Dagaz Rune


Dagaz Rune Meaning -- or Known As Daeg

This rune is all about contrasts. It’s a symbol of the duality that exists in the world, for everything has an opposite. Dagaz represents the day, dawn, awakening, hope, happiness, security, prosperity, and the illumination of the dark.

It doesn’t have to be seen as a conflict between two contrasts, but a communion, a complete harmony between them, so that they can coexist in peace without affecting the surroundings. Day-night, life-death, and summer-winter are just a few of the phenomena described by the Dagaz rune stone. Furthermore, it is a way for someone to keep their head high and stick to his or her goals. Using this rune, a clear feeling will come upon the user, and a higher dream will fill the mind. Being also a symbol for the left part of the brain, Dagaz takes care of the intellectual side of a person.

As the left brain helps people with communication, the rune can have an effect on the logic, reasoning, and analytical thinking of any person. As the day arrives after hours of darkness, Dagaz has powers regarding enlightenment and progress. It represents new beginnings and being healthy and more powerful, as a person can have a brand new start in his or her life. It will also help with the goals, settings, and the achievements to transform one into a successful person or the better opposite of who the person was previously.

When a person finds this symbol in a rune reading -- it might be a sign of a new change in life, a new road to follow. Transformation is a critical meaning for Dagaz because in order to turn into the opposite, good or bad, one has to change in one way or another. It depends on the person if the change will be good or bad, but it is quite natural for that person to think the change was good, even though those around don’t agree.

This rune also represents the god of light, who uses the sun’s rays to break through barriers that can block the almighty light. It represents knowledge, the desire to see through the clouds and through the problems of every day, and trying to decipher all the meanings of life. It can also help choose the better path, the enlightened road. Daeg is another term used for Dagaz, which refers mostly to the concept of the day.

Dagaz Rune Yes Or No

When it comes to yes or no questions, the Dagaz rune is a powerful rune stone. This rune can be used to make decisions and gain insight into current situations by asking the Universe for guidance. A reading with the Dagaz rune allows us to explore both positive and negative possibilities so that we can make informed decisions. A yes or no reading typically interprets it as a resounding yes.

In addition, Dagaz encourages us to consider the bigger picture and make decisions based on our highest good. Readings can be complex when combined with other Runes. In a yes or no reading, the answer is usually obvious and a “yes” when used alone. The Dagaz is an indication that the Universe is aligned with our goals and desires, and that whatever we choose to do will bring us success. Be sure that your decisions are aligned with your destiny and use it as an affirmation of positive outcomes. 

Drawing this rune stone indicates a powerful situation will turn out well for you regardless of whether you are asking about a current situation or a future possibility. As a result, you can make decisions with confidence. Take risks and chase your dreams with its guidance! 

You can use the Dagaz rune for yes or no readings with any runic divination system, including the Norse runes and the tarot deck. Be attentive to the “yes” message and trust that whatever happens will be for your highest good.

Dagaze Rune Relationships and Love

As I've said before, the Dagaz rune is a symbol of hope and optimism. It encourages us to embrace change and embrace life's flow. This rune can encourage us to make positive choices when it comes to our partners and relationships. Our life should be centered around the things that bring us joy and fulfillment, and we should prioritize them. A positive transformation in your love life could result from being open to change after drawing this rune stone.

Dagaz Rune Reversed

When Dagaz lies in the reversed position, it signifies darkness, ill fortune, confusion, blindness, and hopelessness. This rune may signify that bad times are coming and that you will need to exercise vision in order to avoid them or to see the light at the end. It encourages you to understand that, since the light must always depart from the world, darkness will always creep in behind it. It encourages you to create light within yourself that will guide you through these dark times and keep negative emotions at bay. All you have to do is keep the hope inside you alive long enough for the light to return.

It also signifies that you may not be able to exercise vision and that you may miss opportunities or fail to see things that should’ve been clear to you. Do not fixate on this or blame yourself for it. Perfection is not in the nature of man. Simply ensure that you do your best to learn from these times of confusion and darkness.

When this rune lays in reverse, cup the flaming orb that is your spirit in your hands and blows on it to keep it burning. Try to see the silver lining. Also, let others lend you their own light. Remember that you are not alone and that we must all face the darkness that inevitably settles upon our lives. Let other people help you to get through it. Talk to the people closest to you. See a counselor. Join a forum or support group. Do not feel ashamed or judged. There isn’t a single person on this planet who hasn’t had to go through something that made them feel hopeless at one point.

This stone does not guarantee your success but the reversed rune encourages you to look past successes and question what would you feel or do if you failed. It encourages you to stand tall against your failures and to work in order to bring the light of prosperity back into your life. Keep your fire burning and you will make it through the night. Remember that security does not only mean the absence of danger. It also means certainty. Be as certain of your ability to rise out of failure as you are that the sun will rise out of the darkness of the horizon each morning.

Key Concepts 

Conscience, Achievement, Awakening.


Truth, Knowledge, Enlightenment.


Polarity, Realism, Union, Change, Synthesis.


Light of day.


Consciousness, Hope, Superlative; or Sleep, Loss of sight, Despair.


  • Refers to inspiration as a gift.
  • Ability to become unseen.
  • Resembles the left part of the brain.
  • Is a symbol of turning something upside-down.
  • It’s a symbiosis between man and woman.

By Florance Saul
Mar 13, 2013