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A universal representation of a person or item. Ex. Mother Goddess archetype.

If one is wearing a necklace, a veil and a white dress they would become the archetype of a bridge. Therefore, this is considered to be known as a perfect representation of something or someone.

Archetypes are important when seeking to understand the pagan and witch. Carl Jung considered that archetypes are people, actions or even individuality. In magic it is thought that you can use the energy of a fictional character to broaden your intentions.

Jung advised that the psyche consists of a few components: pride, the individual as well as the collective subconscious. In accordance with Jung, the vanity symbolizes the particular mindful brain even though the personal unconscious includes memories, including folks recently been under control.

The particular group subconscious can be a unique component for the reason that Jung thought that this part of the mind and body dished up like a kind of emotional gift of money.

It contains all the knowledge and also experiences all of us reveal being a types. Archetypes are unlearned and performance to arrange the way you expertise some things. Jung determined four key archetypes, but in addition considered that there is no restriction towards the quantity that may exist. Every person is an archetype that represents the bridge from the unconsciousness as well as the conscious.

Let’s for now consider Freud’s theory of personality.  Freud was very much focused on writing about egotistical dreams. He believed that  the ego was represented in one dreams,  additionally, these people maybe family, strangers or friends but have a deep meaning to a person. Freud believed that all dreams contain part of our ego. In his writing he suggested that everything is  inherited. When we are born we all have motives. The motives are called the libido, so in the future the libido is satisfied through pleasure stop the objective of the ego is to moderate pleasure.  This theory of personality seems to work alongside the theory of archetypes.  one must control the mind in order to be expressive. 

Freud  further writes about psychoanalysts. He believed  the external world and self-preservation. It is focused on process information. Thus, the mind is an archetype for the ego. 

These archetypes  normally connected through meditations in order to help  one’s life. 

Many people take on each of the twelve types of archetypes through  meditation in order to uncover their strongest elements.  the understanding of each archetype will grow with each meditation.

There are twelve names that are sacred as follows:

The Inner child

The child ego is centred around the most inner child that we all have.

If you strip away a person and you look at them right down to the core you will see the divine child.  This is a symbol because no matter how old we are we still remember the child within.  Our childhood is very important to the way we are formed as adults. A disturbed childhood can often lead to problems in later life.  By meditating on the inner child providing comfort one can start to heal and accept the way life has been.  This is a powerful symbol. Often acting as a gateway to the rest of the archetypes that are part of man. Development of the divine child is separation from the mother.  we all start by being part of the mother, that person is us in essence. At some point in our lives we need to separate, become an individual.  Many adverse criminal acts are associated with how man views the mother.  The divine child is powerful and the meditation surrounding the child is focused on knowing oneself. There is also a focus on children growing up too soon. The whole point of the divine child is to meditate how we were in the beginning.

  • The lover
  • The warrior
  • The Trickster
  • The green man
  • The guide
  • The craftsman
  • The destroyer / challenger
  • The magical
  • The king / Elder
  • The healer
  • The sacrificed one

Jung believed the above were different types of ego types.

Each one is associated with one’s personality. Therefore, in life we are defined into the following ego types. 

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012