Rune Separation

Rune Separation

This rune is known as “Othala” 

Othala normally surfaces when we are dealing with issues regarding our homes.  This rune represent our material possessions and also prosperity life. There are certain fundamental values that are associated with this rune such as spiritual journeys and also guidance. The reversed meaning of this rune is difficulty finding a house to buy, homelessness and to some extent even difficulty communicating with others. 


Indicates strength but the need to be transparent in the face of adversity.


The energy of this rune is connected to seeing ourselves differently, inclusion, utopia and also spiritual guidance.


Interaction with others, freedom, being separate in life, being different, following your own car, not listening to others clearly, wanting the best in life.

“Though you know not where you are bound, may you know where you are from,” This saying of the Serer people encompasses the essence of Othala since Othala is the stone of inheritance, inherited property, heritage, tradition, nobility and the home. This is the rune that ties you to the people who have come before you and from whom you have received a life. It is yours not for you to own but to pass this life down.

This rune signifies a time of great success during which the prosperity of those who have come before you shall be passed down to you. Although it may mean an actual inheritance, it may also mean the inheritance of opportunity or attributes that will allow you to seize opportunities. Simply put this rune speaks of the people who stand behind you and from who you acquire assistance. This rune tells you that you are not alone and that you have a well of strength to draw from when the time comes to seize the day.

As the rune of the home Othala also seeks to remind you that you are safe within the encompassing walls of your homestead. When times get tough and you feel that you are about to give up, seek solace from the ones that you love. If you cannot, then find solace in the fact that there are people who love you and want the best for you. They stand beside you and urge you on.

Protect your home and your heritage. This stone encourages you to keep safe that which ties you to your roots. Listen to the ancestors, to the spirit, to the trees, to the animals. Listen to all the forces that come and speak to you. Do not lose your connection to the earth and to those who have come before you. This connection is the source of your strength. Whenever you feel like you have strayed too far from home or from your heritage, look up at the sky and remember that there are whole clans of people who have long since become stars. Do not deny your home or your heritage, no matter how far you feel you may have strayed from them. The doors of your homestead lay open to you. Wander back and feel welcome.

Othala also encourages you to live a life that leaves an inheritance for the future. Allow your actions to leave imprints that will survive long after you are gone. Entrust your knowledge and experiences to the world so that they may help someone else. Change a person’s life or change your own. Inspire the world around you and become a bastion to which people can turn when the world weighs down upon them. The actions that you conceive will be your children. You shall entrust your essence to them and allow them to carry it far into the future. Remember the Warega saying that children are like a dugout canoe, one day, they shall get you across the water.

As a symbol of the transcendence of the self, Othala also encourages you to seek spiritual enlightenment. Tune in to the universe and allow it to impart its wisdom to you. Aim for the cultivation of the mind, the spirit and the body. Balance your emotions and dispel all the negative energies from your life. Even energy can be transferred so if you hold onto the positives, you will project them onto the people around you. This will also be an inheritance that you have left behind.

As a rune that signifies the accumulation of knowledge and experiences, Othala encourages you to seek counsel from the past and those who have lived longer than you. It encourages you not to disregard the knowledge of the past but to adjust it to the present conditions. Instigating the evolution of your heritage is also a way of protecting it and ensuring that the advancement of time does not erode it. After all knowledge is not meant to be static. It is meant to be a living, breathing, shifting thing that changes its form as it grows, just as man is.

This rune’s merkstave represents immaturity, the loss of wealth, relationship trouble and lack of forethought when making decisions that affect the future. It encourages you to ground yourself in the past and the present in order to make sober-minded choices for the future. Do not be blinded by the glow of an uncertain future and immediately rush towards it. Rather, temper your haste with the wisdom of the past. You are not the first to be optimistic. The question is, will you leave an inheritance built upon the bad experiences that you have had to live through? Or, will you leave a foundation of forethought for those who will come after you? Do not ignore the counsel of the past or you risk the future.

It also warns you against breaking ties with your homestead since this will leave you open and unprotected against the harsh nature of the world. The lone wolf dies but the pack survives. Keep close to your pack and offer them your support. You shall need theirs. Be grateful for the relationships that you have and do your best to ensure that they grow and remain healthy.

However, this rune also warns against allowing your family or traditions to define you. Seek out your own way in the world and add a branch to the tree of your heritage. Always doing things the same way brings a sense of safety but adds nothing to the world. However, finding your true self will allow you to make the biggest contribution to the world that you can.

Beware of taking financial risks when this rune’s merkstave appears in your life. It signifies that it is not the right time to take risks since the loss of wealth is sure to come your way. Invest wisely and do not fall victim to fallacies and unsound arguments like the gambler’s fallacy that will leave you trapped in a cycle of losses that you cannot escape. Always keep the future in mind.

By Flo Saul
Mar 13, 2013