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Ace of Cups

Ace of cups tarot card meaning

Each Ace of the Rider Waite deck emphasizes new beginnings on various levels.

If you have received the Ace of Cups in your reading, then you either being blessed or will be blessed with a very promising time in your life. The Ace of Cups is like a giant gift from the Heaven. The card itself depicts an image of a hand that is stretching outward from the havens, offering you a refreshing drink from a cup that is filled from the five streams of living water. This Water flows from the Cup into the Lake below the hand, symbolizing the unconscious mind, eternal life and creating a reciprocal relationship between you and Spirit Energy. When the mind is filled with spirit, the spirit fills up your cup to overflowing.

When this card presents itself to you, you will experience the beginning of great love, joy, productivity, fertility and contentment. The Ace of Cups is the bearer of pleasure and happiness. In this it is extremely fortuitous and lucky that this card is transiting you right now. You must have done something right. Congratulations! The Ace of Cups represents the beginning of experiences such as love that transcends the Earth. This easy-going transition will bring you: Emotional stability, the love of self, which enables you to experience a huge level of fulfillment, romantic love, and love of love. Love, love & more love. Some say that as humans we are made up of 75% water, making us fluid creatures that are affected by the ebb and flow of the tides of this world. The Cups suit rules the emotions and so tell us about the ebb and flow of the emotional tides in our lives. Because of this relationship with water we are highly intuitive creatures and as a result at points our emotions can take over. However in this situation, you are represented by this card which is one of wholeness and solidarity. You are compassionate, mentally and emotionally stable and happy.

If you are coming from a challenging experience, this card is telling you that you will feel much better very soon. Things are going to turn right for you right away. Now is the time for you to open up your spiritual channels, to learn to be accepting of all of the hopes and doubts that happen to come your way in life when you pursue any goal. Not allowing the hardships to interrupt your process. This card represents healing in all ways, so use it to your benefit. Love imbues meaning to our lives especially when we are trusting and willing to approach life with a heart that is full of spiritual awareness and vulnerability. If you have the courage to allow yourself to feel your full range of emotions, you will grasp ahold of a personal fulfillment that many strive their whole lives to achieve.

Participate in gratitude’s; identify what you are grateful for, what makes you happy. Do not deny your feelings. Communicate freely. Express all of the love and joy that you feel to anyone that you need to. Love attracts love. Remember this as the Ace of Cups, and the grace of Higher Source Energy blesses your life.

Ace of Cups in Love  When the Ace of Cups presents itself in a reading about love, you are lucky! Because love is blessing your life right now in multiple ways you want to be open to all of the possibilities. If you are single and looking for love, this card is telling you that you will meet someone lovely with whom you can share your goals with, someone who can spiritually connect with you on your level.

There is a tremendous amount of possible fulfillment here for you. If you are in a relationship, then many blessed events are coming your way. This could come in the form of having children, or in other fertile ventures in your relationship. Perhaps you are coming out of a cycle that was particularly difficult. The Ace of Cups is telling you that life is going to take on a sweet feel for quite some time.

Ace of Cups in Health  The Ace of Cups appears in a health reading to let you know that you will heal from what ails you. This could come in matters of a broken heart or you might be afflicted with physical heart issues, or issues revolving the fluid of the body such as dehydration or blood flow and that because this card is in your life right now you are going to be taking on a turn for the better. This is the same for anyone that you are asking the cards to give you information about as well as any future endeavors about health that is giving you concern. This is the ultimate card of opportunity, joy and forward motion. Expect some happy thrills you have nothing to fear.

Ace of Cups in Work and Wealth When the Ace of Cups presents itself strongly in a reading about work or wealth you can guarantee that you have much abundance in your future. But the primary purpose of the Ace of Cups in a business reading is to point out that the way that you will feel about your business life is going to be better and more secure. Many of us in this economy have a big fear of losing our jobs or not being able to financially support ourselves and our loved ones, but here the Ace of Cups is telling you that you can rest at ease because it is in your life protecting you. Now is an excellent time to save up any extra money that you are making because you will be able to afford a little nest egg for yourself. The more of a nest egg or savings that you have set up the safer and better you will feel in the long term regarding money and being free of the stress of money problems will help you in all aspects of your life.


Reversed Ace Of Cups Meaning If you have received the Ace of Cups in the reversed position then you are being warned that your energy is being sucked out of you because of non-activity. You are bored and you need a change because you have allowed yourself to become too stagnant and are dealing with the emotional repercussions of that. You are depressed and unmotivated and there is a block in many key energy centers in the body.

Consider pursuing a good cleansing that will fine tune and strengthen your chakras, particularly in the heart area as the Ace of Cups represents matters of the heart. You are also being weighed down in the genital and solar plexus area. When you are not recognizing what life has to offer, because you have forgotten to practice gratitude, then you create a cycle in which you perpetuate unhappiness. Get yourself outside, get yourself active, clear up your chakras, practice gratitude and you will find happiness. 

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The Five of Cups

The Five of Cups tarot card

When the Five of Cups appears in your reading, you are going through a transit of emotional disappointment.

The lesson from the Four of Cups is extended to this card, but it also includes an extra layer of regret and loss over a pleasure that you thought you would get a chance to experience. The image of the Five of Cups depicts a person who is wrapped up in the black cloth of despair. Three cups lay on the ground, having spilled the wine of pleasure. He is so focused on the cups that have tipped over that he has completely missed the fact that there are two perfectly good cups of wine still available to him. But he cannot make any move toward realizing they are there, because he is too swept up in his sadness.

In life we also get swept up in what we have lost. Disappointment comes from becoming emotionally attached to something that has not come to fruition as you expected. We become extremely attached to the plans that we make in life, and when something comes through to derail those plans it is extremely difficult at points to get through. This card is referencing matters of the heart, a broken marriage or a loss of a friendship. Any kind of loss that makes you feels regret falls under the umbrella of this card. There is more for you to see, but right now it is exceptionally difficult to do so. You find that life is now no longer what you thought it would be and you are having a hard time feeling the need or want to go on. This card is one that calls out to your sadness and understands it, but the Five of Cups is telling you that there is so much more in store for you if you would only allow yourself to drink the wine of pleasure from the two remaining cups.

In some cases you have only just begun to appreciate what it is that you had now that you have lost it, and that is also a very challenging concept to take in. The process of letting go of a person or a lifestyle takes time. You cannot rush these matters. Going inward makes sense, but remember not to get stuck. True healing can occur only when you let go of the sorrow and begin to have happy and healthy interactions with others in your life who do love you.

To get out of this cycle, you must focus all of your energy on a new endeavor or project. Create some goals that you wish to accomplish but take some time to just flow. Right now it is important for you to let go of any attachment you might have to the outcomes that you have and just take one step at a time. Make a determined choice to pick up the pieces of your broken heart and move forward to your new beginning.

The Five of Cups in Love  The Five of Cups will present itself in a love reading to both honor what you are going through and to let you know what to do about it. If you are currently in a relationship that is having problems, this is going to be the card that will let you know that you must take charge of this situation and do your best to appreciate what you have or you are going to lose it. If the moment has already passed and a separation had to happen, then know that through your sorrow of this change, sometimes change is necessary for you to discover even more about yourself. As adults, we can grow apart. Sometimes we no longer want what you both wanted originally. This is a normal part of life. Spend the time grieving that you need to and then move on. In this there is some form of separation or loss that is transiting you right now, so the best thing you can do right now is hold onto the ones that do love you so that they can help you through the process of grief.

When it comes to single life in the pursuit of love, this card usually signifies a loss that is still affecting you. Perhaps you loved someone a long time ago and you find that you are unlucky in love since then. There is a portion of this loss that you have not yet recovered from, and in order for you to move forward you must. If you are in some way comparing others to that relationship, then you are not looking straight ahead, only backwards, and that is not healthy.

The Five of Cups in Health  The Five of Cups regarding health is expressing a time of your life in which you are becoming completely claustrophobic or afraid to be social. This is an extremely unhealthy place to be, as there is much that you are missing. Your physical health will be improved greatly if you start practicing getting outside here and there, meeting new people and branching out.

The Five of Cups in Work and Wealth  When the Five of Cups shows up in a reading regarding work and wealth, you can expect to be dealing with some losses. This is not the time to make investments, but to make sure that all of your legal matters are in order so that you are prepared should something relating to business change randomly.


Reversed Five of Cups in a reading  The Five of Cups will appear in a reading in the reversed position to continue to reiterate the feeling of loss that you have experienced. Think before you make any big decision. You cannot fix or change what has happened. Better to just let it go. There is a level of carelessness associated with this position as a result of the grieving period. Make sure to not abuse or mistreat others as a way to process your feelings. It is imperative now that you continue to focus on overcoming obstacles. You have only experienced the feeling of limitation, but that is not all encompassing. There is more available to you once the tears have stopped flowing.

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