Meaning of Thor

This rune is sacred to Loki, the god of strength and power. When it’s the right side up Thor is considered to be a rune of negative changes. It can suggest a life full of problems, this rune is not a positive omen. It predicts many misunderstandings, fights, and thoughts of a diverse nature. Some people link this rune to Thor’s hammer. It also symbolizes unrealistic thinking.

One will gain strength by thinking about the past. In life, a thorn is sharp and dangerous to touch. That is why it denotes a negative meaning. It is associated with an undesirable situation that may just come and bite at an unknown time. Thor is also linked to the hammer of the Thor, the one that protects Asgard from the Thurses and demons. Therefore, its energies are an outcome of corrupt and violent rule, behind this rune is the secret of intelligence.

On a more positive note, Thor is also known as the god of strength and courage, a god that helped humans gain freedom from evil. It also denotes fertility in a way that it turns a hard rock-like surface into the ploughable land that signifies positivity and signs of life.

Curiosity and enthusiasm are the best mindsets when receiving this rune, instead of the mind filled with fear and animosity, it is vital to work in a positive mind-set. Think clearly to diminish dangers and allow more worthy ideas to flow freely to one’s mind and heart. Thor suggests avoiding a fight or misunderstanding, but also advises that if a conflict has already started, to have the determination to find peace. The message is to aim to finish problems with a positive approach – learn something from them. For this rune to come out reversed, it's not a positive sign. It signifies possible dangers.

Thor is also known as Thurisaz.It means “thornbush.”

The thorn rune represents Mjollnir, which is the hammer of thor. This is the god associated with thunder. In Norse folklore the hammer represents being a striker. Like Thor himself the rune is connected to the protection, vitality and also strength. The other important aspect of this rune is that it can represent misfortune and problems with success.

This rune can be viewed as a good and bad sign. It denotes conflict, defense, destruction, and reactive force, on one side, and fertilization, regeneration, vital eroticism and survival instinct, on the other. Thor symbolizes the inner will to change and change for the better.

Or worse, depending on how you feel at the moment. If you ever heard of Thor, you know that he was the god of thunder. This stone denotes life storm, betrayal, hatred, dullness, defenselessness, torment, danger, evil, malice, destruction, and strength.

However, if you got this stone, it means that you’re scared of certain obstacles or change that’s taking place in your life at the moment. You’re also guided by vengeance and hatred and it’s killing your soul. You’re probably feeling lost and numb. It’s a poison that comes with the reward of getting revenge and hating people who deserve your hatred. This is why this rune stands for depression, self-hate, and self-destruction. If you allow your inner demons to take over your spirit and guide your actions, you will become sad and helpless.

As mentioned, this rune can be considered as a positive and negative sign that predicts danger, destruction, evil, defenselessness, powerlessness, hatred and dullness. So, if you got the reversal of this rune, it means that you’re guided by these things. On the positive side, this rune denotes regeneration, survival instinct, and fertilization. This means that if you control your demons, you will give yourself a chance for a new beginning, regeneration, change, and rebirth. You will become more productive if you focus on yourself instead of focusing on the negative aspects of life and punishing bad people who’ve done you wrong.

If you got this rune, you’re probably doubting whether to listen to your gut and apply some major changes in your life or continue the path that you’re walking and live a domesticated life. Since Thor stands for changes, it appeared in your life to help you embrace change or apply them yourself. Don’t be afraid to jump into the unknown and enjoy the magic of life.

If you choose to live a simple domesticated life, you will not end up unhappy. However, you might end up full of regrets for not following your gut and bring excitement into your life.

Also, this rune should help you overcome a betrayal. So what if someone you trusted failed you? It’s not the end of the world. Every betrayal should teach you a lesson. But if you got this rune, you’re probably ignoring the lesson and wondering whether to forgive this person and welcome them back into your life or delete them from your every day and move on with your life. Your final decision should depend on your intuition. Everyone’s heart can sense if a person deserves their forgiveness or not. What does your gut say about this? Listen to it before you make the same mistake twice. And no matter your decision, remember that you should forgive and forget. Otherwise, you welcome evil and disappointment into your heart.

When it comes to love, if you got this stone, it means that you’re not certain if someone’s being completely honest with you about something that matters to you. You’re aware that every person has their secrets. And if you want to be a part of someone’s future, focus on making your present pleasant, instead of focusing on their past mistakes. Otherwise, you’ll lose the person forever. If you’re single and wondering if you will ever find a person who’s suitable for you, this rune is supposed to teach you an important lesson about single life.

Enjoy your solitude. Travel alone in order to know yourself better and give yourself some time to accept yourself for who you are, before you jump into a relationship. If you apply this lesson, you will learn that solitude isn’t that bad after all. Freedom will matter more to you than relationships. Not that being in a relationship doesn’t come with benefits and can make you happy. It’s just that people focus on their love life so much that they don’t have time to focus on themselves. They lose themselves while trying to find someone worthy of their love. Yes, romantic love matters. However, it’s not the most important thing in life.

When it comes to business, this rune should teach you courage and determination. If you notice that someone is treating you worse than you deserve, stand out for yourself. Don’t let people step over you in order to achieve their goals and feel better about themselves.

This stone should teach you that you’re worthy of respect and you should treat everyone with respect, except the people who treat you badly. Instead of getting revenge or act as they would walk away, rise above them using your unique talents and skills. This will teach them an important lesson: “You don’t have to ruin other people’s dreams to achieve yours”.

If you have family issues and wonder Thor’s advice about it, keep in mind that it stands for change. So, change the way you communicate with people and give them enough time, space and freedom to express themselves. Or give them the silent treatment. That’s also a type of statement about how you feel. If you’re in conflict with a family member and you’re the one who’s right, walk away and let them figure out why you left. And remember, don’t ever explain yourself to people when it comes to your personal choices and important decisions.

Another important thing you should pay attention to when you get in touch with this rune is your circle of friends. You’re probably wondering if you should share important secrets with a friend of yours. If your gut is telling you that this person can’t be trusted, trust it.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013