Meaning of Hagalaz 

Quick meaning 

The unpredictability of our fate. Developmental growth and the happening process. Fullness and the power balancing act. Safeguarding by isolating or completely removing bad happenings. Making others feel uneasy by arousing their guilt. Staying alert for the future plannings. Adding up all the illusions. Destruction but transformation. A new start. 

Psi Meaning 

Explosion of emotions. Seeing through an illusion. Change will happen. Past actions need to be reviewed. There will be problems going forward. 


There is a problem you must solve. Trying to focus yourself. Upheaval being experienced. Trouble and realizing the truth. Finally getting answers. Seeing the truth. Gaining answers to problems.

The meaning of this rune is hail. This runestone represents destruction but this is required in order to transform into a new path of life. In my readings, this rune normally appears when it is time to remove obstacles and start a fresh. It could simply mean that we need to let go of past problems and roadblocks. Even though, drawing this rune could be somewhat “alarming” I would say to you, not to worry. In every event in life we need to close a door to open up a new one. What I will say, is that this rune suggests a positive change. Hagalaz could indicate a possible setback in life, but you need this to move forward. There might be a focus on being disappointed about an aspect of your life. But, through this, a new path will emerge. Let’s face it, disappointment is needed in order to create change in life. The key lesson that must be learned from this rune stone is that setback, destruction, and disappointment are natural processes in life. It is a rune which is considered sacred to Heindall, the Watcher, and Mordgud, also known as the caretaker of the ice-covered bridge to the unknown underworld.

When it’s on the right side, Hagalaz is considered to be a rune that gives us a warning about any kind of problems, crisis or change as well as minor sickness. The word Hagal basically means “hail” in terms of snow and is considered to be a sign of bad forces that are very difficult to control and are extremely damaging in nature. This rune can show up when you have encountered negative times in life, regression or that you are unable to understand why negative events have happened. I often feel that this rune is connected to our inner nature. It highlights a bad time in our lives with lots of conflicts, misunderstandings, disturbances, interferences, and loads of bad luck that generally no one wishes to have. Hagalaz also warns of troubles and plans of not getting desired results, and all of this will need some extra care so that it becomes easy and smooth for the concerned person to come out of this bad period safely. It’s also indicative of the movement of the most important powers.

Hagalaz, as a rune, is also famous for many kinds of troubles and confrontations, and that is also because of past happenings. Hail, as Hagalaz is also known as, at times can help in getting issues resolved. Hagalaz, being the ninth rune, can also be used as the power to dislike or isolate, but it is mainly used to help remove all the negative effects of bad powers so that our life is peaceful and extremely happy.But if it's reversed, it's not a good sign. It clearly signifies some of the bad unmanageable happenings that might delay some good things which could have taken place in our lives and have improved it a lot to make us happy. The key thing you need to understand is what direction are you going to take?

Hagalaz indicates that you need to try to think about the energies around you at the moment. This rune is focused on shifts in thought patterns. Hagalaz is basically the seed of what is known as Ymir,  Which is what the world is made of. Is connected to ice and fire and also cosmetic energy in harmony. It is associated with C device and also what rest around us. In German, this rune was known as “Hagalaz” and in older English “Hagl”. The literal meaning of the ninth rune is hail. Hagalaz is directly connected to disruption, blight, and change. In it’s younger associations the rune is connected to heil as appose to “hail” which also implies protection. The rune is often seen as a disappointment, especially if drawn with Jera.  in ancient times used to use this room fever, but it needed to be balanced with the runestone Jera. This rune implies that destruction will happen and be a force to be tested in life.  often, when I have drawn this rain it can imply events just completely out of my control. The key message of this room is that you need to try to understand why things are the way they are. Look for reasons that situations are out of control. The rule also implies radical change when I have drawn history is appearance means I need to be more focused on the limitations of events and nature itself. Think about this room is being connected to hailstones storms.

What does Hagalaz mean in rune stone readings? 

This rune in readings can imply that there will be a shift in life. There is a need to take action and understand the consequences happening to you. It does bring with this rain need to live within financial limitations. Think about nature and events that control you, in literal terms, it can mean that something will be destructive or that there will be true will appear in life. The ordering of the room is also significant. It is annoying though and is connected to 9 months of completion. In a reading this rune, I believe should warn and you should be on guard of any unexpected changes only beginnings. Good positive attributes of this rune are that Hagalaz can be used to remove curses, suppressing negative traits and “freezing” situations that would be negative. I feel that when drawing this rune stone there is a focus on your own concepts, ideas, and new beginnings. This could indicate that you may find yourself in a position to accept new concepts, a new job or alternatively starting again in a new phase of life. This day marks the start of an awakening. A major change is coming your way, and the readings I have undertaken when this rune is pulled in a reading it can often represent a breakdown and the need to rebuild horizons in order to expand further.  I truly believe this is the rune for fresh starts and a new phase or new place to be both physically and spiritually. There is hope and a chance to follow your own dream but we do need to undertake a rational transformation is coming. There also comes release, a possible breakthrough and the need for order in life. Psychologically it might be time of regret, but you need this in order to build a more solid foundation. 

In regards to your home life, the Hagalaz rune stone in a reading and can illustrate an abrupt change. It may be the property you are about to move into is not going to materialize, or you will encounter some issues around the financing of the home. In relationships, Hagalaz can suggest it’s time to let go of any past problems. Especially relating to matters which should stay well and truly closed. As this rune is often connected to hail and snow it can mean that your being frozen out in a relationship. 

Equally, it can mean an intense attraction to somebody which can completely disrupt your whole world. In regard to career and money Hagalaz means possible redundancies or a move away in terms of premises. The Hagalaz rune - no doubt about it signifies change, a person in a position of power make difficult decisions going forward. I often see this rune being pulled when there is a relationship or job that is just not worth holding on to. I will ask you the question: can your job or a relationship stand the test of time? The impact of this rune can be dramatic in a reading. But to summarize the wisdom of the message is transformation through period destruction.

When we wonder around in life we encounter many things and this rune stone often means that there might be some unexpected problems going forward.  Elder Futhark is the name of the rune alphabet. I am sure you know that but for those people that don’t I thought I would mention it. The Hagalaz rune stone is the ninth rune stone and has a “slanted” H letter. The key advice from Hagalaz is that this rune is often connected with the underworld, Helming, and Ymir. Ymir in olden norse mythology is the giant and the king of the race of frost giants. This giant was made from frost, there was three in total. One known as Odin, the second Vili and finally Ve. Odin was the ruler of the earth and sun and was a famous god. Odin along with his brothers killed Ymir and with his body parts created the world. Ymir is connected to eternal fire and he was killed drowned in a river of blood. This is quite interesting perspective because you miss a skin became the land and the blood became the ocean. The bones became mountains in life.

The Hagalaz stone, like the other runes, have the ability to communicate the idea that from a phase of destruction there will be a transformation and new start, the rune itself is connected to trying to make the best out of a difficult situation. It is from the Viking age of Iceland where this pagan tradition has survived. Thank you for reading this article. Blessings Flo

Hagalaz is also known as Hagal or Hail. It means “hail” in general.

  • Key Concepts: Problems, Calamity, Unhappiness, Psychic issues, Worsening, Reversion, Relapse, Disaster, Disobedient, Disorderly.
  • Psi: Trouble, Interference, Variation, Conversion, Past Memories.
  • Energy: Anarchy, Turmoil, Confusion, Natural calamities, Confrontations.
  • Mundane: Rough Weather, Hindrances, Hitches, Shocks, Revelations, Defend, Sanctuary.
  • Divinations: Positive changes for good, Ruin, Amendments, Improvements, Devastation, Tragedy, Lack of progress, Inactivity, Materialistic losses, Guilt, Hold responsible, Reprimand, Criticize.

The second family of rune stones begins with Hagalaz also known as Haal or Hagal. It’s the symbol of weather but represents change. No matter if you got this stone accidentally or intentionally, you’ll experience a major change. You’ll encounter a disruptive force that will affect your life in a positive or negative way. Once you pass the storm, calmness and peace will prevail in your life. Hagalaz also stands for uncontrolled force, mother nature and self-destruction. It represents the connection with the unconscious mind as well. Meaning, it’s also a symbol of tempering, trial, testing, inner harmony, challenges, and controlled crisis.

However, the reverse side of this stone foretells suffering, loss, pain, catastrophe, natural disaster, loss of power, stagnation, hardship, crisis and sickness. If you got Haal, it represents the inner battle with your demons. It depends on you if you are going to win them. And it depends on the final outcome if your life will change in a positive or negative direction. Haal is a stone of uncontrolled force. Meaning, you might meet someone and feel a certain way about him or her. Perhaps you will fall in love with a stranger and it can make or break your heart. Be careful who you trust otherwise you will end up brokenhearted.

Choosing Haal means that you’re self-destructive and working against your intuition. You’re an intuitive person, however, you don’t listen to your intuition or follow your heart’s wishes.

To you, people’s opinion of you matters more than your own happiness. And that is what is going to destroy you one day. If you got this rune stone, it means that your subconscious is trying to warn you of some dangerous challenge, temptation, fatal mistake or disease. It is trying to turn you against people who try to manipulate you. It is finally time to open your eyes and choose your own path instead of walking with them or live as they expect of you.

Once you do this, you will realise that nothing is more important than your happiness. Also, you will find out what true happiness really means. Haal symbolizes natural disaster as well but not literally. Maybe what the stone is trying to tell you is that you need to go through a natural inner transformation in order to live more happily. In simpler words, you have to learn how to appreciate the storm, so you can learn how to appreciate the sunshine as well.

Getting the reverse side of this stone might represent the battle with your enemies. Maybe you will lose the battle, however, you will also learn a very important life lesson. It’s never a loss if you gain something in return. You might not get what you wanted but you will get what you really needed at the moment. Life never throws something at you that you’re not prepared to handle, remember that. Every victory or loss should teach you something.

Haal symbolizes weather. And we all know how weather can change instantly. This represents the meaning that you got this stone because of your attitude that changes like the weather. This does not leave a good impression on people. If you want to be taken seriously, you have to change your attitude and personality. You have to build your own opinion about everything. Instead of following other people’s path, choose your own and walk independently with confidence.

Haal denotes testing, trial, and temptation as well. Meaning, if you got this stone, you’re in need of emotional support. Someone or something is testing your patience, courage or will.

Reach out to a person you trust for advice or try to handle this yourself. Maybe you’re in a relationship that needs to be ended. Perhaps you’re tempted by someone. Maybe you lack the courage to do something that you’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. No matter the case, once you get it over with, you will feel much better. Getting this rune stone means that you need to pay attention to your surroundings. Someone you trust is not worth the effort and time. Although you care about this person, deep down you know that he or she is not a good or trustworthy person you can rely on. You need to either erase them from your life for all eternity or try and talk to them. It depends on how this person treated you just recently.

Haal signifies stagnation among other things. So, if you got this stone it means that you lack activity, adventure or excitement in your life. You lack the courage to take a risk in order to gain something. Or you need someone to guide your path. Maybe you are thinking about starting your own business but don’t know anything about the industry, or management, or success. However, you don’t have to know anything about the industry if you want to be successful. All you have to do is listen to your heart, intuition and never lose your humanity. Don’t treat people according to how they depend on you, treat them as you and your dream depend on them, which is true because your business depends on their job and their job depends on your work conditions. If you have happy workers, your business will thrive.

Haal also points out your self-control and calmness. No matter the situation you’re in, you never panic or act unreasonably. Even if you feel depressed, you always find a way to get a hold of your sadness and cheer yourself up. Your inner calmness is what people admire you for. However, getting this rune means that you need to feel the pain in order to stop it. If you suppress your true emotions for too long, you might lose them forever. There’s a quote saying: “Pain must be felt”. And I agree with that. Feel the pain if you want to overcome it. Otherwise, it will overcome you over time and you will become insensitive, numb and bitter.

By Florance Saul
Mar 13, 2013