bath meaning tea leaf

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The symbol of a bath when found in your tea leaves is connected to spiritual cleansing.

This omen indicates that it is important to you to spiritually cleanse yourself in order to be successful.

In life we always have some destruction or encounter negative energies, these energies at times stick to our aura. You may have been feeling depressed lately.

Good news is that you do have a sharp perspective in mind that you can open up to situations in life. It is time to directly think about self cleansing. In ancient times everyone appreciated the power of a warm calming bath.

Not only was this connected with cleaning, nevertheless it was also used to re-charge the spiritual batteries. Spiritual baths have been around since the Egyptians, and adding herbs and ointment's to your bath can help you face life's problems.

For thousands of years, a lot of civilisations have used this type of magic, and all different cultures have created their own bathing practice.

The Turkish bath is famous and some spa's use spring water which can be both important and hard to find.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen a bath.

Washing customs in different countries differ considerably. There are may customs which, in turn attempt to remove negative energies from the bather, an illustration is know as Christian baptism. In effect baptism is a faith based on purifying the person, where the water flushes away the sins of the body as well as the legacy of one's values. Baptism is also an emotional time as the person is welcomed into the church of god.

Interestingly, the Japanese custom regarding religious baths is different as it is connected to nature. By simply taking a bath, life is expected to improve. By learning a bit on spiritual baths we are able to determine the meaning when this appears in your teacup.

This symbol is associated with cleansing your own aura and also your karma. Sometimes we close ourselves off from the world. This is a positive attribute if you see the bath featured within the teacup. Many ancient magicians have used salt or hyssop bath's in order to cleanse their aura. Magician's can only appeal to the deep subconscious levels of reality. The Bath is associated with Waters. The bath reflects the inner experience of life. It is a wake-up call to directly cleanse yourself of the past.

Meaning of a bath positioned in your teacup:

Top of teacup: for this symbol to appear at the top of your teacup indicates that you have excess burdens that need to be released through a spiritual bath. This will help you enjoy the wonders of life. There is a need to ground yourself in order to be ready for developing your dream is in a peaceful way. This will also avoid you been washed away by your own fantasies or dreams.

Bottom of teacup: appearing at the bottom of the teacup is an omen that the good news as outlined in the open paragraph will provide you with many opportunities in life. The self cleansing that you will undertake will be a worthwhile task both mentally and physically.

Middle of teacup: the bath contains water, which stands for life's essence. As fire can burst a balloon - you can either wallow in your own depression or look up to new possibilities. These are your choices!

Size of bath: simply, the size of the bar denotes the importance of spiritually cleansing your soul.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012