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The Tower

When the Tower shows itself in your reading, consider it as a blessing in disguise.

Change, albeit forceful change is being thrust upon you now and though it may feel like it is happening against your will you need to remember that this is for your own good. Often this card comes up when change has been in the works for some time and you have resisted or ignored it. There have been small problems that are increasing and situations are getting out of control. The Tower card represents the Universe telling you that you require this change to happen for your own spiritual growth.

The Tower card is actually a gift, even if it doesn’t feel like it at first. You see, up until this point, you have built your tower on a spotty foundation. The beams are rickety and termite ridden, the stone is old and falling down the mountain. You don’t want to keep living in a condemned building do you? Wouldn’t you rather move into the new mansion that is being built just for you? The metaphor that is the Tower card is clear: You are the rickety tower and it is time for you to rebuild. The Universe lobs fireballs at you and your original tower is destroyed so that you can begin to build again. The routines that you have created, the solace or stability that you think that you possess right now does not exist and it is time to create something more stable for you based on what you know now.

In our lives, we build towers constantly: The Tower of Love, the Tower of Friendship, the Towers of Right and Wrong. We build each tower with the information that we have at our disposal at the time, which is perfectly acceptable. But, as we grow up and we gather more information by bouncing ourselves around this planet, we find that sometimes old information is no longer applicable and new information must be applied. Sometimes the new can comingle with the old, but often times the old needs to be put to rest so that it may be recycled back into the Earth.

The image of the Tower in most decks is frightening. There is lightening knocking the crown off a building, bodies flinging themselves out to fall down into oblivion. It is not an easy image to feel relaxed about. But the image on this card expresses less the final result of the Tower and more the way that we feel when we are confronted with abrupt change. If you lose your home, if you lose your job, if your relationship ends suddenly or your partner dies; these kinds of circumstances can cause you to feel like your entire existence has been shaken like a snow globe. Your world is upside down and though you grasp, there is nothing at your disposal to save you. This is the way that we process change. It is cataclysmic and terrifying. But that is the process that we must go through in order to see the end result benefits of starting anew.

Sometimes, you are forced to start again, and recreate who you are now with the loss that you have experienced. If you can step up to the challenge, even if it is heart wrenching, the reward that is offered to you is eternal. For you will have developed personal strength of character, the knowledge of how to move forward even in the worst of situations and you will become more resilient than ever because you know that you can get through anything. This knowledge of personal strength that is bestowed upon you by the Tower will push you through many different scary situations in your life. You will fear less, and you will find joy more. With the Tower, your entire structure is rebuilt and you get to become brand new again. Trust what this card has to tell you. Consider what Towers you have built that are broken, and then ask yourself what causes you to hesitate about accepting that something is wrong and then begin to clear the slate. When you have identified why you do what you do, perhaps you will be able to allow yourself to heal from the broken and move onto the new.

The Tower in Love When the Tower card appears in a love or relationship reading, then you must understand that the shape of relationship is no longer going to be able to keep the same shape as it always has. This means that one or both of you are going to go through something that is going to cause you to change every aspect of the relationship. This could be very positive in the sense that you may have been just dating and you are now moving onto a more monogamous feel in your relationship so everything will feel different. Or it could be that the time that you have spent together is no longer serving one or both of you. The Tower is not saying to break up, but it does instruct us to be aware of which part of the relationship is fantasy and which parts are based in reality. Make doubly sure at this time that you do not have a fantasy connection with your partner or potential partner, because fantasy blocks only build fantasy buildings and sometimes we are more attached to our fantasy buildings then we are real ones, but fantasies always bring the tower down when reality comes to light. Be honest with yourself; be honest with your partner. If you are not with someone and are looking, then you must consider the timing to be perfect to reconstruct who you think you are presenting yourself as while searching for your mate. Are you being honest with yourself on the type of person you desire to attract?

The Tower in Health  When the Tower presents itself in a reading dedicated to Health then you will find that bones that are broken are going to be on the mend. This is going to apply to any and all parts of the body that need assistance in reconstruction. Therefore if you are recovering from surgery or are wondering if the recovery for surgery is going to go well, the Tower card tells you that it is. Because the Tower clears out all of the possibilities for you to heal wrong, leaving only the possibility that the final outcome is that you will be well. Perhaps there is a possibility that you might have to confront the reality of your health situation first, but once you have done that reconstruction is always possible.

The Tower in Work and Wealth Many of us live our whole lives striving to work in one place that will give us security into our old age. The economy is different in these modern times and does not always provide us the same security that we would like that emulates businesses of the past. Now we must be multi-taskers in order to function at the base level in business. The Tower tells you that you must make your entire life about your work, because if you build the Tower of ONE JOB FOR LIFE then you will have to go through the breaking down process should that job ever end. The Tower is telling you that it is time to focus on avenues of life that are not "money making" in nature.

Tower In Future or Outcome The tower in the future position means what you have built will come crashing down, this could be a job or love. It is not necessarily bad, it is what you thought you were building has come crashing down and now you have a clear view and picture of some aspect of your career or love life. This is a “wake up call” and a false view was getting in the way. It's like a singer, who wants to be famous and quitting their job at the mall then wondering why things don't work out and they don't get that break. The tower can indicate that they are failing at auditions because they were under an illusion. Relationship wise, the tower in the future position could indicate that despite everything the relationship is not working and it is made or break time.

Reversed  Tower in a reading When the Tower is reversed, the process has already begun. Likely you are receiving a reading or looking for guidance because you can already feel that there is an aspect of your life, if not the concept of your entire life falling apart all around you. If you receive the reversal of this card, the most that you can do is cover your head and lay low until the building has come all the way down. The more that you fight it; the more hurt you are going to get. Therefore take this time as an opportunity to rest, and to ponder what you are going to create now that this tower has fallen.

Remember: The Tower fell so that you could start over with a new structure, do not attempt to rebuild the same tower. If you continue to move forth from this experience making the same choices and the same mistakes you will only end up back in this situation again and again until you learn your lesson. Take this opportunity to build something you have never built before. Seek out new experiences or push boundaries. What you are comfortable with in your life may no longer fit. 

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The Hierophant

The Hierophant is the ruling power of external religion.

It is representative of the need to be accepted by society, of conforming to the norms presented all around us. Sometimes this card is representative of feeling like an outcast, judged by society and sometimes this is the card that represents one’s own desires to be a part of the religious world. The Hierophant expresses that life is your teacher, providing you with lessons to learn for growth opportunities and the understanding that conflicting issues exist for the purpose of bringing new growth into your life. When you start to feel pressed down by the ‘shoulds’ in life, remember to listen to that higher source energy, or teacher that will show you the way. The Hierophant provides you a way to gather conscious thoughts into your minds that are fed into the subconscious which assimilates and then provides you flashes of intuition. This intuition is the kind that actually stretches forth from our human desire to participate in religious beliefs, which require that overarching hierarchy.

Making a wish for another person puts divine power into action. This is why prayer is so important in most religions. The act of being compassionate, of giving over your faith to a higher power to help those we love or those we don’t know provides a reverence and humbleness that is important to improve one’s character. The Hierophant’s message is for you to take your concern to God and to pray, and to allow the stillness and peace of your prayers to bring calmness to your heart and intuition to your mind. The triple cross designs on the robes of the Hierophant represent spiritual respiration. The love of nature, love of God and the love of one’s neighbors are a part of the hierarchies housed within higher source energy. Reflecting on new interests, decisions, excitement and provide a development of self. Share wisdom with others – you are a teacher.

The Hierophant in Love The Hierophant teaches a different kind of love in reference to relationships. This is a reverent love, almost sacred. That of doing “unto others what you would have them do unto you.” This is the love of charity, of helping your fellow man. If you have received this card for a love reading then there is something that you need to learn from giving up some of your time and energy to a charity. This could also apply to friend relationships that are close enough in spirituality that you would almost call them your sister or brother. This card will usually come up when it is time for you to focus on helping one another. There is a lack of a sense of self, and an emphasis on charity. When you give of yourself in this way you are creating a cycle of love that is going to be gifted back to you, because what you say is true to the Universe is true. And if you love enough to give love, then you will receive more in return.

The Hierophant in Health  Emotional issues come into the spread when the Hierophant is present. Many who experience some level of religious or spiritual restriction in one way or another are suffering some kind of energy block within their body. Consider the help that can come from giving of your time, experiencing the perspective of understanding that there are others in this world that have it worse than you do so that you can be grateful for what you do have. This will greatly improve your health. Often the Hierophant is a card about seeking help as well. Usually, this card will come up when dealing with intense emotion and can signify the need for counseling or guidance. If you are going through an exceptionally difficult time in your life it is okay to ask others around you for assistance or find ways to learn new coping skills so that you can grow and move forward.

The Hierophant in Work and Wealth: In careers, the Hierophant indicates a mentor or someone that is able to provide “inside” information in a company. This card can imply that you are networking or that you will soon meet someone that can guide you through the tradition of a company. As an outcome position, the Hierophant indicates a position of authority in an organization will help you. In some cases, this card could represent a company as a whole but more likely a particular male in a father, priest or mentor capacity. The Hierophant in a business venture states clearly that your focus needs to be on spiritual endeavors instead of monetary ones. If you find that work and the acquisition of wealth are not working out the way that you would prefer, then the Hierophant says to take a break out of your normal routine and examine what necessities you have and need, and which are luxuries that are actually weighing you down. Consider giving up something of yours to help someone else, or just get rid of negative emotions around work - to lighten your personal load. But, overall I will say that this card is all about being guided by a male figure.

In finances, the card indicates the need for guidance in a similar way as with health. Often it is a note that you need to contact some sort of financial advisor. In readings, it can indicate debt reduction skills are needed or even issues concerning the court systems. It is less about paying solicitor fees and more about having to give money to government or charity. As a note: The Hierophant card can indicate tax issues as well as a contract of employment.

The Hierophant in business: In business, readings can imply that if you have a trade or business this indicates that traditional techniques will win over clients. The Hierophant is a “mentor” he is traditional and old school. In business, this could represent you. Skilled in your trade and across the next few years you will learn to allot. The Hierophant is a father/minister or a work mentor. This card is also about rules and obeying them. Maybe you have broken the rules in business in the past and this is saying that you need to act more in line with tradition. As he holds the key, this implies that “tradition” will enable success. Additionally, he is quite rigid in his approach and can come across as being pragmatic. Additionally, in the readings I have carried out for people in business - I see this card as “big business” it normally represents a corporation. This card can mean that you may achieve great things.


Reversed Meaning - The Hierophant  When the Hierophant appears in a reading in the reversed position, you will have exactly the opposite experience. Instead of feeling compelled to follow a religious and spiritual order that is structured, you will feel more open or carefree. You will not feel weighted down by your earthly possessions because they do not own you. One caution to be aware of for the Hierophant reversed position is that you do not become overly superstitious, so much that it gets in the way of leading a happy and healthy life. The Hierophant in the reversed position can also signify being out of balance. Be careful of manic or overspending episodes, being too blunt or honest, or extending your opinion in areas where it is not wanted.

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