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Meaning of Ansuz

Ansuz is a rune that is sacred to Odin, the god of Wind and Spirit. When it’s the correct way up, Ansuz is considered to be a rune of happiness and the blessings from the Almighty God. It's time to experience new unexpected things in life and many new interactions with people. This rune is also considered to be an assurance for a proper discipline and a new coordination in life.

Due to Ansuz’s connection with Odin, the other meanings and interpretations that can be linked with Ansuz are intelligence (or wisdom), help from ancestors, and noblepower. The most significant gift to humankind from Odin is learning about the life we live. Along with the power of life. As Odin is the god of spirit, the power of creating a new life in human body (i.e. the birth of a new baby or even the second breath we feel in our body during the pregnancy), it stays with our body until we are alive, and this is the creative energy from this rune.

Ansuz allows our mental ability to distinguish things around us, keeping things in a clear, orderly way and enabling us to decipher our thoughts in the form of speech, which further enhances our interactions with others. If this rune it's reversed it signifies a warning signal that you are being cheated or the victim of unscrupulous deceits and pranks. This also means that it's really important to judge the validity of the advice or suggestions you get from close people – even an elderly person after these signals, just to avoid any future regrets. Ansuz is also known as Odin, meaning signals.It means: “blessings.”

Key Concepts: Passing on Knowledge, Sounds, Literature, Meanings.

Psi: Stable Mind, Ability to Listen to Others, Motivation, Gatherings. Energy: Interaction, Power to Search, Senses, Replies.

Mundane: Elders, Meaning of Symbols, Chitchats, Alphabets, Vocabulary.

Divinations: Good Vocabulary, Intelligence, Open Interaction, Changes, Other People's Assumptions, Wrong Choices and Decisions.


  • Knowledge of how to make great plans.
  • Good convincing power with great vocabulary.
  • Positive communications and advice.
  • Power of self-healing; good analytic behaviour.
  • Interactions and relations.
  • Spiritualism, getting inspired, gaining knowledge.

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