Meaning of Raidho

This rune is considered sacred to Thor, the God of strength, power and thunder. Raidho is considered to be a rune of important changes and personal development. This rune means communication. There is normally a situation that has two sides. There will be much activity in all spheres of your life. This rune highlights the development of moving spiritually from one place to another. It is also a rune that implies possible distant journeys.

These travels or journeys can be either spiritual or work-related. But what is important here is whatever kind of journey taken, it will bring positive change in life. This is a great time to make decisions. Raidho is considered to be the rune of “living one’s life” in an organized style. Thus, it may be advised to organize the home or your personal possessions. This rune actually helps us take care of our life on a day-to-day basis. When you begin to get serious with Raidho, you will see the change yourself and you might start giving importance to your personal space.

To live your life in the present, you need to forget bad experiences and fears, and unless you leave the past, your present won't be able to shine the way you want it. While travelling, Raidho is a great help, as it warns us about the hidden dangers ahead and if carried on the person helps encourage safe travel.

Raidho also helps us understand very clearly how to maintain a balance among our own rights and the rights of others. It is also connected to leadership qualities. If this rune is reversed, it signifies delays and difficulties in travel plans and journeys. This rune also suggests that it’s time you understand the happenings in your life, and after a good review, try to incorporate them in your life.

Raidho is also known as Rad. It means “wheel.”

Key Concepts 

Rituals, Self-Control, Movement in one’s life, Leadership, Decision-making power.


Self-enhancement, Releasing from restrictions.


Activity, Motion, Spiritualism.


Presence of mind, Reactions, Travelling, Day-to-day knowledge.


Good healthy advice, Planned growth, Travel, Wrong Punishments, Hippocratic behavior, Dictating attitude, Fair to all.


  • Always follow your heart’s advice.
  • Live life in the present.
  • Take instant decisions with proper immediate actions.
  • Travel safe.
  • Have smooth and well-planned activities in life.
  • Know your limits.

If you pick the Raido stone, it means that your life will take a sudden turn or take a weird twist that you will not be able to understand at the moment. However, it will all turn out as it should in the end. This rune should teach you that life’s a journey and you are the leader in your world. Only you can change the path you’re walking and the decisions you’re making.

Raidho denotes determination, change, self-awareness, awakening, and acceptance of your true self. However, the reversal stands for lack of courage, fear, and low self-confidence.

This rune symbolizes traveling as well. Maybe you will change home or find a better job in a place where you least expected. You will learn that most times, changes happen to improve your life, and not ruin your peace, harmony or make you exit your well-known comfort zone.

This stone predicts self-acceptance. You will accept yourself for who you are аnd it’ll feel great and refreshing. Seeing the bigger picture will become your everyday habit. No one will be able to step on your nerves. Unimportant things won’t bother you as they once did.

You will finally listen to your inner voice, your personal rhythm and ignore what everyone else has to say about your life and behavior. However, you could also experience crisis or injustice since the reversal stands for delusion, disruption, irrationality, and destruction.

The Raidho rune is all about change, surprise, positive outcome and traveling. Getting this stone means that you’re going to become fully aware of your power, talents, and freedom.

Although you’re in doubt whether to listen to your gut or not, you know that in the end, it will turn out okay if you do. Otherwise, you will feel sorry for not listening to your heart.

If you get the reversal of this stone, it means that you should work on your self-esteem and get away from people who make you feel like you’re not worthy. Also, the only way to be truly happy is to accept yourself and face your fears. Instead of running away from the things that scare you, run towards them. This will boost your self-confidence. It will make you realize that fear isn’t real. If you acknowledge and face your fears, they lose their power over you. The reversal stands for destruction as well. Perhaps you’re in doubt whether to do something that can destroy your life or the life of someone else. This rune advises you to reconsider your decision and future actions. Instead of focusing on revenge, hurting and destroying, focus on helping, creating and achieving your own dreams and goals.

If you got this rune, you’re probably feeling uncomfortable in your comfort zone. You have come to the realization that you want more than life. This rune appears when someone needs an extra push to dive into the unknown and make something more out of their life. If you got this rune, it means that there’s a long way of adventure, awakening, and a road ahead of you. All you need to do is gather the courage to make the first step toward your future.

When it comes to love, this rune denotes delusion. Maybe you’re in love with someone who’s unworthy of your trust and love. This person is probably abusing your generosity, kindness, and love. He or she is trying to get the best out of your relationship without investing any time, attention and emotional support. You’re being taken advantage of. And if you wonder if you should put an end to this relationship without a future this rune advises you to do it.

If you’re single and got this stone, it means that you’re scared of growing old alone. First and foremost, you shouldn’t be afraid of anything, especially this. Second of all, the reason why you’re looking for someone to love you is the lack of self-love and self-acceptance. And since this stone represents self-acceptance among other things, it advises you to do a soul searching in order to realize what a beautiful, amusing, smart and resourceful person you are.

Once you accept yourself and love yourself for who you are, love will come unannounced. If you achieve a higher level of self-acknowledgment and self-acceptance, you will also realize that love isn’t the most important thing in life, Working on your goals and knowing yourself is. If you’re having some troubles at home with a family member and wonder if this grudge will ever end, this rune advises you to sit back and relax. Let time decide who should leave or stay by your side. Instead of convincing them of your good intentions, focus on yourself.

The reversal stands for crisis and injustice, as mentioned. The meaning of this is that you might experience injustice. However, you should learn a lesson from this experience instead of letting it get to your heart. Instead of getting disappointed, fight for what’s right. Make an example of how people should deal with injustice. You will doubt whether to take things into your own hands or let authorities fix your problem. If you got this stone, the answer is very simple: Do what you feel is right. Every person knows what’s right or wrong so do the right thing.

Otherwise, you’re nothing different than the negative guys and those who do evil things.

No matter how things turn out for you, remember that life throws at you as much as you can handle, no more, no less. Also, keep an eye on your friends and family in case someone needs your help and advice. If you got this rune, it’s possible that you consider yourself as a person who doesn’t do much for their family and friends. You’re wrong. On the contrary you always give your best to make other people happy and you never put yourself first. Maybe it’s time to take a little break and recharge your batteries someplace calm.

By Florance Saul
Mar 13, 2013