bouquet meaning tea

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

To see a bouquet of flowers in your tea cup indicates that at times you are going to have a great time.

Such a happy sign! A bouquet largely negates any ill omens you see in the cup! Adjacent to a heart, a bouquet signifies a declaration of love, a marriage proposal or sweet, wedded bliss.

At the bottom of a cup, it promises that someone who is ill will soon recover. This can also mean that you have two distinct sides to your personality. You may meet someone who is a master of illusion. It is very difficult to ascertain when you do get real.

To see three flowers in your bouquet means that you are impatient with people who cannot take a stand on an issue. You usually have a clear stand, though it is liable to change the next minute!

Flowers seen in the cup are a great sign, they denote a possible marriage!

You never master the art of eye contact, for your eyes furtively dart from one object to another. In fact, your quick-moving eyes are the easiest way to recognise you. You are blessed with eagerness and an incredible, quick friendliness. It is difficult to pin you down to one thought or idea.

Top of teacup: the bouquet is a symbol of how nature can be a beautiful thing. optimistically, this is a great position for this symbol. To be located at the top of your teacup is a suggestion that you need happiness in your life. On another note this can also suggest that you hold psychic powers. If a bouquet is hidden by another symbol or among lot's of dots then this is a message to say that you need to concentrate on your psychic skills because you are hiding behind a veil.

Rim of teacup: If the bouquet is positioned near the rim of the teacup then you are sheltering yourself from other people. Why?

Bottom of teacup: for the bouquet to appear at the bottom of your teacup indicates that spiritual work will lead you to recognise your potential.

Middle of the teacup: sharper focus is called for if you find the bouquet in the middle of the teacup.

Large bouquet: if the bouquet is of a larger size compared to the other symbols found in the teacup, then you have a habit of retreating from complex matters and falling our with people around you.

Small bouquet: A smaller bouquet indicates that sometimes we have an excessive burden and it is time to enjoy the wonders of life.

More than one bouquet: more than one bouquet is connected with amusement and also symbolises psychic talents and typically special forces.

A cluster of flowers shows the reception of company and much pleasure among friends and admirers. In works of art it denotes distinction, and in all professional walks of life symbolizes honours and emoluments. In some cases it will signify marriage. If on the handle, the opening of a new sphere in. life. If at the top, honours.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012