bed tea leaf meaning

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A bed generally indicates positive times. Most people experience seeing this symbol when they are happy and content in a relationship.

Beds are areas of rest and this ancient symbol is often associated with happiness and intimacy. The position of the bed within your teacup is important. If you are currently feeling protected in a work situation then this is more likely to suggest that you may require a new career move.

This will predominantly enable you to fulfil your deepest dreams. If the image of the bed is surrounded by small symbols then the alternative symbols need to be read in order to gauge the context of the over arching meaning. The meaning devised from Chinese tea leaf dictionaries is the bed denotes the threatening of a happy relationship or with yourself and this has traditionally been connected to an intimate love affair.

A bed promises that a bit of roll and tumble is to come! Carnal delights. A tidy bed suggests peaceful nights and a clear conscience. A rumpled bed indicates sleepless nights, frustration and anxiety.  A small bed adjacent to the handle means marriage signs and sexual satisfaction!

In your teacup you may have:

  • Noticed a bed that was made e.g. duvet and pillow.
  • Seen more than one bed.
  • Seen dots around the bed.
  • Observed a large or small bed.

Meaning of a bed positioned in your teacup:

Top of teacup: if the bed appears at the top of your tea leaf reading this indicates an important event is approaching. It is likely that a celebration or alternatively an important event will be on it's way! Be prepared for possible conflict or difficulties surrounding a celebration.

Bottom of teacup: to appear in the bottom position of the teacup indicates that tea leaf drinker has many responsibilities. It is also important that whatever happens in life you must always trust your own instincts. There are many people with intent and it is important to realise that sometimes this intent isn't necessarily a positive omen. It is action which counts!

Middle of teacup: if a bed is placed at the middle of the teacup the overall meaning is one of positively. This symbolises a person that is content with what life has given them. There are many different interpretations of the bed featured near the handle of the teacup, ancient tea leaf dictionaries especially those devised from Asian descent indicate this tea leaf reading is connected to affairs of the heart. Good news is likely to provide the tea leaf drinker with much contentment.

This symbol is indicative of a state of mind which will produce direct results in your life and for­tunes. If tidy and well-kept, then your fortunes will be good and your success in life assured. If disordered, it is a sign of trouble and want.

More than one bed: to see more than one bed is associated with happiness and the partnership of two people. It may suggest your desire to gain a larger perspective on life in terms of your current surroundings. As we previously observed if it is posited near the top of your tea leaf cup things are going to get difficult in the future. It can also be associated with the partnership of two people. Congratulations are in order if more than one bed was near the top of the teacup of this indicates a wedding or a time of happy nurse and contentment.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012