Rune Stones

Gain a accurate rune stone reading

Gain a accurate rune stone reading

Meaning of Algiz

It is a rune which is considered sacred to Heimdall, the one who watches all.

When it’s on the upright side, Algiz is considered to be a rune that symbolizes safety, shelter, and safeguarding our loved ones and interests.


This rune means possible attractions, enticements or cravings in life. This rune is associated with new opportunity in lie and has alternative names such as sedge, rushes and elk.

Algiz also suggests keeping check of one's emotions or sentiments. On the other hand, this rune advises everyone to try and overcome the pains and struggles in life - this will enabling the smooth movement of life in a positive direction.

Algiz also means a new start, safeguarding what we have achieved until now, trying to keep the evils out of our happy life. This rune represents one as being spiritually motivated. This rune is also quite famous as an strong symbol of protection.

This rune is also considered to be the strongest of all the runes. It basically helps us believe that by courage can we overcome our fears.

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Algiz also helps in the thinking process when we are about to make important decisions or even judgments. This rune is to revoke, and this can be done by meditating on the picture of Valkyrie in the swan or the teacher form.

Reversed meaning of Algiz

If this rune is reversed, it's not a positive sign. It clearly gives a warning about the dangers or the harm which someone very close to us.

There is association with ill health and possibly being involved with people that are using you.

Algiz is also known as Aquizi. It means “protection” in life


Key Concepts: Consciousness, Realizations, Dangers, Connections.

Psi: The art of Listening, Spirituality, Mysticism.


Energy: Spiritual teachings, Safeguarding the lessons.

Mundane:  Safety of all, Defense, Security, Armor, Sanctity, Mysticism.


Divinations: Safety, Unknown dangers, Scared, Losing the spiritual link.


  • Safeguards and security.
  • Stop fearing death.
  • Learning more about the magical aspect of the runes.
  • Try to communicate with Asgard.
  • Relate with others through emotions.
  • Strengthen luck in life, carrying out good deeds.

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