Meaning of Feoh, Frey or the more popular name of Fehu

The name of this rune stone is “Fehu” or “Feoh” the name translates into “wealth”  this rune stone in ancient times represented cattle and trade in life. There is a focus on the hope of a bright tomorrow, financial independence, creation and also the energy to make a success in life. In some ancient rune books, there are also some negative correlations connected to this rune stone, such as not being able to see a clear picture ahead which can result in possible problems financially. It is a rune which is sacred to Freya, the goddess of love and luck. When on the right side up Frey (or Fehu) is considered to be a rune of good luck and stability in life. This rune denotes full security and plenty of money. This rune shadows both the spiritual and materialistic levels.

It is also considered an indication of something won or earned. This rune also suggests that it's necessary to share good fortunes with others, and it should be used as a magic. Frey also symbolizes fertility, harmony, and happiness. Circulation of power, wealth, and the movement are important aspects of Frey. This rune means wealth will come from the Frey sign and the various energies hidden in Fehu, but wealth is just a simple description that involves Fehu’s characteristics.

Wealth can be compared to a meal, water to quench a thirst, a house to live, clothes to keep warm, and an ability to survive, rather than be compared to needless luxury. When seeking new adventures, Frey will stimulate the will to find them, to get back your self-confidence, and help achieve the desired goals by the means of instant action. So use Frey and its lessons well. Frey is an indication for people to opt out of their present situations and start fresh. Frey also suggests that money should be used intelligently.

Wealth is usually a creative sign and not a measurable mass. For Frey to be reversed, is not a good sign. It signifies a lack of balance and a high possibility of suffering some kind of loss in life. It can suggest poverty or a lack of love. Fehu is also known as Frey. It means “Fortune” in life and possessions.

The significance of this rune stone is associated with domestic cattle and abundance. It represents every form of riches, wealth and material achievements. You will probably get a promotion, bonus, income, unexpected financial success, windfall gains and so on. However, it also denotes family, romantic relationships and gaining something on the personal field.

The reversal of this rune denotes failure on the emotional field, loss of richness, fortune and lack of ambition. However, the front side signifies beautiful things including success, hope, joy, happiness, possessions, abundance, energy, fertility, creation and much more.

As I mentioned, this rune stands for different forms of riches, wealth and success. Many people dream of getting these things. And once they do, some of them lose themselves in their new material world and enjoy the success, while others thrive to achieve more while not forgetting where they come from. If you get this stone, you will probably enjoy great success in the professional field. You’ll finally get everything that you’ve ever wished for.

However, the main problem is that most people in this position lose themselves or better said, they become something they’re not. They forget about their dreams and aspirations.

Fehu is trying to warn you about losing yourself in the process of gaining things that money can buy. It’s also my personal advice to you because I believe that money and possessions are not the most important things in life. The reversal of this stone stands for everything opposite to what the front side stands for. Meaning, you should be extra careful because if you lose yourself in the process of making money, you will neglect your family or friends.

But most importantly, you will neglect yourself and your soul. No matter how far you go in life, never forget where you came from and what your primary goal was. For example, you wanted to help people with your goal and ended up making a lot of money and forgot about your wish to use your skills, abilities, and knowledge in order to help people or make a good thing for the world. You start caring more about profit than you do about your inner calling.

This will slowly kill your spirit and dig a hole into your soul. Over time, that hole won’t disappear, no matter how much money you throw at it it won’t vanish. On the contrary, it will become even deeper and deeper leading to a feeling of emptiness, or becoming numb, selfish and depressed.

However, it is never too late to wake up and answer your inner calling. We weren’t born to earn more money we can ever spend, pay bills, and just die. I personally want to believe that we’re born with a purpose. And that purpose is to make this world a better place to live in. So, what are you waiting for? This rune is encouraging you to make a change and begin your journey. You will achieve your goals and dreams, that’s inevitable.

Never forget who you really are and never lose sight of your primary goal. Make sure that your goal helps other people. Make sure that you’re fighting for goals that are greater than yourself; then you will be happy and fulfilled. Otherwise, you will experience emotional pain or lack of ambition when you realize that you’re not fighting for something that matters, but only for profits. Also, hear what your heart has to say about your goals and dreams. Your heart can never go wrong. That’s your mind’s job. Your heart and intuition should be your compasses.

Now let’s discuss your love life. If you picked/encountered this rune in your life, it means that you’re finally ready for true commitment. However not as the one you imagine. You’re finally ready to give yourself the time and space necessary for you to develop as a healthy and happy, independent person. You’re prepared to learn the most important lesson when it comes to love. That lesson is: “no one has an obligation to love you, no matter how you feel about the person”. If you get easily attached to new people, you get easily disappointed as well.

To avoid this from happening in the future, lower your expectations. This rune appeared to teach you that real love is all about giving everything without expecting anything in return.

It’s a feeling that should free you, instead of trap you and make you feel obsessed with a person. Learn how to love yourself, respect yourself and give yourself space to grow as a person, before you love someone else and grow a relationship with someone. No one is born to love you and you should get over that. We’re all just guests on this world. Let’s love each other without expectations and respect each others free will and freedom without feeling obsessed with each other. Otherwise, this rune predicts nothing but disoriented focus and toxic relationships. What you’re looking for in someone else, is probably hiding inside of you. If you live your life obsessed with finding true love, you will lose yourself in the process and never develop your true potential. Focus on yourself. Love yourself first.

Have I mentioned family and what this rune predicts about your family ties? I believe not. Well, when it comes to family, Fehu is trying to remind you of the broken connections you have forgotten about. Although you believe that those connections, ties or relationships do not affect you in any special way, they actually do. Having broken connections in your life is not a bad thing. However, if you had a misunderstanding with someone who matters to you and you didn’t do anything to help fix that issue at the time, now is the time to explain and try to repair the connection/relationship with the person. If you did something wrong, you should apologize. Apologizing has a healing effect, not only on the people who receive an apology but also on yourself. Righting our wrongs is one of the most meaningful things we can do. It’s how we grow as people. It’s never too late to grow and become a better person.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013