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Meaning of Nauthiz

Nauthiz is also known as Nyo. It means Need in general. It is a rune which is considered sacred to Norns, The Weavers of fortune, fate, luck and Nort, the Goddess of the night who converts nights into days. When it’s on Right side Nauthiz is considered to be a rune of high tolerance, specific limits and few limitations. It also denotes the basic needs, necessities with few emotions like depression, sadness, feeling of extensive tiredness and also feeling of something important missing. It also indicates the efforts you are taking in present circumstances. 

As we all know and understand that it takes a hell lot of patience and tolerance with loads of efforts to pass the bad phase in our life and it also advises us that we should never forget these efforts which we are taking as later in good times we shall remember this phase as a good lesson learnt forever. On the other hand, it should also be considered as a warning against lust and greed. This may prove to be dangerous for our happy life.

The main rule on which Nauthiz is based is directly connected with common sense. But nowadays common sense is one such thing which isn’t common anymore as our own wishes and expectations hides our actual requirements and the real situations. This rune also highlights the importance of creativity and reality.

But if it's reversed, it's not a good sign. It clearly advises us to be extra cautious when taking hasty and confused decisions and also suggests us to first think calmly about the issues and our responsibilities.

Key Concepts: Requirement, Struggle, Limitations, Issues, Attempt, Uneasy

Psi: Confrontation, Necessity, Attempt, Struggle

Energy: Requirement, Urgent, Evolution

Mundane: Daily routine work, difficult work, Aim to be completed

Divinations: Primary Truth, Universal law, Gaining power and strength, Stress, Self-reliance, Creativity, Cautions, Dependence, Grind, Hard work, Labor, Fault, Blame, Conscience, Confusion of needs, Omens, Advices


  • Successfully coming out of Grief or hardships
  • Accept circumstance which cannot be altered
  • Strong willpower to do the impossible
  • The power to love
  • Realizing your true needs
  • Safeguarding personal interests
  • Gaining positive power with high creativity skill
  • Strengthening your confidence

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