Rune The Unknowable

rune the unknowable

The blank unknown rune is one of those mystery runes that sometimes we gain when we need to pursue something in life.

This rune has no meaning in runestone definition or history. I have included this rune into this part of the site - as I do believe that it means you need to draw again and read the next rune with interest. 

The blank rune is known in many ancient books as Odin’s Rune. In some texts the name is "Wyrd" which means “weird” which is given to the Norns. In order to explain what this rune means I will now define what this rune means. There are many different schools of thought on if to use the blank rune or not in casting. The rune can be a sign that you need to really think about who is the master in your dream.

Maybe you are always watching what could happen next. Sometimes this blank rune has been cast away and told to be kept separately away from your other runes and that you should only use this rune of the other runes in your collection have gone missing. Do I agree with this? Yes, I do. In modern rune collections, since the 1980s - the blank rune has been added and it is not associated to have any real meaning and should not be used to cast your future. So If you automatically got this rune in a reading then try again. However, there is some meaning which I will outline below:

What is the meaning of drawing the blank rune?

When you pick this rune it can be associated with your own deep thoughts. The blank rune represents fate, connecting with others, destiny, progression and our knowledge that should not be hidden.

Even though most texts say you should redraw after getting this rune a small part of me believes that this rune should help you face our fears and challenge us in life. There is text about rune stones that urges us to review what you really want from life so draw again but think about casting the blank rune!

By Florance Saul
Mar 13, 2013