Rune Stone Meaning of Wunjo, or Wyn known as JOY!

It is a rune that is considered sacred to Odin, the god of wind and spirit. When it’s on the right side, Wunjo is considered to be a rune of emotions and all kinds of materialistic achievements in one’s life through attentiveness and carefulness. It also suggests living your life in high comfort with positive energy, and the circumstances are changing for the good in your life. Peace, happiness, good health and joy are the main ingredients in a happy life.

This rune also gives indications of your wishes getting fulfilled. At this time, when everything is well, it’s time to re-analyze all your plans, goals, and missions, for now, happiness, with all the positivity, has entered your life after a bad phase, so this needs to be used nicely. But if it's reversed, it's not a good sign. It clearly signifies the difference of opinions and the negative and bad changes that are about to happen in your life, so it should be considered a true warning signal to troubles coming into your life.

Wunjo is also known as Wyn. It means “joy” in general. This is a great to have in reading enduring that things are going to be fine in life. 

The general meaning of the rune stone Wyn?

Wunjo is also known as Wyn is the last rune in the family Fehu and stands for happiness, love, relationships, good health ­and wealth. It appears to prove the importance of feelings and emotions over materialistic wealth and possessions. However, the reversal denotes obstacles and a wrong path toward happiness, joy, and superficial life goals. This rune symbolizes general success and spirituality. It appears in order to remind you of spirituality and positivity. The reversal, on the other hand, should help you overcome your personal limitations and face your hidden fears.

Key Concepts 

Joy, Family, Positivity, Relations, fulfillment, Good wishing, Friends, Co-operation, Optimistic, Happiness, Idealistic.


Positivity, Content, Fulfillment, Like-minded people, Positive thinking.


Combination of all positive energies, True friendship, Zero hesitation.


Get-togethers, Relations, Cultural Events, Society, and Friends.


Joy, Achievements, Warnings, Fulfillment, Issues, Ignorance towards dangers, Isolation, Betrayal.


What does the Wyn Rune mean upright?

Now, let’s get back to the positive meaning of this rune stone. It also represents positivity and spirituality. So, you’re being reminded to re-establish the connection with your higher self and awaken your spirituality. Practice yoga or meditation if you want to reconnect with yourself and become fully aware of your physical and mental state. Also, if you feel sad or anxious without any special reason, you should do some soul-searching in order to find out what’s really bothering you. Once you do, figure out a way to deal with it, and break free.

If you got this rune stone, you’re probably very sensitive, which some people consider a bad character trait. That’s why some of your friendships and relationships didn’t last as long as you thought they would and deep down inside, you know that this played a part in some of your breakups and broken connections with people. However, that’s who you are.

You shouldn’t feel guilty about being sensitive or apologize for it. If you do, it would be an apology for being who you are, which is absolutely unacceptable. Instead, keep doing what you’re doing and find someone who’s going to adore you for who you really are.

If someone doesn’t like something about you, it’s their problem, not yours. Never change for anyone. People who truly love you will never ask you to change. You will feel the need to change for them in order to become better for them. When a person worthy of knowing the best version of yourself comes along, you will know. However, this does not mean that you shouldn't work on yourself if you’re single at the moment.

On the contrary, if you’re single, you should work on yourself even more. Not to catch your fish in the sea but to become better for yourself and your loved ones. Working on yourself should be your first priority in life. It’s one of the most important achievements according to a book written by Robin Sharma entitled “The Saint, the Surfer, and the CEO”. A great book that can teach you many valuable lessons in life. However, rune stones have the same purpose. They’re supposed to help you make an important decision, share important advice or warn you about a possible danger, loss or failure. You just have to believe in their power.

The reversed meaning of the rune stone Wyn?

If you draw this rune it means that you’re an empath who’s going through something challenging. Or you’re going through issues with someone you love and feel very emotional at the moment. You’re a sensitive person by nature and little things upset you. You get upset easily but you don’t have a short temper.

That’s both bad and good. Bad because no matter how annoyed, offended or hurt you are, you will never express how you really feel and hurt the other person. Even when you’re dealing with people you dislike, remember to keep things to yourself. You never act careless or offend the people who’ve hurt you or offended you. Suppressing your emotions and holding your rage might be something you will do. However, it’s also a good one because you’re not careless. On the contrary, you’re very compassionate. And that’s what makes you special. You have a beautiful heart.

Now, as mentioned, the reversal of Wunjo represents walking the wrong path toward joy and success, obstacles on the road, and fake life goals. If you got this side of the stone, it means that you’re warned about possible danger. You’re probably doing something evil and bad in order to get something out of a situation or a person. This is a warning. However, it could also mean that you’re focused on the wrong things in life. Everyone has the right to choose what their life goals will be. However, the rune’s trying to remind you of the value of love, friendships and family. It’s trying to remind you of the value of inner peace, clear conscience, and happiness. It’s not suggesting that you should give up on your goals, career, or business. It’s suggesting that you learn how to balance things and redirect your focus on things that actually matter until it’s too late. Also, if you’re getting this side of the stone, you’re probably questioning your beliefs. In fact, you’re probably questioning everything in life. You’ve realized that you don’t have your own opinion on things аnd you want to form an opinion about everything based on your own judgment and emotions. Also, you’ve got a few fears that you will have to deal with. Facing your fears will get away from their power over you.

They could be mental barriers, family ties, friendships, hidden fears, emotional pain, toxic relationships, a broken marriage and so on. They can all slow down our personal development and progress. And no matter what limitation you have set for yourself, just remember that you have the power to end it. You can cross over your limitations and run free. You were born free. Don’t let anyone take your free will away from you. Not even yourself.

Once you overcome your mental barriers, your true potential will unveil. And you will become the best version of yourself. Until then, you will dwell in your comfort zone feeling bad for not having enough courage to take things into your own hands and realize your wildest dreams.


  • Positive thinking and wishing.
  • Realizing the importance and increasing the depth of relations.
  • Improved bonding.
  • Request for peace in relations for happiness.
  • Removal of isolation from life by mixing with others.
  • Gaining more happiness by true friendships.



By Florance Saul
Mar 13, 2013