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Gain a accurate rune stone reading

Gain a accurate rune stone reading


Meaning of Berkano or Beorc

The Berkano meaning is related to the birch tree, which is very common in the north areas, like Scandinavia.

There is no coincidence for this because the birch tree is usually assciated with another meaning of this rune, the goddesses.

Trees are seen as the spring heralds, for when it comes, their beautiful green leaves give a feeling of birth, renewal, and a new beginning, which this rune is all about.

Talking about goddesses, the Berkano rune is related to the mother of all things, the Earth Goddess. The symbol is represented by the breast, and the letter, as it can easily be observed, looks like a mother’s bosom turned sideways.

Motherhood is a mundane of the rune stone, and it depicts the mother who protects her womb where a new soul is bound to be born. The secrecy of it, because no one else knows the feeling of a mother except that very same mother, is represented by the unexplained phenomena on a spiritual level, given by the childbirth.

Berkano is also a symbol of child protection by the mother or the goddesses of this world.

The mother, as the first person a child meets in the world, is seen as a shelter, a place where even the now-grown child can return for protection and liberation when everything else is against him. In order to help him, a mother can use the Berkano rune like a direct action towards new beginnings or a renewal to new ways of life.

Female emancipation regarding the sexual needs can also receive help from this rune.

Nowadays, the subject is taboo, and many religions try to remove any idea of a woman’s need from society. But this rune is all about femininity and the power of a woman, especially a mother who knows that love can pass over anything.

As said above, another quality from the Berkano rune is the feelings of healing and protection. It can help a tormented soul regain confidence and maintain a healthy way of living, with a clear mind and the feelings of crystal cold.

As the old proverb says, a healthy mind can lead to a healthy body, so this is where the healing capacity comes in to help.

There is also a negative feature of the rune when drawn in reverse. It represents a symbol of an obstacle in front of birth or healing. It can also refer to bitterness, stagnation, and infertility.

Hagalaz is also known as Hagal or Hail. It means “hail” in general.

Key Concept: Growing, Revival, Regeneration.

Psi: Privacy, Quiet, Security, Knowledge, Necessity.

Energy: Vessel/Liberator, Fertility, Nature.

Mundane: Maternity, Curing, Nursery, The womb.

Divinations: Natal, Changes, Harbor, Freedom, Sanctuary; or Treachery, Infertility, Inactivity, Conspiracy, Lack of confidence.


  • Refers to a new spirit who comes into the world.
  • Gives power to those faint of heart.
  • Works like a protective totem.
  • Maintains a good communication way.
  • Helps people realize the true meaning of life.

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