What Does Isa Mean As a Rune Stone?

Isa, or Ice, is a rune that is considered sacred to intensity, as it helps in intensifying any other that is also connected to this one. When it’s on the right side, Isa is considered to be a rune of troubles, obstructions, and psychological hindrances. This should be taken as a serious warning signal that is trying to stop us from getting hurt.

It should be considered as a guiding light that is full of inspiration and encouragement, but at the same time, its silence, quietness, calmness, and desire to do something good for others may be of great help.

Isa, or Ice, also denotes less warmth in relationships, people being lazy, early death, and abrupt end of relations, all due to the negative bad forces that are present, and they are seriously supposed to end with the help of our actions and good thoughts.

This rune helps other runes improve our life if somehow they are also present. This rune also helps and prepares us to face the harsh reality of life, which is not easy to accept. Isa is capable of controlling our emotional outbursts, but it can’t change them and totally delete the bad happenings that are about to happen. It also warns people who think they know about everything. But if it's reversed, it's not a good sign. It clearly gives us a warning signal about the stiffness in relations, which may also give birth to further unnecessary clashes, disagreements, and persuasions.

This new problem, which was rising due to the rune’s reversal, can only be resolved by behaving in a proper positive style so that the warmth in the relations can easily be felt again.

Isa is also known as Ice. It means “stillness” in general. Isa is a representation of an icicle. It symbolizes the frigidity and coldness of ice. You should be extra cautious around water if you pull this stone. Also, this wonderful stone foretells the suspension or freezing of plans, dreams, changes, transformations, or progress. It means that if you keep delaying certain events, plans, or moments from happening, you will end up hurt. And when it comes to business, delaying might result in poor or non-existent results. In general, Isa symbolizes ice. So, you’re probably feeling kind of numb about a situation.

This Rune, in my view,  also stands for frustration or challenge. If you’re an artist, it denotes ` creativity block. Do you feel like creativity has run out on you? However, it hasn’t. Also, this rune reveals that you’re just sitting around waiting. As I mentioned before, this stone stands for the suspension or freezing of plans, events, and dreams. You’re probably putting something of great importance on hold, is what this stone is trying to say. And you shouldn’t. As long as you do this, you won’t be able to express how you truly feel or you won’t be able to develop your true potential which you know you have.
If you are an anxious person, especially when you have to deal with issues and challenges that put your career at risk. Dealing with certain issues that put your career at stake will make you feel a lot better. Stalling and ignoring them won’t. So, you have to decide what you really want in life. Do you really want to keep ignoring all your issues and decline your heart’s desire? Or do you want to solve them quickly and move on to the next level? If you pick the second path, this stone foretells a major work success for you. Your career will bloom.

It will be almost impossible for you to handle all the problems on your own, so prepare yourself for additional anxiety and frustration. Isa represents betrayal, ambush, deceit, illusion, treachery, plots, dissipation, dullness, and ego-mania. It's likely that you'll have some conflict with family or friends. You might be framed by colleagues for something you didn't do. The environment in which you work could be unhealthy. Rather, you're stuck in a place with lots of negative people who aren't focused on work. Isa also stands for compassion.

Key Concepts 

Concentration, Stillness, Self-respect.


Core, Center, Personality, Individuality, Self-worth, Self-esteem, Mental ability.


Silence, Quietness, Merging, Shortening.


Truth, Stiffness, Survival, Self-defense.


Focused, Determined, Strong, Self-image, Strength of mind, self-discipline, Monotony, Lifelessness, Gloomy, Recklessness, Rashness, Indulgence.


  • Increasing willpower through proper focus and determination.

  • Stopping undesired strong desires for self-respect.

  • Development of strong will for confusion, fewer decisions.

  • Sentimental explosions.

  • Controlling one’s ego.


By Florance Saul
Mar 13, 2013