Meaning of Algiz Rune Stone

It is a rune which is considered sacred to Heimdall, the one who watches all. When it’s on the upright side, Algiz is considered to be a rune that symbolizes safety, shelter, and safeguarding our loved ones and interests. This rune means possible attractions, enticements or cravings in life. This rune is associated with a new opportunity in life and has alternative names such as sedge, rushes, and elk. Algiz also suggests keeping check of one's emotions or sentiments. On the other hand, this rune advises everyone to try and overcome the pains and struggles in life - this will enabling the smooth movement of life in a positive direction.

Algiz also means a new start, safeguarding what we have achieved until now, trying to keep the evils out of our happy life. This rune represents one as being spiritually motivated. This rune is also quite famous as a strong symbol of protection. This rune is also considered to be the strongest of all the runes. It basically helps us believe that by courage can we overcome our fears. Algiz also helps in the thinking process when we are about to make important decisions or even judgments. This rune is to revoke, and this can be done by meditating on the picture of Valkyrie in the swan or the teacher form.  Algiz is also known as Aquizi. It means “protection” in life.

What does this rune mean reversed?

If this rune is reversed, it's not a positive sign. It clearly gives a warning about the dangers or the harm which someone very close to us. There is an association with ill health and possibly being involved with people that are using you.

Key Concepts 

Consciousness, Realizations, Dangers, Connections.


The art of Listening, Spirituality, Mysticism.


Spiritual teachings, Safeguarding the lessons.


Safety of all, Defense, Security, Armor, Sanctity, Mysticism.


Safety, Unknown dangers, Scared, Losing the spiritual link.


  • Safeguards and security.
  • Stop fearing death.
  • Learning more about the magical aspect of the runes.
  • Try to communicate with Asgard.
  • Relate to others through emotions.
  • Strengthen luck in life, carrying out good deeds.

The rune Algiz is associated with the mighty elk. This rune’s forked prongs draw parallels between itself, the elk’s sturdy antlers and the sharp edges of the elk-sedge. Just as the horns of the elk tower above all threats and create a fearsome wall of protection, the rune algiz represents protection, a shield against negativity and the instinct to guard oneself and others. Algiz also resembles a hand that has been lifted in a shielding motion.

This rune shows the presence of a protective ward in your life and the absence of negative energies. Its presence shows you that you are protected from harm and that you are surrounded by positivity. You are surrounded by people who care for you and the universe is telling you to take that leap of faith that has always terrified you. Follow your intuition. Go deep into your heart and listen to the rhythm of it. Take that step that you’ve always wanted to take. Love without fear. Join a gym. Work on yourself. Go after the promotion that you’ve always wanted. The time is right.

However, be prudent. This stone does not guarantee that everything will go your way. It just shows you that the time is right. You must also protect yourself. Keep your emotions and thoughts balanced and free from negativity but take careful steps when going after your objectives. Remember that courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it and that being careful is not the same as being afraid. Even the mighty elk know to sniff the air for the scent of danger and even the mighty elk fears falling prey to harm. The only difference is that the elk know to be prudent and courageous.

Algiz is also a symbol for the protection of others or guardianship. This stone encourages you to spread your protection over those you care about or to look out for someone who will come into your life and cast their protection over you. This protection is not limited to physical threats but could also be protection from negativity, negative forces or even from yourself. Therefore, it is important to listen to your guardian when the time comes since your guardian will lead you along the path that you choose.

Spiritually, Algiz invites you to tune in to the energies of the universe and seek awakening. In today’s demanding world, this may seem difficult. It may feel like you can’t go a day without seeing a headline about something horrible that has happened or that you can’t go on social media without seeing something that’ll make you feel bad about yourself. Algiz invites you to evaluate the nature of the world, yourself and life in general. It invites you to awaken yourself to the positives and remember that the bad cannot exist without the good. For every opportunity that you lose, one is created for you. For every bad thing that happens, a good one is prepared. For every negative emotion that you feel, a positive emotion exists to counteract it. If danger exists then so does protection.

The Fulani people have a saying that, “Man walks only by the contradiction of his feet, for all opposites are complementary.”

In this way, Algiz’s merkstave is the opposite and complement of Algiz. It warns you of hidden danger and invites you to reinforce your defenses in order to guard a favorable position already gained or, to protect against negative forces when seeking a favorable position. Just like the noble elk, it is time to lower your antlers and prepare to face and overcome adversity. The noble elk do not fear adversity.

A rival may appear who will challenge your position. An obstacle may appear to block your way. You may be afraid and want to quit. When this happens, calm yourself and draw confidence from the well of your protection. Steel your resolve and keep your goals in mind then lower your antlers and charge with all the might of the noble elk behind you. Remember that nothing is permanent, not even adversity.

Its merkstave also warn us to take stock of our lives and look for the negative influences that may linger around us. Look for weak points in your defenses and strengthen them. Search yourself for any negative aspects that may be projecting themselves into your life. Rid yourself of negative emotions and aim for control. Once this is done, extend the search outward and look for any negative influences that may be blocking your path. Algiz’s merkstave is a warning that there is danger ahead and that you need to ready yourself to meet it.

Take stock of your relationships and strengthen them. Keep the people you love closer than ever. They shall be your support when the danger comes and you shall be theirs. This ties into the Adinkra symbol of Fihankra that symbolizes your house or compound and signifies security and safety. The wall of your compound acts as your defense against the dangers of the world and your relationships are the posts that hold your compound’s wall up. When the time comes, you will need them to be strong in order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Spiritually, this merkstave warns you against turning away from the awakening provided by the positive energies of the universe. It warns you against falling prey to the negatives and allowing yourself to become mired in the undesirable aspects of life. Keep yourself from sinking by reminding yourself that the good will always come after the bad has finished its turn.

However, beware of false positivity. Sometimes it’s wisest to just take the time to build yourself back up again. Allow yourself to feel sad or angry or disappointed if you need to. Allow yourself to feel the negative emotions without judging yourself for them. Just don’t get stuck in a cycle of negativity. Remember that negativity is like hypothermia, it’ll seep into your very being and destroy you if you don’t keep moving.

By Florance Saul
Mar 13, 2013