Rune Strength Uruz

By casting the Uruz rune you need to focus on your self-reliance. It is a time of being intuitive and you need to have more faith in your self and your own inner process. This rune is connected to cattle,  specifically the Ox. It represents inner strength, confidence, and is symbolic of our internal animal instincts.  This rune is sometimes cast for those people use strength in their jobs, such as a builder, laborer, or even those that appear to work in the military.

What does the rune stone Uruz mean? 

It means a total change which is somewhat unexpected. Strength is a key element when you cast this rune. On the surface, the rune indicates energy and subsistence in life. It may be that you have needed to preserve your own intentions. This rune is often drawn when we need to think about our own inner strengths from within. This will help fight off any depression or mood swings.  Many people meditate on this rune stone when they are looking for the associated strength needed to battle difficult situations in waking life.

This stone symbolizes power and strength. It also represents a fresh start, inner mental strength, will to achieve dreams, facing challenges and tireless fight for success. However, it symbolizes different things for each gender. For women, it stands for fertility. For men, it signifies masculinity and resolution. The reversal indicates powerlessness and weakness.

However, this rune also signifies untamed potential, speed, physical strength, and business success. If you get this rune, you will experience great things in the near future. Also, you are probably in great health. You never lack energy and determination, unlike most people.

This rune stands for good things such as wisdom, understanding, tenacity, courage, action, and freedom. It also predicts unexpected or sudden changes, usually for the better. Uruz symbolizes masculine potency and sexual desire. However, it also stands for weakness, lust, obsession, sexual domination, sickness, ignorance, misdirected force, and unpredictability.

If you got this rune, you’re probably a strong and powerful person. However, you’re feeling kind of empty lately. It’s probably because you’re focused on pleasing other people’s wishes and dreams and neglecting yours. Most of them are using your influence and power in order to achieve their personal goals. And you cannot say ‘no’ to their demands because you have a kind heart. You’re a generous person. However, everyone has their limits and some people have probably crossed yours. You feel like you can’t take this any longer and you shouldn’t.

It’s time to focus on your own happiness, distance yourself from toxic and selfish people and find out what you’re really passionate about. This rune appeared to help you decide if it’s time for a new beginning, a fresh start somewhere far away, where you will be able to be yourself without worrying about other people’s lives and their life problems. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and decisions. You cannot help people who don’t want to help themselves. Also, this rune appeared in order to remind you how it felt to fight for a goal that’s bigger than yourself. It showed itself to help you overcome obstacles and challenges.

However, did you know that some stones have a different message for different genders? This one is one of them. As I mentioned before, if you’re a woman, a girl or simply identify as a female in some aspects, this rune appeared to remind you of your fertility or boost it.

If you don’t feel like the maternal type, you’re probably wondering if what you’re feeling is right. Yes, it’s absolutely okay not to want kids. They’re not the purpose of life as you have been taught your entire life. Having a child can be a delightful, irreplaceable and beautiful experience, however, you shouldn’t feel guilty if you have different goals in mind right now.

This rune should help you understand that you’re not supposed to rush things in life. Do not follow society’s rules when it comes to your private life choices. Do whatever feels right at the moment. Never feel guilty about not wanting to do something your heart tells you that you aren’t ready for. On the other hand, if you feel ready for it, go for it. Can’t you notice that runes support their intuition and encourage them to trust their heart's desire? And if they do not, they will probably face the consequences of ignoring their instincts which is usually predicted by the reversal of a certain type of rune. And this one is not an exception.

The reversal of this rune stands for misdirected force, weakness, unpredictability, sexual domination, powerlessness, sickness and so on. As you can notice they’re all negative things that you shouldn’t ignore if you get the reverse side of this rune. Compare everything the front side stands for with the reversal. You’ll notice that ignoring the positive things leads to similar consequences such as the ones the back stands for. It’s all connected somehow.

You should tap into your potential and prepare yourself for success. This rune predicts a bright future, but only if you stay on the right path. Also, it’s acknowledging your excellent health and well-being. You’re never tired, no matter how much attention and effort you put into your professional and personal goals. However, be careful. You don’t want to drain out all of your energy at the beginning of your journey. One lesson that this rune should teach you is that balance is key for happiness. If you learn how to balance your life, you will learn how to enjoy it. I still remember what my middle school fitness teacher said once while we were running circles around the schoolyard: “those who force themselves at the beginning and don’t maintain their speed, always end up last and never finish the race as winners”.

I also mentioned that this rune has a special message for all males and those who identify as such. If you’re a man, a boy or identify as a male in some aspect, this stone wants to tell you something important. It’s associated with your sexual desire and masculinity.

Instead of using your authority to suppress other people’s wishes and prove to them that you’re stronger and better, use your gifts and abilities to encourage them, motivate them and inspire them to become better people. Also, never suppress your sexual desire and feel guilty about what your heart desires. This stone should help you decide whether you’ll lose yourself in the process of maintaining the ideal public image or take full responsibility for who you are and embrace your feelings entirely. Your gut already knows what’s good or bad. Answer your inner calling and follow the path of your heart if you want to be truly happy.

Otherwise, what could’ve been your biggest strengths will become your biggest weakness. Sudden change is what this rune stands for. Don’t be afraid of changes but embrace them. Always remember that every life change, no matter if good or bad, happens for the best.

By Florance Saul
Mar 13, 2013