bell tea leaf meaning

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When tea leaves are arranged in a bell shape this indicates a new visitor will knock your door in the near future.

There is going to be some outside demands that will disturb your peace for a few days. Since the purpose of the symbol is to ring, there may be a telephone call or a short visit by a friend. There is also a feeling that this visitor to your door will ask your advice.

The bell can also refer to the local community, and a great deal of energy maybe required to conduct some work that will help out your neighborhood. This needs to be focused upon awarding people. The symbol is also connected to a sense of urgency to listen or hear some important news.

A bell suggests that you’ll be hearing an announcement or news which will be relevant to your affairs. It can often signify a wedding. You will need to know the answers to someone's questions at once and this person will lack a degree of patience when kept waiting for things. For the bell to appear near the handle means you will feel an instinct to take a rather warlike stance.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen a bell.
  • Seen more than one bell.

This is connected to the protection of relationships that have been threatened in the past. The emotions that will prevail during the next few month will be passionate and beneficial to both the drinkers, and his or her immediate family.

Tea leaf placement regarding a bell:

Top of teacup: the central theme of the bell symbol to appear at the top of the teacup is associated with a visitor who is going to be influential and help you through a particular difficult patch in life. The good news is that your life is soon to take on a new direction. In the near future this influential visitor will have significant advice on how to get the best out of you. This image, if near the handle also symbolises the need to protect yourself against others. You may need to reconsider your questions when it comes to communication with a loved one. As the bell is also related to how you're viewed in the community, the drinker may undertake some charity work. This will help him or her in the long-term but social acceptance and hard work may be required.

Middle of teacup: if the bell in the middle of your teacup it is a warning to pay attention to something close to your heart. You may hear secrets and you must keep these secrets to yourself. By accepting responsibility of a project you will prove yourself. Remember, the universe is a large and strange place. We cannot control what happens on a daily basis but if the bell is featured within the middle of the teacup it shows that at times you feel a lack of control over your life and of others. Positively, the bell signifies that things are going to start moving again.

Bottom of teacup: to find the bell at the bottom of your teacup refers to a visitor in the distant future. The drinker may question his or her previously accepted beliefs. The visitor is going to be a significant person, usually born under the star sign of cancer. This person is going to have an influence over the tea drinkers life. The cancer sign rules mothers of the figures, so there might be an important mother figure who will be able to offer you some advice on how to grow and develop your personality. An older tea leaf dictionary book said that to see a bell at the bottom of the teacup represents an arrival of a new dog or baby.

Upside down: if the bell appears to be upside down and situated pointing towards the top of the rim and peace is likely to be coming and this is a positive omen for a peaceful and happy life.

Large bell: if the bell is large then you are likely to receive a long-awaited letter or any form of electronic communications e.g. an e-mail. A visitor is likely to pay attention to your needs. This symbol demonstrates that honesty is required as destructive emotions may arise.

Small bell: ancient tea leaf reading dictionaries generally advise that to see a small bowel within the teacup is a direct indication that a visitor will soon call at the door. This is likely to be a family member.

Observe the symbols attending this care­fully, for it may be that it is a knell or a carillon of joy. The bell itself indicates an announcement which will .be more or less widespread and will affect your for­tunes very distinctly. The " iron tongue" is no scandalizer but an authoritative pronouncer of good or bad fortune.

A bell seen in the clear or at the top of the cup is a happy omen. To a person holding a situation under Government it promises an appointment to a higher one.   Services recognized with a rise.

To the young it foretells a happy marriage.

If at the bottom of the cup and thick tea-leaves around, it portends sad news.

By Flo Saul
Oct 20, 2012