Meaning of Gebo

Gebo is also known as Gytu. It means “gift” in general. This rune is sacred to God. When it’s upright, Gebo is considered to be a rune of generosity. It also suggests giving gifts and accepting them. Gebo is a symbol of giving gifts and spreading peace. This rune helps develop associations with mutual consent and good healthy affectionate relations. When people get close, all misunderstandings vanish, and their relationships reach new heights of love and affection.

Gebo also highlights the need for sacrifice in one’s life and to maintain and get rid of negativity. Gebo highlights the need for sending gifts to people who are important. Here, sending gifts also means exchanging positive energy with your close ones in the form of gifts.

Each and every decision we take in life, generally takes sacrifice for someone important in our life. This rune also emphasizes the bonding of sexual energy between a couple, which can be in the form of love and marriage.

Gebo is associated with not only gifts and other important elements in life but it is associated with moving forward. The rune if found in your spread is associated with acting in the correct manor. The rune indicates sharing with people in life. The main meaning is being balanced in life, thinking about how we live within and understanding other peoples gifts in life. It has been associated with not only faith but also how we are associated with our own karma in life.

  • Key Concepts: Surprises, Gifts, Giving, Victim, Steadiness, Stability, Unselfishness.
  • Psi: Appreciation, Pardon, Admiration.
  • Energy: Changes in rights, Getting friendly by gifting, Scapegoat.
  • Mundane: Appreciation, Profession, Materialistic surprises in the form of gifts.
  • Divinations: Kindness, Open-heartedness, Spirituality, Lust, Isolation, Impractical, Prizes.


  • Magic of love in the form of sex.
  • Sharing of true heart, and not artificially.
  • Love and understanding between siblings.
  • To know the real purpose of giving gifts.
  • Divine unions and pure, but hidden marriages.

When you gain Gebo in a reading it is a wake up call to focus on your own natural laws of time. in time things will get better, but you must work hard. This rune can also be associated with acceptance and giving people something in important in life. One must find the right balance in life.

The stone when drawn in a reading can also represent your own love life or partnership. Is this not working? It can mean forgiveness and symbolize happiness and partnership with others. The rune number is a 7, thus in numerology the seventh number is considered lucky in both business and love. The rune does not have a reversal which is interesting.

This rune reflects the spirit of emotional help and the power of giving through material gifts. It stands for skills, abilities, and generosity, in general. However, it also represents karma. What goes around, comes back around. You will learn this if you get this stone, no matter if you did a good thing or a bad thing. You will face the consequences of your own actions or receive gratitude for your good deed. You’re advised to give and not expect a thing in return because that’s what true generosity is. Selfishness isn’t the nicest trait.

The reversal, on the other hand, represents a ruined relationship, non-profitable business deals, bad partnerships, suspicious contracts, bribery, privation, obligation, and sacrifice. It also stands for dependence, lies, loneliness, greed, and lack of kindness and compassion.

If you got this stone, you’re probably in need of comfort and emotional support. However, the best way to help yourself whenever you feel bad is by doing good. It doesn’t matter if you buy a homeless person lunch, or take out your dog for a walk, or adopt a pet from the shelter, or hug someone, or smile at a stranger. Doing this will help you heal no matter the depth of your wound. It will make you feel better. Getting this rune reflects the beautiful soul you have. However, you have probably let people with dirty feet walk over your soul.

This is why helping through material gifts matters. It will help you clean your soul and feel better. This rune appears when someone’s acting selfish, greedy, reckless or depressed. It represents a wake-up call. Some people might not hear it. But some will and they’re the ones with a chance of becoming the person they have always wanted to become. The other side is associated with selfishness, broken connections, failed business, ruined career, obligation, bribery, sacrifice, lies, solitude, dependence, evilness and lack of compassion and kindness.

In case you get the reversal, prepare yourself for big disappointments, especially if you’re not very proud of your latest actions. You give to the world what you carry inside. And you always get what you give, except in some cases when unfortunate circumstances take place.

Selfish people can never be truly happy. Also, they can never maintain a happy and healthy relationship because they’re used to taking and not give anything in return. That’s why their life is filled with disappointment and broken connections. If you got this side of the stone, it means that you’re being reminded of the beauty of giving, since you have forgotten how it feels to give and not expect anything in return. Also, you’re being reminded that evilness never wins in the end. Practice compassion and kindness because that’s what this world is lacking. It doesn’t lack evil people and negativity. There’s plenty of that already, trust me.

If you get this side of the rune, it signifies dependence on something that has great power over your life. It might be an evil powerful person who’s boosting the evil inside of you and forces you to suppress your positive side in order to help your dark side come to light. This rune is trying to remind you of the person you were before you become who you are today.

It’s a wake up call. All you have to do is wake up and confront the person who’s controlling you and dictating your moves. If you fight your demons, you’ll win, according to this stone.

If you got this rune, you’re probably feeling down and you need someone to guide your path and tell you which way to turn. But that’s just desperation talking. Deep down inside, you’re fully aware which path is right for you. You know what’s right or wrong. This rune appeared to help you distinguish right from wrong. But you already know the difference. Instead of telling lies whenever you feel insecure and uncomfortable in your skin, speak the truth and free yourself. If you always tell the truth, you will never have to worry about remembering lies and maintaining your story. Also, you don’t have to worry about someone else revealing the truth about you because you’ve already done it yourself. The truth gives you complete control over your life. But gaining people’s respect is the best part of being fully honest.

If you got the other side of this rune, you need to think about how you treat other people. This rune appeared in order to teach you compassion and kindness. You need to learn to embrace these values. It will help that you always keep your heart and mind open for new things. That’s one of your best character traits. Practice kindness and compassion every day and watch your life change. Listen to people and try to understand them instead of judging their actions. Become the change you want to see in the world. Also, getting the other side of this rune stone means that you have the potential of becoming someone worthy of respect, appreciation, and admiration by people.

This rune symbolizes loneliness as well. Meaning, you’re probably feeling lonely right now but you shouldn’t. Everything you experience should teach you a lesson and guide you to the one place you were destined to be. Loneliness can be a great friend who can teach you about the importance of space, freedom, and creativity. Lonely people are the most creative people in the world. Find wisdom in your loneliness and use your freedom and spare time to create the masterpieces you were destined to create. This rune stone wants you to become aware of your existence and know that you were born for a reason. That reason is to share the original message that you carry inside through your work. It also appeared to awaken your creativity and help you develop your unique talent and boost your self-esteem.

It’s the rune of emotional help and giving power through material/spiritual gifts, after all.

However, don’t forget to share your knowledge with the ones who know less and wait for a sign just like you did when you reached to rune stones for guidance and spiritual support.

By Flo Saul
Mar 13, 2013