Laguz rune stone

The meaning of Laguz in a rune spread represents our own emotions and brings a lesson to look within ourselves for answers or reflections on our lives.

What does the Laguz rune mean? 

This rune stone represents our inner emotions, water, fertility and how we grow in life. As the moon itself is connected to water when drawn this rune predicts success in life. If I translate the word “laguz” it means leaking water. This rune encompasses not only our emotions but also the healing that we need spiritually in life. Often when this rule is cast one must focus on the psychic self, imagination, and growth and also the possibility of loss, but this will be minor. I will now summarize the key elements of this rune:  travel, associated success, psychic energies, growth, healing, fertility, and happiness.

What does it mean to cast Laguz in a relationship question?

In relationships, this rune represents that you just need to let go and focus on making the relationship work. It can sometimes suggest other people’s troubles and thoughts. The good news is that this rune represents balance in relationships. Even though there is some indication of loss the rune itself is the universal ocean of emotions. As the water is connected to our deep emotions can signify that growth in energy relationship will be stronger going forward.

What does it mean to cast Laguz in a career or money question?  if you are asking questions regarding your career money then the Laguz rune stone does, in fact, are present results, movement and possible travel.  therefore you may find that you are travelling for work. As growth and energy surround this rune it can mean that you may wish to develop yourself further in a work situation.

What does Laguz rune mean reversed? 

When this rune’s reversed it can represent a difficult period of time. There is an association between avoidance, mental conflict and also oppression. 

Key concepts 

Energy within, deep sexual emotions, changes, help from others, a period of focus and creativity.


Focus on the astral plane, loving another, dreaming about moving on, inner deep emotions and processes.


Turning to occult work, dreaming, helping others and showing emotions.


This rune materializes when we need to think about our future, our inner energy, birth and spiritual existence. 


Here are the main rules to consider when drawing this rune stone.

  • Emotions are strong when this rune is drawn.
  • Unwanted behavior.
  • Awareness spiritually.
  • Creativity and helping others.

Laguz’s presence in a spread represents confusion, formlessness, chaos, uncontrolled emotions, submersion, the feeling of being overwhelmed and the possibility of loss. The rune Laguz is associated with water, the sea, the ebb and flow of life’s energies, renewal, cleansing, self-reflection, vitality and fertility.

The glassy fingers of the sea scratch at the shore, crushing rock into the sand as uniform as the surface of a sheet of paper. The sea tears pieces away from the beach and redistributes them grain by grain in new places. This is the power of reinvention that the rune Laguz brings into your life. This rune invites you to break yourself into your constituent parts and create yourself anew.

It can mean that we may grind down the unrefined parts and refine them into the ideals that you desire. This rune urges you to accept the changes in your life that you feel will help you to reach self-actualization. Plunge into the water and come up for air refreshed and invigorated. Allow a new person to break the surface of the water.

This is the time for a drastic adjustment that changes the course or ebb and flow of your life. Take on a position at work whose workings you are unfamiliar with. Explore aspects of yourself. Explore the aspects of yourself that you have doubts about. Question your self-image.

This rune drawn in a spread can suggest that you need to dive into the depths of your soul and discover regions of you that you were not aware of. Clear the water so that the light can shine through and reveal your secrets to you. Come up for air aware that you are not the same being who took the dive.

Understand that it is not possible to escape this process of self-reflection and renewal. Trying to avoid it would be like creating ripples in order to distort your reflection. Eventually, the water will settle for long enough to force you to take a long, hard look at yourself. Get ahead of the cycle. Take charge of your self-reflection and do it on your own terms. Take ownership of the image that you see any of the changes that you shall need to make. This will make it easier to endure what you see and what you need to do.

Only through renewal can you reach vitality and create a fertile environment for your prosperity to take root. Become a better person and let the universe reward you for your actions. Learn a new skill and be rewarded with an opportunity to apply it. Save up in order to invest and be rewarded with financial stability. Learn how to communicate effectively and be rewarded with flourishing relationships. Renew yourself and leave yourself open to the positive energies of the universe. Let the universe flow through you. Make yourself a vessel for the blessings that you seek to have bestowed upon you. Remember that your virtues are the dugout canoe that will keep you from sinking when the tide turns.

This stone encourages you to seek your true self but then, what is the truth? The truth is the fragile balance that emerges from clashing antagonisms. It is the white foam on the waves. Therefore, do not feel that renewal comes only from action. Renewal could also be emotional, spiritual and the result of acceptance. This rune challenges you to look deeply at your insecurities. It tasks you with diving into the void that exists inside you and finding meaning within it. Just like the sea cannot be controlled, neither can you. You decide what you are.

Accept who you are if this is what will make you happy. Love yourself and be confident in the ebb and flow of your own soul. Remember that the world does not define your ideas and that you should not feel pressured to conform to the whims of other people. Love your size. Love your skin color. Love your hair and the shape of your face. Find happiness while sharing a drink with friends in your studio apartment. Be part of the entourage at a wedding without feeling pressured to plan your own. Change what is inside you rather than what is outside you in order to find peace and contentment. Quiet the waves that rage within you. The rebirth of a tumultuous sea is also renewal.

This merkstave warns you against a lack of control. While a degree of wild individuality is good for ensuring that you are not just going wherever the tide pushes you, do not mask the nurturing of your base instincts as individuality. Most of all, however, do not let them control you or you will become a creature of greed and self-serving motivations. You may be renewed but you will be renewed as a thing dredged out of the darkness of your soul.

This rune’s merkstave also encourages preparation for a period of confusion where it will seem as if you are making the wrong decisions. Do not worry, this is just the world adjusting to the choices that you have made. People may criticize you and judge you but when this happens do not allow yourself to be dragged down by their negativity. Reassure yourself that the goal of your renewal is ultimately your own happiness.

Just as the sea can be a powerful force that destroys indiscriminately, so can the effects of your choices harm the relationships that you have with the people around you. Temper your renewal with compassion for the people that you love and who have shown you companionship in the past.

Consider other people's wants and needs before committing yourself to your choices. Do not shy away from your decisions in favor of making other people happy. Instead, seek a balance between your own renewal and the relationship that you are trying to protect.

What advice do I give for this rune stone? Remember not to bite off more than you can chew. Remember that renewal is not an event but a process. It will take time for you to become your ideal person. Trying to rush the process may only lead you to lose your way and becoming lost upon the waves of your own rebirth.

By Florance Saul
Mar 13, 2013