Rune Fertility

Rune Fertility

Ingwaz is the rune of fertility. So what does it mean if you draw this in a reading?

The word “ing” is associated with creating something. With the creation we must have patience. Thus, the rune is a "seed" of something growing in life. There is also focus on the end of a cycle. The colours connected to this rune include browns and yellow - Autum colors. This rune indicates reaching a balance in life and the wisdom we need to grow and move forward in life.  

It is represented by the Norse hero known as Ing, the rune is also associated with the apple tree. Ingwaz is the guide that we have in our lives. This is normally drawn when we have worry and heartache. It is the rune that flows - telling us everything is going to be fine.

Ingwaz is connected to our own inner power spiritually and it is associated with our own inner help and growth in life. Ingwaz is connected to our own richness in life and abundance. This rune stone is associated with “holding back” in life. it indicates that you have inner energy and the power for growth. Ingwaz brings us a message: hold back, do not rush into decisions. The rune is connected to being patient. There is focus on inner growth a problem or situation. This rune feels like one is gathering the force within, it represents male and female energy and dark forces at work. You must be patient and wait when this rune is drawn. Ingwaz is also connected to development and the focus on the universe and in time things will work out.

As we mentioned in the opening paragraph, Ingwaz is also connected to energy in life. It is a rune of the main god named Ing. The Goddess in connected to Frey. Basically, this is associated with fertility, and Ingwaz is the male counterpart to the Berkano rune. The one take away from this meaning is that there is transformation at work. There is all aspects of life the is to be transformed. In some respects this rune represents the depths of patience and ending in life. You will become stronger if you chose this rune.

Key Concepts:

Patience, Experience, Power, Inner Calm, Help from others, 


Positive energy of the universe


This rune does not release any energy. Patience, fertility, seeds, growth.


Lack of direction and boring times.


Energy, Patience, Chaos, Strength.


  • Through chaos you will become stronger.
  • Single bursts of energy.
  • Being alone, feeling lost.
  • Personal growth and inner child.
  • Resting with each other.
  • Moving ahead and immaturity.
  • Energy that must be stored and patience.

The rune Ingwaz is a rune that represents fertility, virility, growth, approval, family, home, periods of harmony, gestation and rest.

Imagine a seed. The seed starts out small, an embryo enclosed within a shell. Unable to do anything, the seed lies in wait for the conditions to change in its favor. When they do, it bursts out of its shell and spreads its roots deep into the earth. As its roots grow, they probe the surrounding obstacles for weak points through which to penetrate. They take their time and grow inch by inch. Eventually, the seedling transforms into a tree. Its roots become capable of splitting rocks and lifting entire sections of road. Finally, the tree matures and releases seeds of its own. Weak little embryos that are unable to do anything. Weak little embryos that are destined to grow into great trees. Named after Freyr, the god of fertility, this is the power of Ingwaz. This is the power of the rune that reflects the potential within you.

The presence of this rune in your life indicates the fertility of the ground upon which you shall cast your seeds and upon which the seed, that is you, shall be cast. This rune indicates a time of great potential headed your way and encourages you to prepare yourself for its arrival. Lay the groundwork for endeavors and relationships that you wish to see grow and trust yourself to be able to nurture them.

This rune also signifies a period of great fertility for the mind and the spirit. This is the time to conceive and contemplate the nature of the self. Your mind and spirit are fertile and ready for you to plant the seeds of enlightenment within them. Take the time to meditate and seek out the revelations that are hidden within you. This is the time to read a book or pen the first chapter of your novel. This is the time to think of ways to improve the standard operating procedures at your workplace. This is the time to think of unique ways to show appreciation to your significant other. This is the time to improve yourself and the world around you. Water the seed of thought and watch it take root within you. Birth the next great idea that will grow into a great storm of positive change.
As you implement your positive changes and ideas, watch as they spread and become the ideas that overcome obstacles. Your ideas will remove obstacles from your path and from the paths of others. In this way, you shall be the progenitor of a period of rest and peace within your own life and within the lives of others. In turn, this sense of rest and peace will allow you the opportunity to work on your relationships with the people around you. This common bond will create a sense of harmony within yourself, your family, your community and beyond.

Eventually, your contributions will lead to the recognition of your efforts by others. Your small seed will have grown into a mighty oak that no one can ignore. You shall finally be appreciated and you shall inspire others to plant seeds of their own. Your acts will create a ripple of change that will be felt by everyone around you. In this way, you shall become the first tree in the whole forest. The pillar-tree from which the forest radiates outward and spreads to cover the world.

Ingwaz also encourages you to strengthen your ties to nature and to the earth. Remember the Kikuyu saying that goes, “The earth is the mother of all that moves, and is the common bond between the generations that have been, are and are to come.” Walk with Mother Nature and allow her to guide you and infuse you with the serenity necessary to be able to reach your higher self. After all, the Fulani says that “If the animals walk upon the walking earth, why should you not walk also? Follow their example and seek simplicity within your emotions. Do not overcomplicate situations or taint yourself with negative emotions. Be like the animals, content to breathe the air and feel the touch of the wind upon your skin as you advance towards your next waypoint in life.

This rune also bodes well for your energies since it signifies the presence of an abundance of vigor. It represents a period of virility, strength and good health. Capitalise on this period to get in shape, join a sport club or engage in physical activity. Eat healthily and make positive lifestyle changes in order to maintain and enhance this strength. It is also a positive indicator for you sexually and presents a good opportunity for you to seek out intimacy or to enhance your levels of intimacy with your partner.

This rune cannot be drawn reversed or merkstave but can lay in opposition. In this form, it signifies impotence, lack of change, loss of drive and powerlessness.

When in opposition, this rune warns you that you may encounter a period of dissatisfaction within which things will not seem to grow. You may try to initiate forward movement but will be unable to sustain it. You will feel powerless and your levels of positive energy will drop. In the event that this happens, focus on the improvement of your connection with yourself and nature. Remind yourself that gestation is part of the cycle of growth and rebirth and that you have not failed, you just haven’t succeeded yet.

This rune also warns you against willingly allowing your energies to wane or allowing other people to put you in situations that negatively affect your energy. Remember the necessity of sacrifice and do not allow people to derail you no matter how tempting their offers are. Ensure that you take your steps forward no matter what is going on around you. This is not the time to lose your forward momentum. If you do, you will create your own impotence. Steel your resolve and power through.

By Flo Saul
Mar 13, 2013