baby tea leaf meaning

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Babies are featured in the teacup when a new project is on the horizon.

It is time to let go of the past and to move on in the future. There is various meanings of related to this symbol. New birth, new beginnings, happy content times, this illustrates the problem that we sometimes encounter with the tea leaves, is that many ancient tea leaf dictionaries outline a range of meanings when a baby is seen in the teacup.

If the teacup has been turned by a man it shows that the baby represents new challenges and good times. If turned by a women then it is likely to suggest a pregnancy. A baby near the handle suggests that you may have a baby soon!

If the baby is near the top of the rim, this may presage the birth of a new venture after considerable planning and deliberation. At the bottom of the cup, it warns that a venture or even a pregnancy may not be planned.

The presence of this symbol is also associated with a new interest and that there is a strong need for growth. This can also symbolise spiritual enlightenment and the need to be loved by others. If the placement of this symbol is near the top of your teacup it indicates that you are likely to be a creator of new inventions.

If this symbol represents itself close to handle this indicates that a baby may actually be born! If this symbol is near the bottom of the teacup then plans are likely to go well but it is apparent that these lands are going to take a while in order to come together.

The meaning can show the way in which a situation can turn into multiple directions. The baby illustrates that it is important to recognise that new beginnings are sometimes beneficial and that focus has been a difficulty in the drinkers life.

This symbol may indicate that you love required, especially that of two people holding together in a new and it and exciting project. This project may keep them together so that relief from their material troubles may lift.

Top of teacup: a baby is directly associated with innocent actions and new possibility is going to happen in the face of adversity. Previously outlined in the opening paragraph it is important to disconnect from negative people as well as difficult people in your life. For this symbol to be found at the top of your teacup indicates that new opportunities and possibilities are soon to come to you. This is the positive omen. It can in some instances also suggest a possible pregnancy. If the baby is pointing sideways it is even more of a positive omen as it suggests through others you will see a new business opportunity. If you see the baby surrounded by dot's then you need to offer people advice or help society through charity work.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen a baby.
  • Seen more than one baby.

Meaning of placement of a baby in your teacup:

Side of teacup: a baby positioned at the side of the teacup is positive. The baby symbolises achievement in whatever put effort into.

Near handle: If the women turns the teacup then this shows that she may have a pregnancy in the future.

Opposite handle: if the baby symbol appears opposite the handle it means that an individual has refused to face responsibilities and grow up. This is not necessarily a bad thing but it does show some essence of immaturity. This is not necessarily the drinker but perhaps a close relation. Remember, you need freedom in life to be happy.

Bottom of teacup: human beings can get used to anything and when a baby appears at the bottom of the teacup this indicates that difficult material times have been encountered. There is a feeling that sometimes as human beings we resist an end to our own worries. As we examine the symbol more closely we can discover that there needs to be a rebirth of thought in regards to spiritual needs. On a simpler level, the baby symbol can also suggest that while a person's spiritual needs are not met their material needs can be. Because there is a sense of commitment the drinkers spiritual development has been neglected and it is time to not only have material but spiritual fulfilment.

Curiously enough, this symbol is an indica­tion of trouble and denotes the beginning of a new series of adversities which will claim much of your time and attention. If this symbol is attended by a. star, do not sign any agreements or contracts and look well to those that are already standing, for they are in danger of collapse and nullity.

The face or figure of a baby near the house portends a  "birth or an addition to the family.

At the bottom of the cup, trouble through senseless talk.

In the clear, new successful interest leading to honours.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012