Nauthiz Rune Stone Meaning

Nauthiz is also known as Nyo. It means "Need" in general. Let me explain further, this is one of the oldest runes in the Elder Futhark alphabet is Nauthiz. Throughout history, it has been widely used and is believed to have originated from Proto-Germanic origins. The ancient Norse word "Nauthiz" literally means "need" or "distress." It is often interpreted as a call to action or a call to perseverance in difficult times. Here a quick overview of what it means to draw this rune stone:

  • Reflecting on the past brings insight.
  • Having hope for brighter days ahead.
  • Coming out the other side of darkness stronger than before. 
  • Recognizing and dealing with our own personal suffering.
  • Realizing that life can be difficult, painful, and sorrowful at times.
  • Learning from our pain and hardships in a healthy way.
  • Taking time for self-care and reflection.
  • Finding peace within ourselves by embracing our emotions.

Nauthiz Rune Stone General Meaning

I now want to explain the key meanings of this rune stone. Nauthiz represents the hidden things and pain, indicating that you need to focus on overcoming problems in life. Think about this --- if you do not resist something then things may go wrong. Nauthiz often shows up in a rune reading when we have to learn things in life. Learn from our mistakes.  It is a rune that is considered sacred to Norns, The Weavers of fortune, fate, and luck, and Nort, the Goddess of the night who converts nights into days.

When it’s in the future position Nauthiz is considered to be a rune of high tolerance, specific limits, and few limitations. It also denotes the basic needs, and necessities with few emotions like depression, sadness, feeling of extensive tiredness, and also the feeling of something important missing. It also indicates the efforts you are taking in the present circumstances.
I want to share with you that in a rune stone reading can interpret the Nauthiz rune stone as the challenges that must be overcome to progress. It can mean achieving desired results requires adjustments and changes. The rune is also associated with karmic debt and the idea that hardships are necessary for learning and growing. It can also serve as a reminder to stay open to new experiences and embrace life's uncertainties, which often lead to growth.
Overall, Nauthiz is a powerful rune that speaks to the idea of strength in adversity. It encourages perseverance and reminds YOU that the most difficult times can be attended by growth and personal transformation. In rune stone readings, Nauthiz can provide guidance on how best to cope with present difficulties and find ways to move forward in life. I won’t say it is a negative rune but indicates that things will become all important in life. 

Nauthiz is my favorite stone of the second family because it highlights our wishes or heart’s desire. Even though you will read in many rune books, this rune indicates pain, I feel it is a refreshing change as deep down it symbolizes hardships or desperate circumstances that a person must handle and resolve. Remember we all learn from crappy times.

Nauthiz appears in order to make you realize that life is worth living or to make you acknowledge what’s worth fighting for and what’s not in life. In my readings, this run provides us with a lesson about survival and living, in general. It denotes need. Something you feel or need needs to be addressed. The main rule when drawing Nauthiz is based is to listen to your heart --- use common sense. This rune also highlights the importance of creativity and reality.

Nauthiz In Love And Relationships

We face challenges in love when we are dealt the Nauthiz rune stone in readings. Some keywords that I associate with this rune are: Fear, anxiety, depression, and guilt can all be associated with the situation. Looking within yourself is the key to overcoming your doubts and anxieties about love. Even though things may be difficult right now, we can still move forward and create a better future even when things are difficult.
Drawing this rune will alert you that if you truly learn and grow from your love experiences, you must be willing to take responsibility for your actions and mistakes and forgive yourself and others. Even when there are difficult times in relationships, it is important to see their positive aspects. As Nauthiz shows us, love is a powerful force that can help us heal from life's hurts and make us stronger. Through perseverance and effort, YOU can build trusting, loyal, understanding, and mutually respectful relationships with others. In the end, the journey will be worth it even if it is difficult.
It is through love that we can achieve our highest potential and truly transform this relationship you have been querying. It is important to remain strong and open to learning lessons in order to fully enjoy the rewards of love, according to the Nauthiz rune. We can open our hearts to a new life filled with joy and abundance if we are brave enough to face our fears.
Associated with the light, this rune represents strength, optimism, and exploration. Life's magic can only be experienced by being brave and taking risks. Nauthiz teaches you that true love comes from within and that we must work hard to make these relationships work. The lessons we can learn about love will bring us closer to achieving our dreams if we learn them with patience, understanding, and courage. In my view, Nauthiz reminds us that love is never easy but always rewarding.

Nauthiz In Yes or No Readings

It is common to carry out Yes Or No rune readings. The question that you have is: is this rune a yes or no? It depends on the context and how Nauthiz is used and interpreted within it whether Nauthiz is yes or no in readings. In the end, it serves as a reminder to pay attention to obstacles that present themselves and work through them in order to reach your goals, depending on the situation. 
In order to understand the result after drawing this rune depends on the question of course, but when Nauthiz appears in a reading it indicates a need, resistance, or limitation and can be interpreted as something that stands in the way of achieving our desired goals. Depending on the context, this rune could be considered either positive or negative. I will say this rune is a “maybe.” Typically, this rune serves as a message to pay attention to and work through the challenge that is presented in order to eventually get what you wish for. It can also be a sign that it is time to re-evaluate your actions and approach to achieving your goals. Ultimately, whether Nauthiz is seen as a yes or no will depend on the interpretation of the reader and how it is integrated into the reading itself. 

Nauthiz Reversed Meaning

If this rune appears reversed, it's not a good sign. It clearly advises us to be extra cautious when taking hasty and confusing decisions and also suggests to first think calmly about the issues and responsibilities before moving into action. 

Reversed this rune foretells a big self-initiated change. It’s time that you face your biggest fears and become the best version of yourself. Once you realize that fear doesn’t really exist, inner peace will replace its place and make you feel inevitable. You’ll gain back your self-control.But the main message of this stone reversed is to ask yourself: What’s your heart desire? Once you go through hardships and overcome certain challenges, it will become clear to you that no one cannot defeat you, if you never give up on yourself. It is the stone of life too. Something special will happen that will make you appreciate life again.

I have already mentioned that this rune stone foretells delays and restrictions among other things. So, my view is that when drawing this rune expect some delays on the personal and professional field. However, once you overcome a few important setbacks that are meant to test your patience and dedication, everything is going to be okay. 

Key Concepts 

Requirement, Struggle, Limitations, Issues, Attempt, Uneasy


Confrontation, Necessity, Attempt, Struggle


Requirement, Urgent, Evolution


Daily routine work, difficult work, Aim to be completed


Primary Truth, Universal law, Gaining power and strength, Stress, Self-reliance, Creativity, Cautions, Dependence, Grind, Hard work, Labor, Fault, Blame, Conscience, Confusion of needs, Omens, Advices


  • Successfully coming out of Grief or hardships
  • Accept circumstance which cannot be altered
  • Strong willpower to do the impossible
  • The power to love
  • Realizing your true needs
  • Safeguarding personal interests
  • Gaining positive power with high creativity skill
  • Strengthening your confidence

By Florance Saul
Mar 13, 2013