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Rune Opening

Meaning of Kenaz

Kenaz is also known as Ken and Kano. It means fire. The rune of an opening. This indicates that you will encounter a sense of understanding in life. There have been some difficult times recently, this rune suggests that the darkness that has been associated with your lie is soon to be lifted. This is a "freedom" rune. You are free to carry out and receive gifts and know the joy of life itself. Kano is also a name for this rune. It is connected to activities and being serious in life. There is also protection that surrounds this rune stone.

It signifies that the more light you have the better you will be able to anticipate changes and problems in the future. For relationships, this rune is associated with a mutual understanding with someone close to you.

This is a rune which is considered sacred to Heimdall, the great underworld watcher. Kenaz is considered to be a rune of new information and new knowledge after a bad phase of confusions and misunderstandings. Kenaz is also thought of as a torch which lights everything hidden inside us; it highlights our urge to create in life – especially with an artistic inclination. It also symbolizes a new ray of hope when we pass through a bad phase in our life.Thor is considered to be the main power by which the tools of power and success are created, and at the same time, Kenaz helps us use them for the creative purpose in our life. It also highlights the secrets of various kinds of changes and our strength and power to create them in the same way that nature does. The latest procedures are with artistic explanations for truth, but if it's reversed, it's not a good sign. It clearly signifies that we are not able to freely express our creativity.

What is the reversed meaning of Kenaz? There will be darkening of a problem, a friendship or relationship is on the rocks. There is something about yourself that has come to an end. There is also a warning of a serious illness; it can be anything from a fever, ulcers, or some other kind of physical problem. This rune is associated with a cycle of time. There maybe, re-growth or renewed energy in life and in a reversed position indicates that there will be a time where you need to develop yourself in proper time.

Key Concepts: Intuitions, Higher studies, Creativeness, Symbol of intelligence and learning, Varied skills, Honest, Reliable, Artistic inclination.

Psi: Clear thoughts, Insult, Inspection, Opinions, Good reasoning, Rational.

Energy: Enlightenment, Clarification, Makeover, Ability to teach and learn.

Mundane: Stars, Enhanced skills, Procedure, Institute.

Divinations: Ability to design things artistically with technical skills, Art, Alterations, Children, minor Illness, Decline, Low creativity, Overconfidence, Pride, Exclusivity.


  • Enlightenment when exploring your inner soul.
  • Eager to learn, Artistic motivations.
  • Going in search of the truth through different set patterns.
  • Studying for the hidden concepts to increase knowledge and gain information.
  • Realizing abilities and finally increasing them.
  • Witchcraft.
  • Giving importance to the inner soul.

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