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Gain a accurate rune stone reading

Gain a accurate rune stone reading

Meaning of Dagaz or Daeg

This rune is all about contrasts. It’s a symbol of the duality that exists in the world, for everything has an opposite.

It doesn’t have to be seen as a conflict between two contrasts, but a communion, a complete harmony between them, so that they can coexist in peace without affecting the surroundings.


Day-night, life-death, summer-winter are just a few of the phenomena described by the Dagaz rune stone.

Furthermore, it is a way for someone to keep their head high and stick to his or her goals. Using this rune, a clarity feeling will come upon the user, and a higher dream will fill the mind. Being also a symbol for the left part of the brain, Dagaz takes care of the intellectual side of a person.

As the left brain helps people with the communication, the rune can have an effect on the logic, the reasoning, and the analytical thinking of any person.

As the day arrives after hours of darkness, Dagaz has powers regarding enlightenment and progress.

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It represents new beginnings and being healthy and more powerful, as a person can have a brand new start with his or her life. It will also help with the goals, the settings, and the achievements to transform one into a successful person or the better opposite of who the person was previously.

When a person finds this symbol, accidentaly or not, it might be a sign for a new change in life, a new road to follow.

Transformation is a critical meaning for Dagaz, because in order to turn into the opposite, good or bad, one has to change in a way or another.

It depends on the person if the change will be good or bad, but it is quite natural for that person to think the change was good, even though those around don’t agree.


This rune also represents the god of light, who uses the sun’s rays to break through barriers which can block the almighty light.

It represents knowledge, the desire to see through the clouds and through the problems of every day, and trying to decipher all the meanings of life. It can also help choose the better path, the enlighten road.

Daeg is another term used for Dagaz, which refers mostly to the concept of day.

Key Concepts: Conscience, Achievement, Awakening.

Psi: Truth, Knowledge, Enlightenment.


Energy: Polarity, Realism, Union, Change, Synthesis.

Mundane: Light of day.

Divinations: Consciousness, Hope, Superlative; or Sleep, Loss of sight, Despair.


  • Refers to inspiration as a gift.
  • Ability to become unseen.
  • Resembles the left part of the brain.
  • Is a symbol of turning something upside-down.
  • It’s a symbiosis between man and woman.

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