Yoni superstitions

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A Yoni is a Thai amulet that is penis shaped.

The reproductive organs of both a male and female carry a powerful statement. These amulet's are associated with protection and hidden powers. There are different types of amulet's, from those that are short which are worn on one’s body to those that are several feet long.

The Yoni is believed to have originated from the Hindu god called Shiva, originally from Cambodia the symbol was taken to Thailand by the tribe of Khmer. The Thai people believe that the god Shiva took the form of Linga and was represented as the male genitalia. Though in some instances the god was accompanied with Yoni which was also known as the male genitalia. The two are believed to be perfect epitomes of unity and the powers of destructions as well as creation. In Hinduism the Yoni is known as the female Vulv which is shaped as a basin. The gods were believed to have control over fertility.

In Thai the penis amulet is seen commonly in shops and even though considered offensive to visitors this was a holistic symbol that represented two gods. For this to be put on display in the shop means that they believe this amulet will portray signs of luck. Such symbols were made out of wood, bones, metal ivory and even horns. And this was done specifically by monks who actually specialized in performing these tasks. The symbols had some sacred writings upon them and were considered to be used in ritual activity.

Sometimes the symbols would be inscribed with animal symbols. These symbols (such as the monkey is the photo above) have specific superstitious implications. For instance some animal symbols were meant to bring close and intimate linkage between the gods and human beings. Men would wear the monkey penis shaped to enhance their chances of winning in a gambling scenario or where a man wanted to attract women to increase good luck. By wearing these symbols it was believed that they would protect one from the dangers in life. Women would also carry these symbols in their purses to protect them from dangers like mugging and rape. Shop owners would also put them into their cash boxes to bring good luck and increases sales.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012