The High Priestess As Feelings

The High Priestess Tarot Love

The High Priestess As Feelings

The High Priestess is one of the most powerful figures in tarot. Despite her profanity-laced wisdom, she never settles for anything less than what she deserves. She can easily weed out the tepid and half-hearted, making sure that no one's time is wasted on anything less than what she finds fulfilling. There is no better companion than the High Priestess to help you tap into the true power of her archetype. Besides teaching you how to access your own inner wisdom, she will also show you how to never settle for anything less than what ignites your passions. She's tired of wasting time with people who refuse to work on relationships ---, and she won't give second chances. Drawing her as feelings is indeed a powerful ally to turn to a High Priestess for guidance on your journey. These qualities I am explaining are about YOU and how you see love right now.

She will not accept anything less than her deserved respect and she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. No matter what obstacles we face, her wisdom can show us how to move forward with grace and strength. In a world full of half-hearted attempts at success, the High Priestess reminds us that we are more powerful than we can imagine. Our dreams can become a reality with her guidance.

We are reminded by the High Priestess to never settle for anything less than joy and fulfillment. By staying true to our inner wisdom and never backing down from a challenge, she encourages us to follow our dreams. Her presence gives us courage and confidence to take on the world. Tarot's High Priestess teaches us not only how to access our own inner power, but also how to strive for something greater, no matter what. Her guidance reminds us that we cannot and should not settle for anything less than our dreams.

If you are carrying out a “feelings” spread and you draw the High Priestess tarot card, it could mean they see you as standoffish, secretive, insightful and intuitive person. It may also mean that they trust your inner knowledge and understanding to make wise decisions. Their perception of you may be one of wisdom and spiritual insight, indicating a deep connection and understanding between the two of you. 

As human beings we often use the phrase “it is what it is” this is often used to express a kinder, more compassionate perspective on life, acknowledging the love situation we find ourselves in. For feelings, it often refers to karmic balance and fate - where we must accept what is rather than shrink away from it or feel compelled to strongly disagree. When discussing difficult topics, I often use this phrase as a way to keep things in check and remind myself that sometimes there are no solutions - only acceptance. Taking a step back allows me to look at the situation objectively, without snapping at those who may be struggling around me. It's also a way for me to remain humble, ensuring that I keep the big picture in mind. In the end, "It Is What It Is" is a statement of acceptance and surrender to whatever life throws at us, allowing us to move on and continue our journey.

The High Priestess: His feelings towards you?

His thoughts for you when drawing her in a feelings spread, the high priestess is a fascinating card. I see the high priestess as a symbol of our intuition and subconscious mind. Her strength and femininity are also powerful symbols. In the case of females pulling this card for his feelings, he find you an intriguing person. The high priestess connects you to his or her secret feelings and often 

The High Priestess: Her feelings towards you?

She often wants to hide her feelings from you.  In some sense, there is a connection, but personally I believe that we can all be dark and hidden, it means this person wants to keep quiet and not divulge what she really feels. The secret messages, forbidden texts, and diaries of how this person feels are not being revealed at the moment, but she finds you intriguing and patience means that she has time to work out what is inside.

The High Priestess: Ex Boyfriend, Ex Husband, Ex Girlfriend or Ex Wife's feelings for you

Ex partners are always difficult when we carry out a reading about feelings. We normally lean into the messiness of the situation, often things escalate. We realize that we don’t need to settle for what we had before. We also feel somewhat empty about a past lover. In my view, for ex partners the High Priestess card is an indicator of intrigue and inner knowing. It may indicate that there are still some unresolved issues between you, or that they are keeping their feelings to themselves. It is also possible that the feelings they harbor (maybe angriness) for you still remain, but are hidden away, if the High Priestess card is drawn I do feel they still think about you. Consider how best to move forward with this relationship if you feel there is unfinished business.

The High Priestess: How Someone Sees You

As the personification of knowledge, the High Priestess tarot card depicts a mysterious and wise figure, look on my card of the flowers that frame her face showing that she is sweet but also full of mystery, as she taps into her own intuition, she can guide your decisions to gain a deeper understanding of the world around you. They know you can discover hidden depths, discover spiritual truths, and expand your love life. You may be perceived by others as a source of wisdom and guidance as the High Priestess. It might be that people come to you for advice on important matters, believing that your insights will assist them in making decisions that are in their best interests.

The High Priestess As Feelings - My Conclusion

Symbolic of listening to one's inner voice, trusting instinct, and believing in one's abilities, the High Priestess signifies that they find you a closed book, unable to communicate your own feelings. They are normally hungry for a relationship and they don’t feel “safe” or “secure” in this relationship as it is always so up and down. I often see this card appearing when things are not set in stone.

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