Kenaz Rune

Kenaz Rune Stone Meaning

Kenaz is also known as Ken and Kano. It means fire. The rune of an opening. Drawing this rune indicates that you will encounter a sense of understanding in life. There have been some difficult times recently, and this rune suggests that the darkness that has been associated with your life and is soon to be lifted.

This is a "freedom" rune, it means you are free to carry out and receive gifts and know the joy of life itself. Kano is also an alternative name for this rune. It is connected to activities and being serious in life. There is also protection that surrounds this rune stone.

Drawing this rune signifies that the more light you have the better you will be able to anticipate changes and problems in the future. For relationships, this rune is associated with a mutual understanding with someone close to you. This is a rune that is considered sacred to Heimdall, the great underworld watcher.

Kenaz is considered to be a rune of new information and new knowledge after a bad phase of confusion and misunderstandings. Kenaz is also thought of as a torch that lights everything hidden inside us; it highlights our urge to create in life – especially with an artistic inclination. It also symbolizes a "new ray of hope" when we pass through a bad phase in our life.

Thor is considered to be the main power by which the tools of power and success are created, and at the same time, Kenaz helps us use them for creative purposes in our life. It also highlights the secrets of various kinds of changes and our strength and power to create them in the same way that nature does. The latest procedures are with artistic explanations for truth, but if it's reversed, it's not a good sign. It clearly signifies that we are not able to freely express our creativity.

Kenaz represents warmth, heat, light, and awakening. It symbolizes an enlightened mind and great potential. However, it denotes creativity, exploration, fresh ideas, innovations, revisioning of past actions, old thoughts and self-evaluation as well. The reversal, on the other hand, represents a loss of direction, ignorance, and lack of wisdom and knowledge.

If you selected this stone in your current position, it means that soon, you may receive a situation that can change your life and create your own reality. If you’ve been feeling apprehensive lately, it’s could be because a big change may occur. This rune stands for transformation or regeneration as well but it also foretells sexual love, nakedness, false hope, and exposure.

In my opinion, this is the best rune of all the 24 stones because it predicts positive situations. If you keep pulling this rune, it means that luck will follow you. You will be open to new ideas. Also, you will finally gather the courage to explore. This rune also means that you will travel more and discover things that you never knew existed. Once you experience your awakening, you will feel reborn. However, if you’re still doubting your skills and abilities then you need to look deep within.

It’s time for some self-evaluation and removing issues from your present. The biggest problem at the moment is your own inner obsession with your past and old thoughts, we are all guilty of this. 

If you got this rune in a present position it can mean that things will work out for the better, you probably feel the changes coming on your way. 

Reversed Kenaz Rune Stone Meaning

The reversal of this rune stands for lack of knowledge, wisdom, direction, and loss of path. Now, if you pulled this rune in the current position, it means that you’re a closed person with your own goals in mind. They’re not extravagant or exciting. This can mean you have simple goals. However, they’re not your true goals. And you know that realizing these goals won’t make you happy, fulfilled, and accomplished as a person. However, you’re too scared to dream big. People have taught you that big dreams lead to big disappointments. This could not be further from the truth.

There will be a darkening of a problem, or a friendship or relationship is on the rocks. There is something about yourself that has come to an end. There is also a warning of a serious illness; it can be anything from a fever, ulcers, or some other kind of physical problem. This rune is associated with a cycle of time. There may be, re-growth or renewed energy in life, and in a reversed position indicates that there will be a time when you need to develop yourself in the proper time.

Advice From This Rune

One cannot expect to accomplish your dreams overnight. Realizing big goals takes time and well-planned small steps. It also requires persistence, patience, and passion. If you are not passionate about what you are doing, don’t do it at all. And remember that everything that is worth having takes time. Developing your plan for achieving a specific goal will end up developing you as a person in the end. It will help you grow into a dedicated person who’s ready to overcome challenges. Look at every challenge as a chance for improvement.

Now, as I have mentioned at the beginning of this article, this is the rune of warmth, enlightenment, heat, and light. However, it’s also the rune of nakedness, false hope, and disappointment. So, if you got this runestone, it means that you’re going through a transformation. You will soon make a breakthrough. Also, you’re finally becoming the best version of yourself. However, the reversal says that you’re going to face disappointments on the way of awakening such as breakup or betrayal. Someone you’ve been completely honest with will break your trust.

When it comes to business, watch your back because someone you have helped will try to return the favor but end up harming your career instead. Recognize the moment and prevent the damage, if possible. Always keep your eyes open at work until you leave and find something more suitable, something that will make you truly happy and fulfilled.

If you get this rune on more than one occasion, you probably wonder whether to open your own business and present your talents to the world. Or continue working for others and feel miserable. You already know what this rune has to tell you. Go for it. You will never know if you never try.

One more important note that this rune has for you is associated with your family. If you want to make your loved ones proud, do things that make you happy and follow your path, instead of following their footsteps. They might disagree at first but every parent and sibling is aware of the importance of following your heart and living life by your rules.

Key Concepts 

Intuitions, Higher studies, Creativeness, Symbol of intelligence and learning, Varied skills, Honest, Reliable, Artistic inclination.


Clear thoughts, Insult, Inspection, Opinions, Good reasoning, Rational.


Enlightenment, Clarification, Makeover, Ability to teach and learn.


Stars, Enhanced skills, Procedure, Institute.


Ability to design things artistically with technical skills, Art, Alterations, Children, minor Illness, Decline, Low creativity, Overconfidence, Pride, and Exclusivity.


  • Enlightenment is when exploring your inner soul.
  • Eager to learn, Artistic motivations.
  • Going in search of the truth through different set patterns.
  • Studying for the hidden concepts to increase knowledge and gain information.
  • Realizing abilities and finally increasing them.
  • Witchcraft.
  • Giving importance to the inner soul.


By Florance Saul
Mar 13, 2013