too much too soon.

At the top of the cup, the butterfly indicates pleasures, and the consultant can, by being sincere and natural, become a very useful member of society.

Surrounded by dots, indiscreet extravagance and trouble in consequence.

By Flo Saul
Oct 20, 2012