Meaning of Nauthiz

Nauthiz is also known as Nyo. It means Need in general. It is a rune which is considered sacred to Norns, The Weavers of fortune, fate, luck and Nort, the Goddess of the night who converts nights into days. When it’s on Right side Nauthiz is considered to be a rune of high tolerance, specific limits and few limitations. It also denotes the basic needs, necessities with few emotions like depression, sadness, feeling of extensive tiredness and also feeling of something important missing. It also indicates the efforts you are taking in present circumstances. 

As we all know and understand that it takes a hell lot of patience and tolerance with loads of efforts to pass the bad phase in our life and it also advises us that we should never forget these efforts which we are taking as later in good times we shall remember this phase as a good lesson learnt forever. On the other hand, it should also be considered as a warning against lust and greed. This may prove to be dangerous for our happy life.

The main rule on which Nauthiz is based is directly connected with common sense. But nowadays common sense is one such thing which isn’t common anymore as our own wishes and expectations hides our actual requirements and the real situations. This rune also highlights the importance of creativity and reality.

But if it's reversed, it's not a good sign. It clearly advises us to be extra cautious when taking hasty and confused decisions and also suggests us to first think calmly about the issues and our responsibilities.

Key Concepts 

Requirement, Struggle, Limitations, Issues, Attempt, Uneasy


Confrontation, Necessity, Attempt, Struggle


Requirement, Urgent, Evolution


Daily routine work, difficult work, Aim to be completed


Primary Truth, Universal law, Gaining power and strength, Stress, Self-reliance, Creativity, Cautions, Dependence, Grind, Hard work, Labor, Fault, Blame, Conscience, Confusion of needs, Omens, Advices


  • Successfully coming out of Grief or hardships
  • Accept circumstance which cannot be altered
  • Strong willpower to do the impossible
  • The power to love
  • Realizing your true needs
  • Safeguarding personal interests
  • Gaining positive power with high creativity skill
  • Strengthening your confidence

Nauthiz is my favorite stone of the second family because it stands for your biggest wish or heart’s desire. It symbolizes hardships or desperate circumstances that a person must handle and resolve. Nauthiz appears in order to make you realize that life is worth living or to make you acknowledge what’s worth fighting and what’s not in life. It should teach you a lesson about survival and living, in general. It symbolizes need. Something you feel or need needs to be addressed. However, the reverse side denotes poverty, extremity, drudgery, distress, the constraint of freedom, deprivation, starvation, greed and emotional hunger.

No matter if you got this stone, it symbolizes restriction and delays as well. It represents strength, innovation, self-reliance, conflict, confusion, distress and recognition of your own fate as well. It means that time has come to test and exercise your patience and calmness.

It also foretells a big self-initiated change. It’s time that you face your biggest fears and become the best version of yourself. Once you realize that fear doesn’t really exist, inner peace will replace its place and make you feel inevitable. You’ll gain back your self-control.

But the main message of this stone is needed. You need to answer your call. What’s your heart desire? Once you go through the hardships and overcome certain challenges, it will become clear to you that no one cannot defeat you, if you never give up on yourself. It is the stone of life too. Something special will happen that will make you appreciate life again.

You’ve gone through so much over the years. However, all your issues will solve on their own very soon. And you will find happiness again. You will realize that if it wasn’t for sadness or hard times, you wouldn’t appreciate happiness feels like. Also, you wouldn’t know the things that you do now, the life lessons you’ve learned on your journey. This stone will teach you a lesson about survival as well. The only person who can really help you when you feel lost and desperate is yourself. Others might try, however, you’re the one who makes the last move.

I have mentioned that this rune stone foretells delays and restrictions among other things. So, expect some delays on the personal and professional field. However, once you overcome a few important setbacks that are meant to test your patience and dedication, everything is going to be okay. Perhaps you’re sabotaging your own success. Perhaps you’re scared of success. Some people are scared of failure. However you are not. Strangely, you’re afraid of getting everything you ever wanted because you’re not sure that you can handle it. And you’re not sure that you deserve happiness and nice things. You feel that way because of the past. It’s time to say ‘goodbye’ to your past mistakes and welcome the bright feature.

Nauthiz predicts self-initiated change as well. Meaning, you will become fully aware of your fears and strengths and you will embrace both. You’ll decide to look at your biggest fear in the eye. The moment you do, you will become free. Also, embracing your strengths will give you the motivation to go after a lost goal. What’s your biggest, wildest childhood dream?

If you can remember it, you need to go after it. This dream will take you on a journey that you will never forget. Accomplishing something that you once thought you cannot, will boost your self-esteem like nothing else before. But in order to maintain higher self-esteem, you must believe in yourself and your talents more. Also, you need to do a little self-reflection and embrace the parts of your personality that you are trying so hard to ignore or delete.

They cannot be erased. They’re a part of you. The only way for a person to be happy is to accept themselves as they really are. Regarding your love status, this rune stone predicts some events that will test your patience and dedication. Maybe you will suffer a breakup and feel lost.

However, if you redirect your focus into self-improvement and career progress, you will be rewarded for your hard work. The best medicine for a broken heart is working on yourself and your career. Once you become the best version of yourself, true love will knock on your door. This rune predicts true friendships too. So far, you weren’t good at choosing friends.

It’s time that you feel the joy and fulfillment that comes with having true friends by your side. However, instead of looking for them, pay attention to who’s already by your side for years without you even noticing. There’s a person who’s got your back in every situation but you never appreciate what they have been doing for you. It’s time that you acknowledge it.

Also, this stone has an important message regarding your past. What you did in the past does not define you or determine your future. It’s time that you move on. However, moving on requires forgiveness. Ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself for everything bad that you have done. In the future, do good things when you feel bad because only that way, can you feel better. Regarding your sex life, you need to stop worrying about finding the ideal match. Sex is not the most important part of a relationship. However, we can’t ignore that it’s essential for a relationship to work in the long run. This doesn’t mean that you need to break up with someone only because he or she is not as good as you wish they were. On the contrary, give the person a chance and express what you really want. No one can read your mind. Expressing your sexual desires and expectations can only improve your relationship.

Learn how to express your true emotions instead of playing games with the people you love. Otherwise, your coldness might chase them away. Communication is the key to long-lasting relationships. You of all people should know that. Listen to your heart and soul more often.

By Flo Saul
Mar 13, 2013