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Meaning of Perthro

It is a rune which is considered sacred to Frigg, the mother of everyone in this universe.

When it’s on the right side, Perthro is considered to be a rune that symbolizes mystery and things which we assume, but are not the same as they appear to be. Perthro tells us that it’s still not the right time to feel the unwanted or undesired, and we should start living in our present and feel satisfied with what we have. Perthro also denotes a female giving birth to a new life.

It also highlights the natural game that is always being played between our desires and our luck. For this reason, Perthro is also known as the rune of surprise or shock.

What does perthro mean reversed? But if it's reversed, it's not a good sign for some people. It clearly gives us a warning about the unknown happenings that will soon be known to all, and their results, good or bad, shall also affect everyone equally. Perthro is also known as Peorth. It means “hearth” in general.

Key Concepts: Fate, Luck, Evolution, Universe.

Psi: Prediction, Forecast, Art of foretelling, By chance, Magic, Unknown.

Energy: Unclear, Unnoticeable, Mistakable, Important changes, Fate, Emptiness.

Mundane: Forecasting, Predicting, Betting, Bookmaking, Casual or Unplanned happenings.

Divinations: Lack of progress, Fictional, Psychic or emotions related issues, Lucky predictions, Happiness, Companionship, Changes, Destiny, Tragedy, Calamity, Unproductive.


  • Creating favorable situations.
  • Betting, trials, taking chances and the art of prediction.
  • Depending more on fate.
  • Relying more on the rune’s power.
  • Manipulating the effects.
  • Analyzing the orlog and wyrd.

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