Meaning of Teiwaz

It is a rune which is considered sacred to Tyr, the lord of the heavens and the great war leader.

When it’s on the right side, Teiwaz is considered to be a rune that symbolizes courage, bravery, and the ability to make favorable decisions at crucial times. Teiwaz is a rune that is focused on inner power and determination. This is a rune that normally appears when one is in the process of a career change. This rune indicates that one must have strength and courage in order to move forward in life.

This is also known as the spiritual warrior rune stone. In spite of any doubts that you may have about success in life there are a number of resources that are available in order to fight for your cause. This rune is connected to justice. There's some sort of deception that may be going on around you that you can discern by listening to your inner strength and intuition. It is important to close down projects and start new ones. Consequently, this rune indicates that signs and omens will present themselves and give you a message. Pay close attention to this message. It's important to remain flexible for the next month as they will surely be challenging times. In the reverse position this rune can be associated with one questioning the purpose of life. Rather than staying stuck in this apparent paradox, thinking clearly will ensure a number of possibilities are before you. It is important to not limit yourself to the mundane tasks of life, but be willing to explore other dimensions and possibilities.

Reversed meaning of Teiwaz 

The path can sometimes be blocked when Teiwaz appears in the reverse position. Many options need to be considered this might be due to a lack of discipline. The key reversal meaning of this rune is that the purpose of life needs to be ascertained. You may feel trapped and no understand your way out. You may have experienced some negativity recently and you want to end this, integrate this rune’s meaning in life and listen to the teachings from within.

Please Note: Despite Teiwaz being in an upright position or reversed this rune is associated with male or female influence stop take time to nurture yourself and feel your emotions.

Teiwaz is also known as Tyr. It means “try” in general.

Key Concepts 

God, Justice, Sacrifice, Balance, Rationality.


Respect, Correct attitude, Warrior.


Correct decisions, Giving up, Universal Order.


Clear, Right knowledge,Live by right principles, Calm, Peace.


Belief, Analyze, Honest, Loss, Biased, Loyal, Fair, Sacrificing nature.


  • Attaining the self-power to give up for others.
  • Improve your trust in your religion.
  • Improving your will power to pass positive and fair decisions.
  • Getting success in legal issues, struggles, arguments.

Tiwaz, the rune of Tyr the sky god, represents honor, victory, leadership, respect, authority, balance, self-sacrifice and strategy.

This rune’s significance as a symbol of victory is expressed in the Poetic Edda when the Valkyrie, Sirgdrifa, tells the hero, Sigurd, to carve the rune into his sword’s hilt and invoke Tyr’s name twice if he seeks victory. This rune signifies a coming victory in a situation or triumphs over an opponent. It implies that the time is right for bold actions and that victory is practically assured. It bodes well for business ventures and other actions within which victory can be attained.

Like the god Tyr, who sacrificed his hand to ensure that the wolf, Fenrir, stayed still long enough to be bound, this rune emphasizes the need for self-sacrifice in the pursuit of your goals and your higher self. In order to overcome the obstacles in your life that threaten to devour you, you must sacrifice a few of the things that you feel are important.

This aspect of Tiwaz ties into its role as a rune of strategy since the ability to determine what you need to sacrifice requires you to be able to discern your goals, the path to them, the qualities that will allow you to attain your goals and the things that will keep you from them. This understanding of yourself and the strategies that you need to put in place to achieve success will in turn allow you to know what things to cut out of your life. Like Tyr’s hand, they may not necessarily seem like negative things but they will always be things that will hold you back from your goal.

In Tyr’s case, the most visible sacrifice was his hand. This may seem like detrimental sacrifices to make if you only look at the superficial layers of his act. However if you look at the situation more closely, you will realize that Tyr was not really sacrificing his hand. In truth he was allowing Fenrir to inflict pain upon him and take a part of him that he used every day therefore he was sacrificing his own comfort for the greater good. This would in turn remove one of the barriers that may have stopped him from becoming an even greater leader and warrior later on.

This discernment of the nature of your sacrifice is what will make you a truly great leader. While others see the superficial layers of your sacrifice, you will be able to see beyond their limited horizons in order to understand how your sacrifice ties into the grand scheme of things. While others see the long hours that you put in at the office as a simple sacrifice of your time, you will understand that you are sacrificing your comfort to build a dedication that will carry you through the hard times in your life. You will perceive a future where the scope of your leadership has grown to the point where there are, simply, not enough hours in the day. When that future comes, you will be ready and victory will be yours.

The warrior’s rune also speaks of honor and the need to recognize the sacrifices of others. Steven Pressfield quoted the Spartans when he wrote that, “Any army may win while it still has its legs under it; the real test comes when all strength is fled and the men must produce victory on will alone.” You must show honor and respect the sacrifices of those who move when they are no longer able to. In this way, you will inspire the warriors who surround you and they will inspire and support you in return. Shield the warrior beside you when the arrows of adversity rain down upon him and he shall shield you when the sword of defeat swings down on you.

As a stone of balance, however, this rune reminds you that must seek an equilibrium within your life or your single-minded ambition will destroy you. This is because you cannot see the bigger picture if you always have blinders on. Seek a balance so that you may understand the ripple effects of your actions. Pursue your goals but keep your relationships and spirit healthy. Spare some time to appreciate the beauty of life. Live, laugh and love whenever you can. If you do not, you will win the battle, but the victory will be pyrrhic. It will come at too great a cost. After all, what is the use of riches if you have no one to share them with? What is the use of strength, if you have no one to protect? And, what is the use of courage if you have nothing worth fighting for?

The merkstave of Tiwaz represents over-analysis, unnecessary sacrifice, imbalance, conflict and the debilitation of the mind. This rune warns against over-thinking simple situations and adding dimensions to situations that are not complicated. It cautions you to analyze your strategies but avoids logical pitfalls that will keep you from accomplishing your goals or force you to make unnecessary sacrifices. Sacrifices prepare you for victory but unnecessary sacrifices deprive you of things that are not necessarily negative or that may have become beneficial to you in the future. This rune cautions against haste and encourages you to give careful consideration to your next steps. The battle is not won by charging forward blindly but by putting yourself in a position to seize all the opportunities that may present themselves to you.

Tiwaz’s merkstave also cautions against imbalance within yourself and within your life as this will deplete your energy and leave you in a position where you cannot actualise your strategies and strive for your goals. Maintain a healthy work-life balance. Eat well. Sleep adequately. Meditate and reflect upon the nature of your spirit. Take all the steps necessary to ensure that you are balanced and centered. This balance will rid you of negative energies. An aura of calm and serenity will spread over you and radiate into your life. Conflicts will dissipate in the face of this aura.

By Florance Saul
Mar 13, 2013