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Gain a accurate rune stone reading

Gain a accurate rune stone reading

Meaning of Hagalaz

It is a rune which is considered sacred to Heindall, the Watcher, and Mordgud, also known as the caretaker of the ice-covered bridge to the unknown underworld.

When it’s on the right side, Hagalaz is considered to be a rune that gives us a warning about any kind of sickness.


The word Hagal basically means “hail” and is considered to be a sign of bad forces that are very difficult to control and are extremely damaging in nature.

It highlights a bad time in our life with lots of conflicts, misunderstandings, disturbances, interferences, and loads of bad luck that generally no one wishes to have.

Hagalaz also warns of troubles and plans of not getting desired results, and all of this will need some extra care so that it becomes easy and smooth for the concerned person to come out of this bad period safely.

It’s also indicative of the movement of the most important powers.

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Hagalaz, as a rune, is also famous for many kinds of troubles and confrontations, and that is also because of past happenings. Hail, as Hagalaz is also known as, at times can help in getting issues resolved.

Hagalaz, being the ninth rune, can also be used as the power to dislike or isolate, but it is mainly used to help remove all the negative effects of bad powers so that our life is peaceful and extremely happy.But if it's reversed, it's not a good sign.

It clearly signifies some of the bad unmanageable happenings that might delay some good things which could have taken place in our lives and have improved it a lot to make us happy.

Hagalaz is also known as Hagal or Hail. It means “hail” in general.


Key Concepts: Problems, Calamity, Unhappiness, Psychic issues, Worsening, Reversion, Relapse, Disaster, Disobedient, Disorderly.

Psi: Trouble, Interference, Variation, Conversion, Past Memories.

Energy: Anarchy, Turmoil, Confusion, Natural calamities, Confrontations.

Mundane: Rough Weather, Hindrances, Hitches, Shocks, Revelations, Defend, Sanctuary.

Divinations: Positive changes for good, Ruin, Amendments, Improvements, Devastation, Tragedy, Lack of progress, Inactivity, Materialistic losses, Guilt, Hold responsible, Reprimand, Criticize.



  • Unpredictability of our fate.
  • Developmental growth and the happening process.
  • Fullness and the power balancing act.
  • Safeguarding by isolating or completely removing bad happenings.
  • Making others feel uneasy by arousing their guilt.
  • Staying alert for the future plannings.
  • Adding up all the illusions.

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