Meaning of Mannaz

Mannaz stands for mankind and our internal awareness. This is the rune that signals our own life, existence and our intellect. It can appear when you are starting out on a journey.  When the term is spiritual, the symbol Mannaz means and intends to the ones who would like to acknowledge the value of self and their self-potential.

If you unlock the mysteries of life this rune indicates your on a higher degree of consciousness and searchign for your higher self. It also revolves around the discovery of a higher self that relates with gods and nature. Every person can uplift to the state of spiritual awarness.

Mannaz is a rune of human consciousness and rationality. It is also about its advantages to various scholastic study, exams, and various other competitions. This is put in the place where there is always something that has a profound effect on all of humanity and civilization that has a connection with it. Mannaz is also known as Mann or Madr. It means awareness or humanity in general.

Key Concepts 

Intelligent, Intellectual, Civilized, Kind, Bright, Rational, Humane, Reasonable, Influence.


Brain and Recollection (Hugin&Munin), Intellectual development, Rational, Ideal Intelligence, Outcrop of self into time.


A Spiritual way of Divinity mirrored in humanity, Protrusion of identity into time.


Thoughts, Preparation, Psychoanalysis, the Individual State, Inhabitants at the hefty amount. (Masses).

What does Mannaz mean?  

Divinations: Heavenly arrangement, Sustainability, Astuteness, Consciousness, Social arrangement, Divine power in existence, Dejection, Collective suicide, Humanity, Slightlessness, Delusion, Prejudice, Chauvinism.


  • Self-discovery and self-actualization in life.
  • Consciousness of heavenly influence in humanity.
  • Increment in intellect, aptitude, and vision (passing tests).
  • Releasing of third-eye level or sixth sense or mind’s eye.
  • Triggering of state of own self or higher self.
  • Consciousness of oneself as with relation to heavenly things and god.
  • Rational potential to acknowledge self.
  • Holy potential to acknowledge self.

Mannaz represents the self, the human race, intelligence, awareness, augmentation, support, and family. It is the stone that governs the mind, the heart and the spirit. It is the rune that encourages us to evaluate the nature and quality of our connection to the world by evaluating our perceptions of ourselves, other people and life.

Broadly, Mannaz encourages the human race to seek out the ideals that allow us to exist in harmony with each other. Cultivate kindness. Instill intelligence. Promote rationality. Become the ideal human. Once this is done, lend your strength to the transmission of these values across the world. In this way, become one of the links in the chain that will bring the pieces of this fractured world back together. Strive for a global sense of family.

When scaled down to the level of the personal, Mannaz encourages you to endeavor for the perfection of the self and, in particular, the sharpening of the mind. This rune bodes well for pursuits that involve the mind in a large capacity and signifies that your mind will be ready to find solutions for your challenges. All you need to do is engage your mind actively in the analysis of your life.

This rune also champions rationality and the subdual of our baser instincts. It encourages you to seek a level of awareness that lets one recognizes shortfalls in ones own reasoning and to have the mental fortitude to mitigate these shortfalls.

Advice Position For Mannaz Rune

The advice on pulling the Mannaz rune is to avoid jumping to conclusions or making decisions based on fleeting emotions. If you do not do this, failure will soon follow in the wake of your actions. Extend this regard for rationality and sober-mindedness into your relationships in order to ensure that you make decisions that affect your relationships favorably. Substitute instinct with conscious thought and re-evaluate the nature of your relationships.

Try to think of the other person in the relationship and to actively consider their wants and needs. Remember that other people have minds of their own and that their interpretations of your actions may not be the same as yours. You may think that you are expressing your affection or respect in the right way when, in truth, your feelings are actually blinding you to the needs that lay below the surface.

In this same way, Mannaz encourages you to subdue your ego and exercise care in the evaluation of other people. Think rationally and see the value in the thoughts and opinions of others. This will allow you to drink deeply from the well of their wisdom in order to augment your own. It will also allow you to discern people who are not walking the same road as you and to determine what you want to do about the situation.

However, remember that awareness does not mean simply seeing the good and bad. It means seeing the whole picture and identifying opportunities. Do not simply write off a relationship that you think is not beneficial. Rather, employ your reason to the task of determining how to change the situation.

This rune also warns you that a lack of action on your part could lead to the deterioration of your relationships. It encourages you not to use thought as an excuse not to participate in the world around you. The pursuit of awareness and companionship are not mutually exclusive and you need to strike a balance in order to understand the full extent of life’s experiences.

Mannaz In Love Readings

Mannaz also signifies the potential for new relationships to grow so open yourself up to new people. Accept that invitation to have coffee! Actively participate in your community. Allow your mind to meld with the mind of the person trying to foster a relationship with you. In this way, you shall gain a deeper awareness of yourself through a pair of fresh eyes. Add this awareness to your own store of knowledge and allow it to influence your self-image and steps that you take to improve your own self-image. The only way to be sure that you know who you are is to observe how others react to you.

Mannaz’s merkstave represents isolation, blindness, self-delusion and lack of support. It encourages you to avoid logic traps that will keep you from growing into the person that you deserve. It warns you against trying to redefine situations in order not to avoid having to deal with them. It also challenges you to be honest with yourself and accept who you are in order to move forward. Do not mask your financial troubles with positivity and deflective statements like, “Money is the root of all evil.” Do not sweep your relationship troubles under the rug by transferring the blame to other people. Accept yourself in order to change yourself.

Reversed Mannaz

The reversed meaning of this rune indicates there maybe blocked feelings. This rune indicates struggling to come to terms with some decisions that are made and also that your destiny may change. You may feel rather uncertain. This rune reminds you that you are well-equipped to cope with whatever "humanity comes your way" when this time comes. Your rational mind and calm spirit will guide you through this period of isolation. In the end, the experience will only serve to make you a better person by forcing you to confront loneliness and allowing you to appreciate the companionship offered to you by others.

Summary of Mannaz

When pulling this rune, remember you need to think about your own relationships. The advice is to stay present and connected to yourself and other people. Inhale deeply and use your mind to discern the meaning behind things. Allow your spirit to trust your mind and keep your emotions in check. Do not attempt to rationalize bad situations, negative forces or negative emotions. Instead, allow yourself to exude the peace within you and affect the energies of the universe. You do not need to find a solution. Sometimes acceptance is the solution.

Negative times will exist for as long as good times do. Keep this in mind as you accept the bad times and prepare to seize the day when the sun rises over the horizon and dispels the darkness. You may have been blind before but you do not need to punish yourself for this. Open your eyes to the new day and welcome it with the humility that comes from learning.


By Florance Saul
Mar 13, 2013