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A rite of passage ritual done for a woman that is or has transitioned into her crone years.

This is a positive affirmation ritual done for wisdom and respect of the elder as well as so that others can share with her during her time of transitioning.

This ritual enables the one who is going into her croning years that she is on her path and often will also establish a place for her as an elder within a group or coven. 

To dream of croning suggests you are ambitious and powerful, even sometimes worried about the future. This can also mean that you have someone like this in your life.

What is a crone?

A crone is usually another word for an old women. This woman is often considered somebody who is wise.

The clone is very similar to what is known as a hag. This reference to the clone is rather rare. This word is more likely to appear in ancient Wicca readings. In some instances this has been associated with the dark goddess. For what we might refer to as the dark of the moon. If we now looking to spiritual circles and croning, there is rituals based on personal power and freedom in life. In this sense, the croning is associated with the actual ritual itself. The word β€œcrone” was first used back in 1390 which is French in origin. 

In Wiccan traditions the godess is often known as either a crone, maiden, mother or a high priestess. She is often associated with being the female counterpart of the horned God. This in this spiritual belief the crone is associated previously, with being a girl who is either old and wise. If we look at meaning of a maiden this is generally a virgin woman who is untouched or not awakened spiritually. The maiden is all about you from ideas enthusiasm and new beginnings. However, the crone  is connected to more focused spiritual connection. 

The crone is the next phase of the maiden's life. In that she now reaches spiritual enlightenment. The process of croning, allows a maiden to be changed into the more wise spiritual being. Therefore, the crone element is the final stage when the maiden turns in to the wise woman this ritual is normally conducted in winter to signify the dying of the maiden. Additionally, this ritual is normally carried out in the warning of the moon. 

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012