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Meaning of Thor

This rune is sacred to Loki, the god of strength and power. When it’s the right side up Thor is considered to be a rune of negative changes. It can suggest a life full of problems, this rune is not a positive omen. It predicts many misunderstandings, fights, and thoughts of a diverse nature. Some people link this rune to Thor’s hammer. It also symbolizes unrealistic thinking.

One will gain strength by thinking about the past. In life, a thorn is sharp and dangerous to touch. That is why it denotes a negative meaning. It is associated with an undesirable situation that may just come and bite at an unknown time. Thor is also linked to the hammer of the Thor, the one that protects Asgard from the Thurses and demons. Therefore, its energies are an outcome of corrupt and violent rule, behind this rune is the secret of intelligence.

On a more positive note, Thor is also known as the god of strength and courage, a god that helped humans gain freedom from evil. It also denotes fertility in a way that it turns a hard rock-like surface into the ploughable land that signifies positivity and signs of life.

Curiosity and enthusiasm are the best mindsets when receiving this rune, instead of the mind filled with fear and animosity, it is vital to work in a positive mind-set. Think clearly to diminish dangers and allow more worthy ideas to flow freely to one’s mind and heart. Thor suggests avoiding a fight or misunderstanding, but also advises that if a conflict has already started, to have the determination to find peace. The message is to aim to finish problems with a positive approach – learn something from them. For this rune to come out reversed, it's not a positive sign. It signifies possible dangers.

Thor is also known as Thurisaz.It means “thornbush.”

Key Concepts: Disputes, Troubles, Mental Problems, Chaos, Natural Calamities.

Psi: Male Aggression, Enthusiasm, Fight Against Inner Feelings Energy: Breaking Resistance, Self-Control, Curiosity, Self Defense.

Mundane: Fights, Weapons, Devices, Tools, and Struggles. Divinations: Compulsion, Dull Feelings, Sickness, Anger, Different Forces, and Conflicts.


  • Increased difficulties in life.
  • Enemies get destroyed, free from shackles.
  • Freedom of mind and spirit.
  • Healthy romantic relationships; high potency..
  • Clear view of future: events may be separated and attached.
  • Advised use of the mental ability.
  • Proper use of the brain for thinking realistically.

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