breasts meaning

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Breasts typically represent being nurtured and they are connected with your childhood.

Each symbol in a tea leaf reading has special qualities and meanings associated with it. Similarly, the position of the omen also has a meaning, as outlined below. Unfortunately to see a pair of breasts is associated with a difficult time ahead.

This is due to a crisis that is likely to occur.

There is an inclination that you have an ability to free yourself from a period of social pressure. If people ask you to conduct a task you are always too willing to comply. You should listen to your inner self and understand what others expect and demand of you.

It can also mean that there has been a person who in some way has found a battle in life.

This symbol can indicate that you must put your needs first. There is also a feeling that you can get stuck in your own world, even finding it a problem to escape your own thinking.

It is important to try to approach problems with enthusiasm. To see two breasts with nipples in your teacup suggests that misfortune may come your way.

It is important that you don't get wrapped up in revenge. To see more than one breast means that you will have spiritual protection.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen more than one breast.
  • Seen dots around the breast.
  • Observed a large or small breast.

Meaning of a breast positioned in your teacup:

Top of teacup: to be positioned at the top of the teacup indicates that you may have quite a bit to manage shortly. As we previously understood from the first paragraph it may be important for you to use these nurturing skills when other people put demands on you. The symbol is also connected to spiritual protection and if placed near the top of the teacup indicates that you may be under pressure at work.

Bottom of the teacup: a breast to be placed at the bottom of the teacup indicates that your current situation will improve. Many people will help you. You will have friends who will make you happy.

Two breasts - at bottom of teacup: a pair of breasts at the bottom of the teacup indicates that you are likely to keep things close to your chest.

Side of teacup: for this symbol to be appear at the side of the teacup indicates the representation of the female bond between the Child and the mother. This connection is often represented in the nipples of the breast. The breasts to appear at the side indicates that there is a lack of nutrition and diet that you must try to eat more healthily.

One breast: if you only see a symbol of one breast this indicates that your aggressive nature and suggests you need to relax more.

Many breasts: More than two breasts can symbolise your own accomplishments and the wisdom of your success. A succession of breasts is an omen that you may have some nutritional problems in the near future. It suggests you have been feeling depressed or sluggish lately and it is time to improve your diet in order to ensure that you have the correct calories to stay healthy.

By Flo Saul
Oct 20, 2012