Meaning of Sowulu

It is a rune which is considered sacred to Balder, the extremely beautiful god and the solar cycle. When it’s on the right side, Sowulu is considered to be a rune that symbolizes everything positive in one’s life. It is a happy sign signifying overall happiness and good sound health, and you may be richer and more self-confident, as all this really helps in boosting up one’s confidence.

This rune, being on the right side, is the best time to utilize the sun’s powers for knowing the unknown secrets and recharging your very own energies. It also highlights your creativity potential, your inner strength to stay united, and your navigational knowledge, which can be easily compared with the sailors. Sowulu is also considered to be possessing positive magical powers that can help people in many spheres of life achieve success, fulfill their dreams, etc. This rune in ancient times was also considered to be a sign for giving someone respect or honor. It shall give us the power of winning and help us connect to our inner voice. But if it's reversed, it's not a good sign for some people. It clearly gives a warning about your highly careless attitude. Due to this carelessness, you are facing all sorts of problems that will lead to sickness, which can be very dangerous to your life.

Sowulu is also known as Sigel. It means “sun” in general.

Key Concepts:

Guidance, Achieving goals, Achievements, Victory.


Totally, Unity, Completeness, Surprise, Eye opener, Spiritualism.


Sun, Inspiration, To do something, Supporting life.


Achieving goals, React, Flames, Passion, Self-confidence, Assurance, Support, Trust, Secret, Belief, Coolness.


Advice, Faith, Illusions, Failure, Guilt, Wrong advice, Missions, Bad decisions.


  • Achieving great results.
  • Attaining sound health and increase in spiritual thoughts.
  • Converting good ideas to your actions for others.
  • Improving the Chakras.
  • Achieving overall success with your own will power.
  • Getting enlightened with the help of positive advice.

Sowilo is the rune of the sun, might, strength, achievement, honourable acts, wholeness and success. Just like the sun, whose radiance entices the flower out of its bud, Sowilo brings radiance into your life and into your spirit. Just like the sun, that nourishes the crops in the fields and brings them to ripeness and harvest, Sowilo brings abundance and exuberance into your life.

When Sowilo shines upon you, it encourages you to feel invigorated and prepare yourself to meet the challenges ahead of you. It reassures you of your ability to overcome any obstacle and reach the achievements beyond it. Just as the sun rises each morning, Sowilo encourages you to rise and light the world with the heat of your resolve.

Sowilo reminds you that success can be achieved if you can summon the strength to strive for it. This success could come in many forms. For instance, spiritual success, material success, emotional success or success in your relationships.

Spiritually, Sowilo encourages you to strive for wholeness and the actualization of the true potential of your soul. Tune into the world and take your place in it as you seek out the best version of you that you can achieve. Place a coin in a homeless man’s cup. Buy fresh vegetables. Take dancing lessons. Skydive because you want to overcome your fear of heights. Take whatever steps you feel will make you a better version of you. Be bold in your steps but also remember that it is not the size of the stride that matters but the fact that you are moving.

Sowilo also shines upon you to remind you of the strength of your spirit. It appears in your life in order to remind you that your spirit cannot be broken. You must allow yourself to accept the cycle of life and ask yourself the questions that negative emotions do not allow you to. The setting of the sun does not prevent it from ever rising again. In this way, sadness does not mean that happiness ceases to exist and likewise failure does not mean the death of success. Keep the cycle of life held firmly in your mind and remember that you, too, shall rise again because your spirit shines like the sun.

Within your relationships, this stone encourages you to be the light that your loved ones can look to. Be, to them, what the sun is to the moon. Allow yourself to shine so brightly that your radiance radiates through them and gives them a radiance of their own. This is the time to lift them up and allow them to lift you up so that you can all strive for wholeness and success. Sowilo also encourages you to renew and invigorate relationships that may have faded over time and to be honest with the people that you care about.

Sól, the personification of the sun in Norse mythology, rides across the sky in a chariot. Your body, though much smaller than the spirit which inhabits it, is the chariot of your soul. Nurture your body and your health in order to have the strength to pursue wholeness and success. In Norse mythology, Sköll is the wolf that chases Sól in order to devour the sun. Lethargy, disease, negativity, and fatigue are the wolves that would seek to devour your sun. Escape them.

Sowilo’s merkstave is darkness. It signifies the obscuring of vision. Therefore, Sowilo’s merkstave warns you of the possibility of hidden intentions or goals. It warns you to ensure that your actions are noble and that you are not working to realise hidden agendas since this would be an attempt to obscure someone else’s vision. Instead, seek out opportunities to perform honourable acts and illuminate the lives of those around you. The karmic cycle lends credence to this. Darkness begets darkness and light begets light. Seek out the light and you shall stay bathed in its warm glow. Seek out the darkness and you shall be devoured by it.

It is easy to lose your way in the dark. Therefore, Sowilo also warns you to stay vigilant and ensure that no one is using you to advance hidden agendas or taking actions that would be detrimental to your success. You cannot allow yourself to be led astray from the path to your goals or have the truth hidden from you.

In this sense, Sowilo’s merkstave also encourages you to look within yourself in order to ensure that there is no darkness within you that would obscure your vision of the wholeness and success that you seek to achieve. This darkness could be in the form of negative emotions or unbalanced thoughts. You must seek stability within yourself in order to improve the light that shines through you. Remember that the sun does not shine through the murky water as easily as it shines through the clean, clear water.

Sowilo’s merkstave also warns against excessive ambition since this could easily turn into darkness that devours you. Even the sun scorches the earth if its heat is left unchecked. Seek your goals but do not sacrifice your values in order to achieve them. This would be the equivalent of emptying yourself in order to make yourself whole again. Each success that you achieve will not actually improve you. Instead, you will end up becoming a different being and perhaps, not a better one. To put this into perspective, take the paradox of the ship of Theseus. If you start a journey on a ship and replace all the parts of the ship before you reach your destination, have you arrived on the same ship that you started the journey on?

The pursuit of wholeness and well-rounded success is the goal. Not just the pursuit of success. Sowilo signifies the successes that are coming your way and encourages you to seek the betterment of the self. However, the pursuit of success is intoxicating and, without wisdom and a firm resolve, could become your downfall.

By Flo Saul
Mar 13, 2013