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Gain a accurate rune stone reading

Gain a accurate rune stone reading

Meaning of Raidho

This rune is considered sacred to Thor, the God of strength, power and thunder.

Raidho is considered to be a rune of important changes and personal development. This rune means communication. There is normally a situation that has two sides.


There will be much activity in all spheres of your life. This rune highlights the development of moving spiritually from one place to another. It is also a rune that implies possible distant journeys.

These travels or journeys can be either spiritual or work-related. But what is important here is whatever kind of journey taken, it will bring positive change in life. This is a great time to makedecisions.

Raidho is considered to be the rune of “living one’s life” in an organized style.

Thus, it may be advised to organize the home or your personal possessions.

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This rune actually helps us take care of our life on a day-to-day basis. When you begin to get serious with Raidho, you will see the change yourself and you might start giving importance to your personal space.

To live your life in the present, you need to forget bad experiences and fears, and unless you leave the past, your present won't be able to shine the way you want it.

While travelling, Raidho is a great help, as it warns us about the hidden dangers ahead and if carried on the person helps encourage safe travel.

Raidho also helps us understand very clearly how to maintain a balance among our own rights and the rights of others.


It is also connected to leadership qualities. If this rune is reversed, it signifies delays and difficulties in travel plans and journeys.

This rune is also suggests that it’s time you understand the happenings in your life, and after a good review, try to incorporate them in your life.

Raidho is also known as Rad. It means “wheel.”

Key Concepts: Rituals, Self-Control, Movement in one’s life, Leadership, Decision-making power.

Psi: Self enhancement, Releasing from restrictions.


Energy: Activity, Motion, Spiritualism.

Mundane: Presence of mind, Reactions, Travelling, Day-to-day knowledge.

Divinations: Good healthy advice, Planned growth, Travel, Wrong Punishments, Hippocratic behavior, Dictating attitude, Fair to all.


  • Always follow your heart’s advice.
  • Live life in the present.
  • Take instant decisions with proper immediate actions.
  • Travel safe.
  • Have smooth and well-planned activities in life.
  • Know your limits.

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